Friday, 1 July 2011

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  • ragz4u
    04-20 12:12 PM
    Thanks Ragz4u. We shud try and publish info like this on the website in an "Recent Updates/Activity" section. That section will give not only what IV is doing currently but also what the impact is. Now i dont know if that will have adverse consequences, but if it wont then we shud publish more such info on the site. This will convince the fence sitters to contribute and participate more actively. We have the forums on the extreme right, above or below that we shud have a "Live/Recent Updates/Activity" or a link updated as frequently as possible. There was a saying that "IV never sleeps". I think it is time that the people visiting IV and it's forums know that and know what all is going on.

    Does that sound like a good idea, or is it going to have adverse effects?

    Our admin is out for personal reasons and we are all really swamped. Will pass on your idea anyways. Thanks

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  • InTheMoment
    02-26 12:14 PM

    Good proposal and initiative....but few points you should note that others might also have brought out.

    1.) Pre-adjudication (process I-485, send RFE etc. just short of visa number allocation)
    is already prevalent in USCIS and has been since several years now.
    Just google for "pre-adjudication USCIS" ...but this might just suffice: (
    page 2

    How else do you think thousands of visa numbers were assigned and GC's
    issued in June 2007?

    2.) Lawmakers will be throughly opposed to the idea of a pseudo GC as given in your
    proposal, that would be tantamount to diminishing the value of adjusting the status
    and visa allocation as it stands in the INA now.

    3.) That said...I completely agree that as a baby step USCIS should make the pre-adjudication
    transparent to the applicants in the "case status online" to relieve the applicants of
    mental agony.

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  • psagarn
    04-14 11:23 AM
    Can we rope in organizations like those mentioned in the subject line for our cause?

    Single most important reason I have not bought a house yet is that I do not have a GC and thus can be kicked out anytime. Most of my savings have been invested in Real Estate in India not because I think investment there is more profitable but because I do not have confidence that I will get GC here for sure. All of my friends who own a house waited till they got GC and those who do not own one, are those waiting for GC. In short, more GCs to Desis generally would mean increased housing demand, at least that is what the initial look at numbers indicate. Thoughts?

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  • little_willy
    08-21 04:07 PM
    So, what should we now complain about and who should we write the letters to? that's all I need to know.


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  • dontcareanymore
    08-11 12:39 PM
    My PD is May 2006. I applied for I-485 in September 2008 when my date had become current. Subsequently got married and now waiting for my date to be current again so I could add my wife.

    I had given hope and was not preparing for anything and hence have India trip planned (wife 11th Sept - 1st Nov and I'd go for the month of October).

    Given the latest movement, now I think to be safe I should do all that is necessary that in case dates move forward enough for October, I should be able to add my wife to my application. If there are any comments/advice around this, please do let me know.

    Also, what would be the things to get ready for her? I hope it'd be alrite that she will be in India while we apply for her I-485?

    Thanks for all the advise!

    The reason for this EB2 move is end of year overflow from other categories. I would not expect a significant forward movement next month (if at all there is ANY forward movement).
    If the past experience is any indication, you might see a pullback.

    You would know in advance if the dates move forward next month and I guess you can reschedule your visit and cut short your wife's trip.

    You can prepare all the necessary documentation like birth certificate (translations if necessary) marriage certificate and/or any affidavits (if necessary) in advance.
    I don't think your wife can apply AOS (Adjustment of Status) while abroad. She has to be present in USA. She can however file "Consular Processing" while in a foreign country, if that is what you want to pursue.

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  • HV000
    08-12 08:35 AM
    How many 2004 EB2-I are pending? Per the FY2008 DHS Statistics 25,777 PRs were approved. But we dont how many of these EB1, EB2, and EB3.


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  • obviously
    09-16 09:26 AM
    About free speech etc... This is a bboard for a larger cause and your divisive tactics are best kept at your doorstep.

    Admins, please ban this character from the bboards. He/she is a delusional PhD who will end up fragmenting IV for his selfish needs...

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  • indianindian2006
    08-14 12:19 PM
    All those ppl who received receipts can you please give us 3 pieces of data

    1) Was there an LUD update on ur I-140 (Last Update Date on the website)
    2) What Service center did you guys file in?
    3) Do your recept numbers start from LIN or SRC?

    1)No LUD for me.
    2)Filed in Nebraska,on July 02 at 11am.Signed by C Uhrmacher,
    3)Receipt numbers recd for self and spouse for I485.I765,I131.Receipt dated 08/08/2007.All numbers start with LIN.
    When I check my status online it shows a LUD on 8/12/2007 which is a sunday.
    Hope this helps you.


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  • Norristown
    11-12 01:32 PM
    Be prepared !!
    Cops will knock your door very soon, because you have opened personal and sensitive issue to public.
    IV members are already hungry...!!

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  • anurakt
    12-19 04:09 PM
    Only 9% away from my first $500 contribution as part of the pledge..... this forum is so slow.... I thought that by today noon I have to shell out $500...but doesn't looks the case...
    Oh I forgot ! This forum is used to slow processing ...let it be GC or Contribution..... doesn't surprises me..... Our fraternity is used to slow things just like GC .... come guys /gals ..... show some speed....

