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  • trueguy
    08-21 04:37 PM
    If the news is correct then it means no visa waste this year.......

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  • number30
    05-11 02:30 PM
    from all your invalid and illogical posts, I fail to understand your real motive. Do you want us get divided and fight among ourselves? Hope not! With my limited understanding, what I realized in last 2 years is this: VISA RECAPTURE and RETROGRESSION aka discrimination based on country of birth are the biggest obstacles for those born in countries like India, china, Philippines and Mexico. (Do you want to say that it is okay to be descriminated for being born in one of those countries?) So it does make sense to address these 2 issues. If I have limited energy (read money & support for lobbying, campaign etc), I would spend it towards where it can benefit me most.

    What I am saying is just do not look into the issues that affects only you. Just be open minded. Show some sympathy to them. They were really affected. You do not have to fight all battles. you called that person Jealous which I did not like. if You do not like just ignore the post but do not call the names.

    What is invalid and illogical ? Explain

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  • fundo14
    03-06 12:02 PM
    I am working on it, will discuss with Pappu and get back to you.

    Let us know how and where to send the payment.


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  • new2gc
    03-10 10:08 AM
    Date of sign up: Mar. 10, 2009
    Subscription Name: Donation to Support Immigration Voice (User: new2gc)
    Subscription Number: S-49S51889FX977841H


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  • sargon
    05-11 02:55 PM
    I totally agree. The point here is that substituted labors are not completely dead. It's like a toxic waste which is still poisoning the legal immigration biosphere.

    What most ppl here are asking is to rearrange the PDs of all apps in such a way that substituted labors move back in the queue. This will give the genuine labor folks a better chance.

    So just chanting that labor substitution is dead for past two years will cut no ice. All, please don't muddy the water with such statements. The real issue being discussed here is to re-sort the PD, not banning labor substitutions.

    Yes it was stopped in 2007. But it still has its shadow. Back in India Did you leave in area where there was shortage of water? All I said is do not call them as jealous. They have valid grievances. If they want they can fight.
    Profile is not needed for an educated guess. Any way I became a citizen last week.

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  • dtekkedil
    07-05 04:11 PM
    Just an idea, if someone can spend some time near the office videotaping flower arrivals, we can do a piece on youtube. It can potentially get more media attention if the media does not catch up immediately.

    Good backup plan!

    But anyone video taping the USCIS office can get arrested... security issue u see! Someone could setup a camera pointing at the entrance. I do not know the legality of that! If this could be done without harm... then it is good!


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  • homers
    03-09 12:07 PM
    Contributed $25 for the FOIA request drive.

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  • nogc_noproblem
    07-11 01:50 AM
    Could not able to understand from where this EB2 Vs EB3 scenario came up, silly.

    If somebody says EB3 filer is inferior to EB2 (in a way), then it is ridicules. Being said that, nobody has asked to them to opt for EB3, it was just the situation they were in when they started their GC journey. Let it be their educational qualification, experience or job requirement, they opted to go with EB3 with full consciousness and also due to some compelling reasons. If EB2 dates are moving forward why EB2 filers needs to be blamed / targeted for that? This doesn’t make any sense either.

    Also, now nobody is stopping them to convert from EB3 to EB2.

    Let us just stop this EB2 Vs EB3 crap and do something constructive. These kinds of fights will not take us anywhere.

    Coming back to the topic of this thread, WHY WE ARE HESITATING TO FILE A LAW SUIT? Any answers?????


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  • gcisadawg
    04-14 12:43 AM
    Labor substitution may be legal but it is unethical. When everything depends on when you join the queue, how can one cut the line?

    Whereas EB3 to EB2 porting is both legal and ethical. When you have a EB3 applicant that is waiting in line for 8 years, he/she had already gathered that much experience based on his long wait. Also, if you look at EB2, it is one of the highly abused category. The EB3 applicant who started in 2001 has joined the line half a decade before the one with 2006 Eb2 PD. One can't really accuse him/her for cutting the line just like one can about substitutes! If the EB3 porting case deserves merit, then I strongly support it!

    My intention is not to to start a fight. But we need to see the true picture. Without acknowledging the problem how can we fix it?
    Bottom line, GC abuses need to stop and we should fight for it as much as we fight for our rights to get GC!

    As expected,I got a red dot on my post. And as usual, it was anonymous!
    Pls. come out in open to share your views!

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  • kondur_007
    04-13 04:07 PM
    As I posted on another thread, I do not believe that all those old approvals are due to sub labor.
    A large part is related to FBI name check; remember, they just cleared a lot of name check cases...Not necessarily a bad thing, but we always feared as to how big is that number and it is still early to see the full impact of "clearing of that backlog>"


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  • Redeye
    07-10 10:54 PM
    dude, you sound viscious. You missed his/her point.

