Friday, 1 July 2011

1999 Audi S3

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  • atul555
    08-12 05:53 PM
    ...but what's up with growing vegetable...
    Jai jawan jai kisaan...
    j/k do whatever gives you pleasure..

    EB3 Guys,

    Take it easy... This is just for humour, to have fun at these times.

    No green card for you. Just work well for 6 years, enjoy life in US, enjoy sports cars by renting, not by buying, rent a big house, have a lawn and garden in back yard, grow your own vegetables. Have nice vacations like Hawaii, Jamaican islands, Vegas, Porto Rico etc.,Have fun in life. Do not go for green card. After 6 years, get nice job in India,own apartment near to office and ask your parents to live with you. Take kids to school . Have fun with them. Try to become director, AVP,VP,SVP,CEO,CTO and President. Do not go for green card. After you become director, buy a single family home and mercedez or BMW and have fun. Retire by the time your kids become earners. Grow vegetables in back yard. Do gardening and have fun. Thats how life should be. Do not hope for green card. H A V E F U N.

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  • santb1975
    11-20 07:21 PM
    That makes it $ 1031 so far in 5 days. Let's see how soon we can get to the next milestone ($2000).

    Anyone Interested in comming up with a Target?. My target is to finish a marathon ( $26.1 k by December 31'st)?. Can we do it?

    Just did another $100.00 contribution, a small contribution to support all efforts to get something done to help our cause.

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  • chacha
    03-21 11:24 AM
    i may be in a similar predicament in a couple of years - what is OPT?

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  • ganesha
    08-12 05:03 PM
    My 485 was filed at NSC and the ND is 03 Oct 2007. It was subsequently moved to TSC in Nov 2008.

    So which date is it going to be: PD, ND, RD or Move date (MD) ????

    As I read the thread above on the perennial point of contention PD or RD or ND.

    Since I was contacting my local congressman and Senators...I got this feedback that my case is pre-adjudicated but waiting to have a visa number available....but I don't know who to trust...I am just not very hopeful and if 485 ND is the date they go by I have no chance and will miss this opportunity too.



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  • Pineapple
    04-12 06:37 PM
    Well, hebbar, I hope for your own sake you don't run a business! :)

    In your "business model", the costs are shared by a few, but the benefits are free for everyone. (Ever think about that? D'oh!! What do you think is going to happen if any fixes are implemented? USCIS is going to say "only those who donate to IV can get 2 year AP, recaptured visa numbers etc??)
    The donors know this, but still shell out the money. Perhaps you should appreciate that before coming up with such brilliant business ideas. :D

    what do you mean by supporting IV?

    If you are talking about financial donations below model works best for me.

    lets say IV core comes up with COST of doing X,Y, Z fixes within XX weeks.
    COST is shared among wishing to donate. This becomes like a product purchase.

    Current model is not time bound nor result oriented.

    Again I am not anti-IV or anything. I am just expressing my idea!

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  • abracadabra102
    07-11 10:51 AM
    my reply was only meant to highlight what you have been doing on this thread. i do not care who is in which EB category. and i know exactly how people with masters degrees suffer in EB3. however, for you to argue that all category preference should just disappear, is quite ridiculous and i have explained the reasons to you. that does not mean people in EB3 are not suffering or that all those in EB3 are either holding advanced degrees or 3 year bachelor degrees. that stereotyping is in your head alone. certainly not in mine. you never answered any of my questions though. what would be the effect of YOUR solutions? would people like me EVER get a GC?

    please do not unload your frustrations on all of us and derail what should be important.

    iv has one goal- to end retrogression. period. iv's founder belonged to EB3. so do several core members. you have some funny perception that iv is about EB2. so be it. ironical though, because iv is commonly accused of being an entirely EB3 india organization.

    so let me hear how the following things iv has constantly been fighting for, are somehow not helpful for EB3??

