Sunday, 26 June 2011

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  • desi3933
    03-02 03:35 PM
    11) is it possible to switch the GC processing to "future employment", although the Labor/I-140 were approved with the understanding that I was to continue working for the same employer?

    Yes. GC is always for future employment.

    12) is the H1 visa/Priority Date of approved labor/I-140 carried over when the individual changes citizenship - from Indian to Canadian?

    Changing citizenship does not affect how Priority Dates are recaptured.

    13) when do the dependents' citizenship come into the picture in the GC process? If I continue to be an Indian citizen but my spouse becomes a Canadian citizen, will my approved Labor/I-140 be affected in any way?

    It is country-of-birth that matters. if your spouse is born in another country that is not subject to PD backlog, you may apply your I-485 to your spouse�s country of birth.

    Not a legal advice.
    US citizen of Indian origin

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  • dvb123
    09-18 08:17 PM
    We would like to know the count of GC waiting applicants with US citizen children.

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  • gemini23
    08-14 08:38 AM
    asking contributions for each post is pestering. Please maintain sanity of the forum.

    hopefulgc, will you please concentrate on action items..........

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  • Libra
    08-14 09:59 AM
    Even though i requested so many times in many threads, and bumped contribution thread you never thought of contributing to IV, did you? did you ever even cared to look into contribution thread Mr. Smart:rolleyes:

    People who come here just to create threads and post all silly things need to get remind that this forum/organization is ran by members contribution, people like me who are contributing are allowing you to use this site. You better get this.

    And somebody said it right, to contribute someone has to be huMAN.

    asking contributions for each post is pestering. Please maintain sanity of the forum.


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  • mrane1
    08-25 01:10 AM
    Tell your parents to get an agent who does these things. They normally sit outside the registration office. You might have to give extra money, apart from their regular "fees" but you can get it done! Heck with enuff money you can get a marraige certificate for George and Laura Bush!:D

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  • guyfromsg
    05-30 09:26 PM
    I have two 797s:
    1. Valid from Feb 2006 to June 04th 2007
    2. June 05th 2007 to June 04th 2010

    I went to India in Mar 07 and got the stamping till 2010. The old visa stamping was from prev employer and already got expired. The new visa stamp has both 797 Receipt #s and effective dates. Had I got my visa stamping after June 2007, everything would be cool and dandy. As I got the stamping before the current one expired and came into US before the current one expired, I was given and I-94 that ends on June 04th 2007. As this I-94 is the latest, I feel that this invalidates my other I-94 I got in my new 797. I left a VM to my lawyer. Hope he gets back and I am looking into applying for my H1B extension. This sucks :(

    Her visa stamp was expiring on 15Feb07 and she entered US in Dec'06 and she was carrying the extended H4 I-797 valid till 2009. The officer at POE gave the I-94 valid only till 15Feb07. I did lot of research and found the last action on I-94 invalidates the previous ones. So her I-94 was valid only till 15Feb07. I went to the local CBP office and the officer understood what I'm talking about. He took copy of I-94 and issued a new I-94. He faxed it to some company which keeps the I-94 database.

    So if possible it's better to go in person and explain. My 2 cents.


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  • mojo_jojo
    01-17 08:59 PM laid off and now in the job hunting...i believe everyone has to bear the brunt of the lies of the wars

    good luck friend.

    how about your colleagues?

    are they expats?

    were they laid off too?


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  • Pagal
    03-23 02:40 PM
    Hello Sleuths,

    :) I appreciate your logical thinking and attention to detail! Yes, I've a worldwide roaming cell phone whose number is listed in Bay area, but I can receive calls wherever cellphone signal reaches.

    I had included my cell phone number in my letters to IO earlier and he first called my office number and then tried my cell.


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  • Uncertain
    04-28 04:00 PM
    Of course all prospective legal immigrants pay taxes which are more than $75.
    Plus 100% of legal immigrants have paid, are paying and will continue to pay taxes as compared to estimates that some illegals pay and some do not.
    This is a very valid and strong point and needs to be brought up ASAP.

    If there is already a google group, I suggest lets start adding information there ASAP.

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  • logiclife
    11-12 05:28 PM
    You can enquire with the Canadian authorities if they will collect it and pass it on the US post. If not you can take a U turn once you enter Canada and go back to US to give them the I-94 and take a U turn again to re-enter Canada.

    Hold on a second. Taking U-turns on the willy-nilly just like that is not something you can do at the land border. Once he is in Canada, I think he will need valid visa or advanced parole (I dont think he has AP since he hasnt applied for GC at all). So he cant just "Make a U-turn" and if he does, US wont allow him to enter without a visa/AP.

    Others, who have used Auto-matic visa revalidation based on I-797 and without current visa stamp, please weigh in on this issue.

    I think you should contact a good lawyer because I dont think USCIS customer service is trained to answer this question.


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  • shaq
    02-14 11:33 AM
    Thanks everyone for the replies, I have paystubs, I will report it to IRS, they said they showed it as company profits which will be 20% tax itseems. and now they want to send me the deducted taxes and 1099 to correct the issue.

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  • imh1b
    04-28 09:08 AM
    Revitalizing the Golden State (

    Florida Shouldn’t Make Arizona’s Mistake (

    Do legal immigrants have any such article? Do legal immigrants impact economy? How can we know that?


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  • savigans
    10-24 05:01 PM
    I'm in a similar situation:

    EB2 LC Priority Date: August 25, 06
    I-140 pending
    Received I-1485 receipt notice and EAD
    I-485 Reciept Date: August 1st, 07

    I want to do an internal move from the position of "Software Engineer, Test Automation" to "Software Engineer, Webapp Developer". The job duties are similar but not exactly the same. Also, the job qualifications for the first job required BS + 5 (which I don't have yet) or MS (which I have). My company specifically made it this way for me. But the job qualifications for the new job is just BS + 3 (this is apparently not EB2). But now they are not willing to change the job qualifications for the new job to be EB2 since they have to do recruiting/advertisement reports, etc. for the new position.