    His/her point is EB catergory does not depend on advanced education as claimed by your earlier post.

    my reply was only meant to highlight what you have been doing on this thread. i do not care who is in which EB category. and i know exactly how people with masters degrees suffer in EB3. however, for you to argue that all category preference should just disappear, is quite ridiculous and i have explained the reasons to you. that does not mean people in EB3 are not suffering or that all those in EB3 are either holding advanced degrees or 3 year bachelor degrees. that stereotyping is in your head alone. certainly not in mine. you never answered any of my questions though. what would be the effect of YOUR solutions? would people like me EVER get a GC?

    please do not unload your frustrations on all of us and derail what should be important.

    iv has one goal- to end retrogression. period. iv's founder belonged to EB3. so do several core members. you have some funny perception that iv is about EB2. so be it. ironical though, because iv is commonly accused of being an entirely EB3 india organization.

    so let me hear how the following things iv has constantly been fighting for, are somehow not helpful for EB3??

    recapture GC
    exempt families
    remove country quotas

    as for STEM exemption, if EB2 clears up, where do you think the GC numbers will go? what should we ask for? exemption for all??? not to mention that would get YOU a GC as quickly as possible and would LEAVE ME OUT. i still call and lobby for STEM exemption. i don't whine and moan on the forum about how it excludes health care professionals. if i have an issue, i work to resolve it- note the iv-physicians chapter in my signature that works to resolve specific issues. i created it and we have had success in reaching lawmakers with our problems.

    anyway, iv is clearly not about a few leaders. the tone on the forums and the discussions are dictated by its members. iv has more EB3 members than any other category. so now ask yourself, WHY does the forum seem to discuss more EB2 issues (at least to you) ??? whose fault would that be if it were true? who needs to take responsibility to highlight their issues?

    you have the option to change your job sir. if you are so frustrated, find a job that is up to your skill levels. you will not hear me on this forum complaining that EB1 should not get preference- hey i contribute as much or more. so why?

    get with it. we fight the battles we think we can win. ANY GC numbers/exemptions will move everyone ahead in the line. what part of that do you not understand?

    and now again. stop this divisive crap. we have more important issues to deal with.

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  • chanduv23
    11-11 03:32 PM
    Chandu - Can I Ask you something here.

    Just today I was reading on the ac21 thread, how you lamented that we as a community dont stand up for injustice and how some folks are worried that writing AC21 letter may mess up their situation somehow ......

    And right now , you are suggesting that the best thing is to get out of any kind of mess. So the person knew he was doing something illegal and his 8 month old kid was beaten up and you feel he paid the price and now No Problem and he should move on ???????????

    Somehow, this 2 + 2 isnt equating 4 for me. What am I missing here ?

    Sorry Chandu but I'm disappointed with you right now.

    You misunderstood my point here. Everyone are doing things at their own risk and must be ready to face any consequences.

    Our friend did know she was on tourist visa and illegal to work.

    Let me explain what is happening on sulekha

    You have some people advertising that they provide nannies for elderly care, child care, they provide food on daily basis and also provide cooks for occasions, services ranging from janitor work, to helping with groceries and all sorts of stuff.

    This industry is big - very very big. Some agencies did tell us they have nannies on j1 visa.

    We on this forum who are very vocal are the most innocent folks in the world when it comes to this kind of stuff and we have a straight tangential approach of punish someone for beating the kid.

    Well - lets use our brains instead. Believe me - our community does not have any sympathy, because we are not united.

    People can come on this forum and give advises - but the person who implements it must know what he can expect and that's why he posted here. Our friend is on h1b and maybe having his 485 pending and he must have careful thoughts before he leaps into something.

    What is the guarantee that a certified nanny wont ill treat the child. I have heard that nannies need not beat the child but do give mild sedation to babies in their milk so that the nanny can be in peace. If a nanny is doing that do you think she will be caught on tape?

    There are tons of things nannies do and you may never be aware of it or may not be caught on video tape.


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  • senthil1
    09-08 02:10 PM
    US immigration policy is to get foreign people only when certain skills are not available. There are lot of laws are there to protect US jobs while hiring Foreign persons. And some more may come while increasing immigration. Some times it might not be enforced correctly. It is the mistake of US enforcement agencies and Companies but not the mistake of immigrants. Many immigrants are creating jobs here. Yes you have to complain to authorities if any one violated immigration laws. But there is no use of blaming all the immigrants. There is nothing wrong in increasing immigration with the protection of American jobs. If protection is not enough then you can ask congress to increase more protection of US jobs. But moderate increase of green card is needed. And IV goal will not increase immigration numbers and will not create unemployment in Americans because the persons will stay till getting green card. So it does not make any difference if they increase or not increase GC numbers. But it will make many persons life easier.