    recapture GC
    exempt families
    remove country quotas

    as for STEM exemption, if EB2 clears up, where do you think the GC numbers will go? what should we ask for? exemption for all??? not to mention that would get YOU a GC as quickly as possible and would LEAVE ME OUT. i still call and lobby for STEM exemption. i don't whine and moan on the forum about how it excludes health care professionals. if i have an issue, i work to resolve it- note the iv-physicians chapter in my signature that works to resolve specific issues. i created it and we have had success in reaching lawmakers with our problems.

    anyway, iv is clearly not about a few leaders. the tone on the forums and the discussions are dictated by its members. iv has more EB3 members than any other category. so now ask yourself, WHY does the forum seem to discuss more EB2 issues (at least to you) ??? whose fault would that be if it were true? who needs to take responsibility to highlight their issues?

    you have the option to change your job sir. if you are so frustrated, find a job that is up to your skill levels. you will not hear me on this forum complaining that EB1 should not get preference- hey i contribute as much or more. so why?

    get with it. we fight the battles we think we can win. ANY GC numbers/exemptions will move everyone ahead in the line. what part of that do you not understand?

    and now again. stop this divisive crap. we have more important issues to deal with.

    Excellent post. My thoughts exactly.


    1999 Audi S3. (Audi S3 1999 210bhp)
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  • santb1975
    11-16 05:39 PM
    I am a South Indian but I know a French Guy who has a crush on me :)..Just for Fun

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  • priti8888
    09-08 01:14 AM
    you are such a crying babe... rednecks like you should go compete in the farm picking potatoes. Geee.. where did you learn your manner?

    hheehe that is so funny,:D

    dear sherman tribiani,
    you cant do anything. Let the statistics speak for itself. Immigrant commuty(india,china,philipines,taiwan etc ) is the richest community in the u.s.a:).80% of immigrant children have a minimum of BS degree, 38 % have a masters..:DThey live in the best urban cities in the u.s (CA,NY,IL)..

    You have and will never ever have a say buddy...:D:D:DI love loosers like you once in while..u amuse me


    1999 Audi S3. (Audi S3 1999 210bhp)
  • (Audi S3 1999 210bhp)

  • jsb
    08-12 08:29 AM
    Since processing time for Nebraska is 09/08, don't u think people in august get processed?

    If Processing time is shown to be Sept'08, it means filings 'received' in Sept'08 or before have been reviewed. 'Received' date is what shows in your online status as ' case was received on...", not what is printed on your receipt. If there was no issue, most likely are 'preadjudicated'.

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  • reedandbamboo
    09-13 12:12 PM
    Please check your PM!


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  • needhelp!
    11-26 11:05 AM
    Thanks Govind!

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  • sheela
    08-14 01:34 PM
    I am starting to see a trend in the receipt notices.

    Some of the people reporting getting recepit notices this week (yesterday and today) have LUDs of 07/28/07. My thinking is that This week will see receipt notices for everyone with an LUD of 07/28/07

    HOPEFULLY next week will see receipt notices for 08/05/2008. This is just my observation.

    People please post your LUDs for your I-140, the service center AND how your receipt numbers start (SRC vs LIN) each time you post a receipt notice.
    Can you let us know how to access LUD from USCIS after login? I think many will appreciate if you do so


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  • little_willy
    08-21 04:07 PM
    So, what should we now complain about and who should we write the letters to? that's all I need to know.

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  • eldrick
    07-20 05:22 PM
    I was confused because of this statement which is stating 60 days only -
    For a new H1B, a grace period of up to 60 days is allowed before you can start work after entering the country.

    One more thing I'm sorry. Last April(last entry date) when I came back after vacation, I transferred to a new company, after I got the receipt number they asked me to start working (that was around April too). Until now, I haven't received any approval yet. What should I enter in my present employer details, my old company or new company (wherein my transfer is still in process)?

    Thanks again.