    My lawyer says its illegal to change job duties w/o notifying USCIS. They say I cannot do that even with an approved EAD. Is this true? If so, is there any USCIS documentation backing this.

    Thank you for all the great work you guys do.

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  • vkjanam
    03-31 12:38 PM


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  • FinalGC
    03-26 12:07 PM

    It appears we did not get to have a leader for this chapter. Since I am in lansing Michigan, the heart of where all the lawmakers are in MI. I will be happy to coordinate any IV activity.

    I have just sent some of you an email to contact me, so that we can plan to meet the lawmakers next week. Please send me your name, email add and phone number. Please send a PM or email.


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  • tv25
    09-17 01:49 AM
    TV25, Ron Gotcher is a good attorney and this is his web site don't know him personally but, he is an American and he replies to most of the queries in his forum, and with very good explanation. Ask him...that's my suggestion...


    Thanks much for the information, I have posted a message there, hope he will provide some guidance to relieve me from this stress and pain :(


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  • wata
    09-28 07:44 PM
    I have filed 140 and 485 in July 2006, EB2 file concurrent at Nebraska service center. So far no word yet.

    I would like to know anyone get approve either 140 or 485 from Nebraska service center to get an idea the time frame on my case.


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  • poorslumdog
    03-18 03:04 PM
    If you are not on H1 there is no reason to inform the USCIS. Make sure that they are not including your I-140 receipt number or A#.

    Actually informing that you do not have a job is sufficent to revoke your I-140.

    Then how come people are saying there wont be any impact if you lose your job in EAD

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  • pappu
    06-01 09:08 AM
    It appears you created this ID just today only to post this message.
    Sounds fishy.

    That is absolutely correct.
    (I deleted the post on this thread. The poster shamelessly posted the company URL and info on his post to promote the consulting company.). We have immediately banned this user and have been deleting the same in the past too and banning this user.
    This ID was created and the other ID for which this person was complaining was posting to promote his website and company on IV. The company is another consulting company trying to get employees from this site by luring them for greencard sponsorship. Now when IV deletes such posts, they start hating IV.

    There have been several instances where other immigration site owners and health insurance agents for US visitors have created IDs on our site and posted information to promote their insurance or site. We will continue to delete them. This effort is not about making money like they do from the for profit site and company, but we use our contributions and money to help the lobbying effort. We will disallow anyone using this site to promote their business. We have seen what they have written against IV on other sites and this site and it proves that they do not care about this cause and just want to make money off members of this site. If some business or website, truly cares about this cause, they need to show it by posting IV banner ad on their website and/or contributing to this cause. And yes, we will definitely acknowledge their contributions on this site publicly. But we will not allow any business interest taking advantage of IV for their own promotion or financial interests.

    There have been members who post insulting messages on the site and get banned. Once they get banned, they go to other sites and post negative messages against IV. IV has refrained from exposing them or countering them. We have better things to do and do not have time for their nonsense. However this thread should now tell our members how difficult it is to moderate our forums so that it does not go out of control and how we take decisions to ban members. We do not like to ban anyone. But only ban when it crosses the line.

    We are not scared of any threats. Infact we have received threats from all kinds of people. As long as we do what is right and in the interest of our members we are certain we will win this struggle for which IV was created.

    05-22 06:20 PM
    Can some one with good english skills prepare an email with heading like
    'Please approve my status from legal to ILLEGAL.' include all points from rajesh_kamisetty and any other similar questions.

    And everyone in this forum can send that out to every newspaper and every senator in this country. I believe this can open their eyes little bit.

    Think guys. If there is decent letter I promise that I can stay whole night to send to all these guys.

    I sent this to a lot of people
    Do you say that being illegal, undocumented is better rewarded than being Legal Skilled Professional in US?

    Yes I am talking about C-I-R (Compromise Immigration Reform) 2007 and how all the High Skilled Professionals are affected by this. High skilled professional who helped to build the economy for years basically are not rewarded for being legal and paying taxes. The "grand compromise" plan of the US Senate inadvertently (we hope) favors the undocumented over the highly skilled legal immigrants. We are sure the intention of the senators was not to ask the highly skilled legal immigrants to throw away their documents and get in line with the undocumented.

    We, all high skilled professionals and (12,000+ members) are extremely disappointed by this proposed bill and we would like to oppose this entirely and would like new amendments to benefit our basic needs.

    # Increase the Quota from 140,000; NOT reduce to 90,000

    # Remove the country limit even for High Skilled Professionals too.

    # Provide provision to apply for adjustment of status even when the visa

    numbers are not available.

    # New Merit based system put the Skilled professional back in the line and also increase the points earned for high

    Skilled professionals at least equal to unskilled labors

    # Legal status of many individuals will be in jeopardy as important provisions from AC-21 are being removed by Congress

    And it would difficult for non-immigrant like h-1b to renew after 6 years.

    Give high-skilled legal immigrants a fair deal! That is all we are asking for

    Immigration Voice ( is a non-profit national grassroots organization committed to feasible solutions to a broken employment-based immigration process. Immigration Voice is advocating for technical changes that will improve the quality of life of several individuals that are stuck in the backlogs/delays, and help the system to work as it was intended.

    08-27 01:35 PM
    infopass apt couple of weeks back..IO told me NC pending, case with officer (whatever that means :().
    Approved 140 has the details, there wasn't any point in me asking whatever was already clear to me.

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