    I am surprised that I haven�t been banned yet. Since, I am not; I will fight till the end. Now, you fellas must be eagerly waiting for my replies. Though you are not worth my time, but have patience, I am still going to reply to you all one by one, clearing any doubts you might have.
    This will be my contribution to protect our way of living ...

    Message to the people moderating this forum: You call yourselves an open forum then show some guts, let me present my points. I am going to be posting series of messages and will try to be "Civil". But don't you dare to lock me out

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  • potatoeater
    04-11 10:21 AM
    I reiterate what I said in my earlier post. The purpose of the post was not to start an argument. It was just an explanation of a baffling retrogression of dates.

    Many people in these forums were asking bewilderingly, how can dates which were already retrogressed by eight years can go further back? Are there people around who are waiting for 8 years just to get their labors cleared? If their labors were already done, then what were they doing for 8 years before filing AOS petitions? I explained that no, nobody was waiting for all these years at the labor stage. These are new candidates utilizing old pre-approved labors. Thats all.

    In fact, I predict retrogression to U level in EB2-I also. Many of these same people will now jump the queue again and switch to EB2 category.

    Again, this is no judgment passing. Just an explanation of things as they stand. It is what it is.


    your immagination/calculation might be what?? Havnt we seen a lot of posting about what mischief is being done by a handful?? why do we spend our time on analysing that? IV shouldn't be a website where I log in in the morning and find what all mischief is happening or happened or will happen. There are mischief makers and let the law deal with them. we are a group of straightforward individuals who wish to concenterate on fighting the injustice of the extreme delays. If there was a mischief the USCIS is supposed to catch them and fix it. it is not allowed to delay yours/ mine just because a few others did something wrong. Please concentrate on today and tomorrow. Plan for a new line of action and we will join.


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  • jsb
    08-13 10:37 AM
    As I read the thread above on the perennial point of contention PD or RD or ND.

    My question to the forum is how can TSC (My case was filed at TSC) sent an RFE if the case is not opened....I received an RFE in Nov of 485 RD was July 23rd 2007 and ND was Sept 5 th 2007.

    The RFE was responded I was surely out of the ND window last year and technically an IO shouldn't have opened my file...but apparently he did...

    Since I was contacting my local congressman and Senators...I got this feedback that my case is pre-adjudicated but waiting to have a visa number available....but I don't know who to trust...I am just not very hopeful and if 485 ND is the date they go by I have no chance and will miss this opportunity too.

    Published dates are approximate dates for a ball park idea on where cases are for minimizing phone calls. If published date is Sep 8, 2007. It could have a very wide window of reality between (i) someone has looked at least one case of this date, or (ii) All cases upto this date have been seen. Further, your contacting congressman and Senators might have triggered action on your case. In a paper dealing world, there are no precise answers. Published dates are based on manual feedback by dozens of IO's at each center.

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  • qasleuth
    03-09 04:48 PM
    Donated $50 for this month and $ 25 for the next 5 months.


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  • GCNirvana007
    08-20 07:32 AM
    Good question. I was wondering that too. Though I have taken an appointment for Monday 8/24.

    Have a weird feeling, all 2004 will be cleared this time. We deserve it the most in EB2 and its been so unjustful for us.

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  • stupendousman11
    09-17 07:06 PM
    Kinda agree on the lack of momentum. One indicator being that IV hasn't been "In the news" since Sept 11 2007......a year back!!... This is from the IV website.

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  • pshah
    07-17 07:11 PM
    Congratulations on such a fantastic job!! This is such a great accomplishment!!!

    Thank u all IV core members!!

    08-12 09:02 PM

    How much salary does a 12 year IT experienced guy command in India?

    Can you PM me the email addresses of your contacts. I will get in touch with them for a job for myself. I am quite serious.


    Just PM you. good luck

    12-08 05:05 PM
    its unbelievable what attitude some have on here...many on here are anti-illegal immigration which is understandable...but how can you condone such inhumane treatment...we are not animals...illegals are economic refugees in a way

    just cause most of us on here were blessed to come up in decent families who afforded our doesnt give us a right to treat the less fortunate with no dignity...what a shame

    always "treat others the way you want to be treated"`
    ..else, don't say what you don't do.
    Hey, lets do this. Let's get a couple of homeless bums to just move into your house, while you are not there and then have them DEMAND repsect, humanity, food, medical care, clothing and shelter from YOU. ALL in the name of humanity.
    Then let us see what your reaction is.......a homeless US citizen is in no way inferior to you so called "economic refugee".

    Countries have borders and laws for a reason, and each country has the right to protect its borders and uphold the laws. Most of us being of Indian descent, should look into our own house. What is happening to Biharis in Maharashtra...are Biharis not Citizens of India.....we don;t even tolerate people of other states, coming to our state!! and expect US to just keep letting trespassers in?

    The name of this Country is "UNITED STATES of AMERICA"...NOT "FREE_FOR_ALL REFUGEE CAMP"..

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