Monday, 27 June 2011

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  • bobzibub
    09-11 11:38 AM
    How 'bout when you're swimming?

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  • isedkeem
    01-30 11:23 PM
    I would say Canada because British Columbia has a much higher standard of living than Boston. Canada is generally a much better place for raising kids and the stress levels are lower because of freebies like health care etc. BC also has a much better weather compared to Boston.
    The other reason is that you could always come to the USA from Canada later but if you lose the Canadian PR now and don't manage to get a green card in the US, you lose everything.

    Hi All,

    I would really appreciate everyone's honest opinions on this matter.

    We filed 140 and 485 concurrently in July 2007, EB3. As of now there is no word on either application. Previously we had also obtained Canadian PR, the 3 year grace period of which will expire this August.

    Not only am I faced with a decision of staying in the US or going to Canada, but my future career is on the line too. This year I will be 23. After taking my undergrad degree in electrical engineering, I have been accepted into Boston University Law School in the US as well as the University of British Columbia Faculty of Law in Canada. Canadian lawyers make around half as much as American ones after all factors are considered.

    In your opinion, should I stay in the US, going to law school, in hopes that the green card will come through, or should I pursue a new life in Canada, but take the lower future salary / international renown?

    This issue is currently causing much discord in my family. I hope to hear your frank opinion so that I won't take my decision lightly.

    Many Thanks! :)

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  • skdskd
    08-26 07:31 PM
    I would not mind getting EAD few weeks late and prefered to have reciept notice recieved instead. I filed Jul 2nd at TSC and no news yet about Reciept, CC, EAD, AP. Most July 2 filer at NSC got their reciepts 2 weeks ago.
    There may be 1% chance of 485 being rejected and that is pretty scary. Easly NSC filers can atleast put their mind at rest for 485 acceptance.

    I agree with you . peace of mind is better than getting EAD 2 weeks early

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  • lusuresh
    08-27 01:11 PM
    I live in the West suburbs (Des plaines)


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  • RandyK
    02-16 01:40 AM

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  • MerciesOfInjustices
    05-27 03:44 AM
    on 630 KHOW (Capliss & Silverman).

    Congressman Udall spoke at length how the conference committee is formed, how it operates and how decisions are reached.

    One thing he said is particularly noteworthy. He said, he reads his fellow congressmen and the mood of the House, and at this moment there are 300 congressmen (out of a total of 525) willing to vote in favor of the senate version of the comprehensive immigration bill as it is.

    As I said in my posts elsewhere in IV, let's keep our eyes and ears open for the opnions of representatives and follow up on that.

    300 out of 435 Reps is a huge and victorious number! Or, did you include the 100 Senators in the broad definition of Congressmen? Even, then 300-67 = 233 is a successful number in the House!


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  • seeking_GC
    02-25 02:08 AM
    Can you share which application this was for?

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  • dpsg
    04-09 02:34 PM
    past performance is not always a good indicator of future one.All strong organization are build by converting perceived distracters into strong supporters.

    I agree, support from any org or forum is good for our cause and would definitely broden our support base.

    I have seen couple of postings from 'gc_2010', they sound negative, it is better to ingnore them rather then taking pains to clarrify those postings.


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  • vicks_don
    05-24 12:29 PM
    sent fax

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  • gk_2000
    05-05 12:54 PM
    the suspicious part was the "utter rascals"

    lol u asked the question...i was politely restating it for others

    Hmmm so what if I find your description "suspicious" because of the word "suspicious"? Me just stated facts buddy. Here is definition of rascal from online free dictionary:

    ras�cal (rskl)
    1. One that is playfully mischievous.
    2. An unscrupulous, dishonest person; a scoundrel.

    I mean #2 here. Unscrupulous because they misuse the forum for ranting and bashing others, dishonest because they bash others they perceive as "bad" for their own GC while pretending to be in IV for everyone's good. Scoundrel, because because they operate on multiple ID's

    Some are plain old #1, but they harm too.

    So, this is my explanation why I used the words "utter rascals". Come on, now you can give me some greens, because it "helped" you to understand what I meant :p


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  • alex99
    10-19 09:25 AM
    Please note all pending 500,000 applications do not belong to EB. Some are family based.


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  • snathan
    03-05 05:01 PM
    Dear Sir,

    I have 12 years of experience in IT industry and I have my I 140 approved in EB3 category.
    Since I have only 3 years degree from India, I can't file the GC in EB2 category. So I have decided to do postgraduate diploma in IT management from Universitas 21 ( I found they are quality education provider but not aacsb accredited. So in that case after completing diploma in postgraduate can I upgrade my GC to EB2 category?