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  • amitjoey
    12-19 04:33 PM
    Common folks, we are so close to the half mark of $60K, let's wrap up by tonight and then set ourselves to next target, by the time new year starts up we need all available cycles to work on calling lawmakers to bring out agenda to forefront...

    so, $30K by tonight, I see anurakt pulling his check book out or probably verifying the 3 digit number in his cc....

    let's do !

    Yes, we can do it

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  • ksurjan
    07-17 09:22 PM
    great job guys. Can't thank enough.


    makeup (Audi S3 1999 210bhp) 1999 Audi S3. Begagnade Audi S3 1999 bensin
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  • aspirant_1
    08-21 06:31 PM
    I really don't understand why people think I am lying????
    When I read the memo, I was more worried about my name check and whether she would check the status of it than about this, as anyhow my dates are not current. After showing the memo, she did offer to check the status.

    With all the experience our guys have with USCIS officers and staff, it's hard to belive an IO would be that helpful? But, she's and even the staff at this office is not as bad as others have experienced.

    I was even telling my wife about the behaviour and how staff at other offices behave.

    Which USCIS Center did you go to. The best thing here would be that someone else also go to the same USCIS Center and can hopefully talk to the same IO officer. If she shows the memo again then we can get more information out of it.

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  • jsb
    08-13 10:47 AM
    What Details? I have mentioned in one of my posts here that my PERM has not yet been filed....No details regarding my green card processing.....Please read my posts to get more details on this.

    Your public profile says that you are at I-485 stage. You might want to correct it.

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  • qasleuth
    02-25 11:42 AM
    Is IV only for those who have filed I485?

    I gave my opinion and people gave me lot of reds. There is a majority here who already have EAD and have filed I485. You people do not care for those who are less fortunate and struggling in the early stages of the process. If July 07 had not happened, all of you would be asking for I485 filing option today.

    By giving reds to people who disagree you will drive people away and make IV only for those who have filed I485 and not for the entire EB immigration people.

    Firstly, why do you care about reputation on the forums (reds)?
    Secondly, did you try the process described by NolaIndia?

    Here is the process as described by NolaIndian:

    "The person who came up with this idea needs to PM or e-mail Pappu or Administrator and get some feedback if IV Core supports this. If you get the yay from Pappu, then form a small core group who will tacke the operational aspect of this idea and keep it moving forward. The "posts" need to be coverted to "actions". I am just speaking from experience having run a successful year long campaign with IV already. Best of Luck! "

    BTW: I did not give you any reds and I completely ignore the whole reputation/reds/greens business.

    04-26 12:53 PM

    I acknowledge the specific request from the reporter with regards to speaking with someone who is in the process of GC. I agree that you were doing the right thing.

    Why I wrote my thoughts were to expand the scope of story collection, not just related to the above. This can help in our quest, when you present the bunch of stories to the concerned authorities. Lawmakers like Senator Sessions who was again highlighting yesterday in the SJC meeting about exemption of spouses and dependents from the GC numbers. This was so nicely explained by the Harvard Professor, that Sen Sessions could not counter at all. When Harvard Prof mentioned that as long as you have more highly skilled legal workers, it is always positive as it contributes to positive cash flow economically and not negative as compared to the undocumented. I could see Sen Sessions just gasping empty words as he could not retort this. The professors rightly put the perspective of positive economic impact with more highly skilled legal workers against the low skilled illegal workers. Here too they mentioned that if the low skilled illegal workers as they are not have a negative contribution to the economy, but when legalized this would become positive. Sen Sessions could not say anything to this, because there were reputed economists, who had a lot of background research in this area.

    Now a days even Lou Dobbs seem to change his language, while being against illegal immigrants he was also against H1B (in the past), now he strongly supports Legal immigration, why? because he understands the positive economic impact a legal immigrant makes to the US economy in light of the massive offshoring and job losses. End of the day it is all a numbers game!

    My story was already been mailed to you long back and you have acknowledged receiving.

    11-30 10:18 PM

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