    Finally i think we may reach 50%.... I swear as soon as somebody confirms me that we have reached $29,500 figure I will put $500 and another $500 when we reach $59,500.....

    Keep it going guys ... I am bit positive for the halfway mark..... but don't think that the full way mark Miracle will happen.....


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  • frostrated
    08-11 12:43 PM
    i guess with more EB3 folks moving to EB2, it will help those of us who are stuck with no option to move to EB2. :)
    i think they need to make a rule where if you are stuck more than 5 years due to retrogression, all over flow visas need to be first given to those folks in the order of PD.

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  • qasleuth
    03-09 04:48 PM
    Donated $50 for this month and $ 25 for the next 5 months.


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  • deecha
    07-20 04:08 PM
    Dude ,

    You been thru a lot and looks like you still have some sanity left in you. Keep up the good spirit ... Good luck with your 485 ...:)

    Thanks for the morale booster ! :-)
    There have definitely been some challenges but that's life.
    All the best to you.

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  • number30
    05-11 02:06 PM
    If some anti-immigrant happens to read this thread... he would serious think about reducing his decibell levels.

    Do you think this community is so fragile? No need to be so insecure. There can be delay but you will get the green card


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  • reachinus
    03-07 09:08 AM
    Let me know how to send the payment.

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  • paskal
    07-10 11:45 PM
    dude, you sound viscious. You missed his/her point.

    His/her point is EB catergory does not depend on advanced education as claimed by your earlier post.

    and i did not claim that either. the EB category is based on the job requirement, it is therefore natural that a majority of people that apply in the category also have qualifications that match that requirement. therefore the wonderful solution offered, ie ignore EB category and give GC by PD only, does not work. it would be very unfair to a lot of advanced degree holders that are actually in EB2.

    also that is not all that he/she is saying. read his/her posts a few times, maybe they will sound "vicious" too. as for my posts, the facts are what they are...even if you do not like them.

    just because the two of you have advanced degrees does not change the facts. btw i have sincere advice for you, something i do not bother handing out a lot. your PD is 4/04. your qualifications are excellent. go and find a job needs your MS rather than short changing yourself. you will be current in EB2 and you will have a GC as soon as the I140 is approved. in your place, i would be doing that asap. of course i do not know your situation. but i hope you will find that opportunity.
    its a better solution than moaning about why "EB3 is not discussed on IV".

    for the last time, this time really so. this thread is meant to discuss other things. do not force me to close it.


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  • downthedrain
    03-06 07:29 PM
    I am in $25

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  • bsbawa10
    09-05 04:55 PM
    I am not seeing similar outrage as we saw last year.
    The time to act is now.

    Because many of us the green cards the fire got extinguished. I am ready to write letter to Zoe. Can the following be the rough draft ? Also, does anybody have the address where it can be sent ?
    One more thing, if you think this thread will become very long editing this letter, feel free to use collaboration by visiting the link and editing the letter. Please keep a local copy also just in case some mischievous element wipes it off.

    Dear Zoe Lofgren,

    Once again we wanted your help in getting the broken and unorganized process of green card streamlined. In July, 2008 USCIS announced that the people with priority dates upto June 2006 are eligible to have their I485 applications processed. When the time actually came to process them.

    1. Instead of processing them according to the priority dates, they started processing them randomly (although the claim is that they process them according to received dates which is neither true not justified even if it was true) causing people who have been waiting for years(Many of them since 2003 or 2003) to not get their green card and the people who had their priority dates as late as 2006 were issued the green cards.

    2. In the middle of August, they unofficially put the processing on hold (no official announcement to prevent the situation/lawsuit as the last year).

    3. The customer service is totally inconsistent in giving individual answers. We get different answers at different times and most of them are either incomplete or unsatisfying. They also direct us to write letter to the service center directly which results in the response asking us to check website or call 1.800 number none of which again inform the real status of the case. In other words, it is a never ending loop.

    Please help us in resolving the problem as you did last year.



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  • 485Mbe4001
    07-11 12:34 PM
    Recapture is the least offensive. Most politicians seem to support it, it is acceptable to ROWs and it will also resolve most of the backlog. Why dont we have a one point agenda for the short term and focus our energies on something that is has a chance of passing. Every other issue opens a can of worms. I am not trying to divert the focus of this thread, i do agree that lawsuits help focus attention on the issue because USCIS has to respond to the case and spend resources fighting it (as was the case with the name check issue).

    i dont want to get into a discussion of my EB is better than yours. My company had a Phd from Florida who got a green card on EB3, we are all MS from US (which according to me means little) and all were filed in EB3 because the lawyers convinced the company it was the easiest way to go.

    PS. One more thing 90% of the posters who say, go ahead we are with you will dissapear the moment your PD becomes current, if you dont believe me wait and see what most the pre 2005 EB2 filers post in the forums after the new VB is out.

    03-09 05:23 PM
    I can not see option to donate $25??? am I missing something on contribute page??

    07-05 02:15 PM
    saying "I love you Emilio" for screwing up my I-485 app.

    Please dont wait for any one...just send the flowers on JULY10TH.


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