    At present I am not worried about the position required for EB 2 filing because I am an architect and can easily switch to different company and get decent salary. But what I realized only job and salary won't help until I have proper education.

    So it is my request to appropriately guide me aboud the eudcation perspective whether I am on right path or not. Also is diploma is sufficient or I need to masters too?

    For your reference I have attached sample certificate coming out from U21 for the diploma in IT management.

    No use....


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  • Jitamitra
    07-19 05:33 PM
    I totally agree. We need to push for a USCIS SOP change where you should be able to add your spouse even when you PD is not current. Like in my situation, my wife is outside US and unfortunately cannot come back till Sep 21 (F1 --> H1 Stamping) issue.

    Earlier, we never had this issue because PD was predictable and only allowed folks who were very close to their PD's. Now with this fiasco, no one is sure how uscis would process the order of applications and there is a greater risk that your application might be approved before your PD on the basis of RD (Receipt Date)

    IV Core!! Need your leadership to help folks like us.

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  • jonty_11
    05-22 03:09 PM
    lets come back to the point....
    How can we all become ILLEGAL....

    1) Just resign your job, stay in the country for 2 days and u are illegal....

    What other options do we have? Please explore them here


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  • Jeff Wheeler
    03-18 05:30 PM
    You're just upset that Moses is spelled with a Brooklyn accent: Moises.

    Well, yeah. And I also found his other work ( (linked in his thread). :(

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  • chanduv23
    02-07 02:14 PM
    I think we need to be careful these kind of conversations aren't detrimental to the current campaign and to IV. I am new here, but I do also feel the drive that chanduv23 has and you know, sometimes you do feel like posting it everywhere and on your forehead. This backlog situation sometimes gets the better of us! I am all for organizing too, we need that. But I do sympathize with those who feel desperate to reach as many visitors as possible. There are still folk out there who would like to send their letter, let's encourage them and still be organized. I promise to keep my posts to threads already existing from now on. Thanks :)

    Nothing wrong in posting threads that help support a cause. My question to all those who are attacking me - why are we fighting among ourselves? Why can we not work towards the goal?

    Please keep up the good work - you are doing a great job.


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  • techbuyer77
    09-17 02:17 PM
    News Clips won't help much. Better to get some documents from your Company that shows it really is on the downside like financial statements. However, make sure you also have a proof that when they applied for I-140 and you applied for GC, the company is still in good financial status; that is was only later that the company suffered losses.

    92 days lapsed after submitting your GC application and you were approved. Do you have anough evidence to say that in June, the Company is doing alright but not now, September? that in June, your position is still available but not anymore in September? that the company did not hire any replacement for you?

    Well what can I get from them? The letter the company send on June did not say I was working for them in that moment. The letter said that they will have a job for me when GC was approved, but they heavely depend on those mortage loans and they have not sold houses in some time.
    They did not have job for me when approved.
    The promise can not be fulfilled because of bad bussiness.

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  • snarla
    06-25 03:01 PM
    Thanks for your reply desi3933

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  • NolaIndian32
    02-12 10:14 AM
    Thanks to all for your support. :)The first step I would like to propose is that we need to establish a group called Team IV Coordinators. Those who are interested in being part of this group, please send me a private message with your e-mail address so that I can set up a group e-mail to present and discuss the ideas to get us started. The Coordinator Group should be Team IV members whether you run/walk or not. I will take the lead but of course, I would love to have a core group to bounce ideas off of and to have as a resource pool.

    I agree with picking 3 national events as previously suggested, one on east coast, one west coast and one centrally located.

    Please send me Private Messages with your e-mail or contact info so that we can get the Coordinator Group up and running to set out the parameters of Team IV.

    Thanks!! :)

    02-08 09:55 AM
    just a word of caution, after seeing these bulletin's for a while now.

    "dont get your hopes high. it will be just a waste of your time"

    07-01 03:08 PM
    After I got laid off in April from sprint I talked to Ron regarding my case. I had the EAD and joined Verizon in May but did not want to retain Sprint's lawyers. Its not that they are incompetent its just that I was through the 6 month period and did not want any conflict of interest. Also they were not even willing to talk to me minus money like other attorneys.
    I called up Ron and he answered all my questions without charge. Very friendly and approachable person. Even connected on linkedin.
    Now he is handling my 485 for a fixed cost. In case any issues arise, address changes, RFEs, AC21(if need be) all are being handled by his firm for one fixed(and quite reasonable cost) giving me the much needed peace of mind.
    I will be considering him for both my wife's waiver application and to handle her 485 when the time far I am quite satisfied with the firm.

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