Saturday, 25 June 2011

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  • go_gc_way
    06-07 09:41 PM
    I think , of what Mr. Logic Life said summarizes and represents the state of us all , who wish to obtain a Green Card and are on H, L ect. VISAS.

    I think, It is absolutely right "We deserve fair and speedy immigration.".

    Opportunity of working in America is great ... but when skilled professionals will have to choose H1,L1 or GC , they land in an unpleasant experience, that goes on for ever until they obtain their GC.

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  • dr_vroeg
    06-08 11:29 AM
    sounds great....actually I don't know why it has to end...the madness never does.

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  • h1b_alex
    03-29 12:00 AM
    @Snathan how did you know he didn't call me here , are you one of the consultants yourself who does this filthy work of cheating people.

    I guess it was my employers discretion to make me sit home with him just not responding to my mails, i couldn't barge in to his office and say hey give me desk to work on? can i ?

    Anyways looking at the LCA agreement i think you don't seem to know what you are talking about, I am here holding his company's name on my H1B form , His agreement on LCA and his employment letter, i dunno if there is any other way i could make inroads into barging into his office?

    Now if he puts a security guard against me entering his office, shouldn't i report this to DOL too?

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  • zeldafreak
    06-03 10:22 AM
    can i join this battle?


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  • snram4
    01-17 01:09 PM
    Hope is ok. But IV core has more access than normal members like lawyers, lobbyists. So their view is important. Atleast interpretation of Memo need to known to the members. Also feasiblity of succcess, amount of effort and money need to be known to the members. I am seeing silent in most lawyer sites like immigration-law, shusterman, ILW. Everyone posted memo but no one really that much bothered

    I request you not to deviate from the topic. Lets hope IV core come up and support in this.

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  • GcSTART1
    07-01 01:39 PM
    I just joined the form but would like to call...Any body knows who should i call for Massachusetts?


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  • gk_2000
    04-22 10:55 AM
    Hey, Just wondering where is Mr. Moron these days ? Didnt see him for last two days? went off to exile with Ram and Sita ? :p

    Why are members losing it these days?

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  • jonty_11
    07-11 06:34 PM
    You really think they're in any kind of rule-following mood lately?
    Exactly....who the heck are they answerable expect anything...

    Has AILA filed the damn lawsuit yet...what the heck are they doing...playing Tom and Jerry....


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  • qplearn
    09-13 03:26 PM
    I think you missed my point...we need more members because you can't get any one's time if you just want them to do something for you. You have to be prepared to do something for them. For us, when we become citizens, we need to vote. Now do you see why political parties look for numbers?

    Also, as far as our outreach in the news media is concerned, you should look at this page:

    We may not have made the news on CNN or on PBS, but we have gotten the word out across a wide spectrum of the news media...


    Yes, I obviously cannot diasgree with that logic; it is all about votes.

    But, I looked at the articles that you point to above: The one in WASH POST is about illegal immigration. There is no article in NY TIMES. We need the big newspapers and PBS to discuss our issue repeatedly. Also, many of the newspapers mentioned there cater to Indian population, e.g., Times of India. Plus will always report about us. He is not a part of the wide spectrum of media.

    This is a problem with what we are doing. The media does not know about our plight; all they know is that many of us came here on H1B.

    Also, all these articles should be on a sticky thread for all to see where we have been heard.

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  • 485Mbe4001
    08-13 01:47 PM
    I agree, there is slim chance that 5882 could pass, we must do our best and not let it slip out of our hands. Keep writing and calling. At this rate EB 3 I will not move more than a couple of months per year. The new visa allocation policy will retrogress EB3 ROW too and as EB3 ROW starts getting retrogressed there will be less and less available for EB3 I.

    If you can porting to EB2 is always a better choice.
    For EB3-I's with PD > 2005 it is worth the risk even with the gray area that USCIS may not accept the porting. An EB2 I PD of 2008/9 will always be better than EB3 I PD > 2005.

    HR 5882 is the only solution for all atleast for this year.


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  • Bytes4Lunch
    08-20 01:01 PM
    Good job laying out all usecases "add78".

    In my case, I travelled back on AP as my visa extension stamping went pending in Mumbai consulate. Came back here with my I-94 indicating "Parolee" as my new status.
    Within 2 weeks, I changed employer as per AC21, they filed for my H1 transfer(premium processing) via Murthy Law Firm. I received a new I94 which put me back in the H1B status. During this 2-3 weeks I was in the US as a parolee I did NOT use the EAD, because you don't have to.
    Interestingly after 3 months of my visa application at Mumbai consulate (2 months after I reached US) I received an email from them asking me to submit my passport for stamping. Its unbelievable that they think applicants would still be waiting in India for 3 months and that their employers would still be interested in keeping them, but I guess after all this ordeal I realised, they just don't care.

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  • fasterthanlight�
    05-30 11:51 PM
    I smell monkies in the near future....


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  • sanju
    09-24 02:04 AM
    Glad you liked it, here is another one while I write the reply. Honestly, you did not give me enough time to finish my video.


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  • cpolisetti
    04-18 12:13 PM
    Good idea. I start with my contribution of 25 dollars(sending check today through Bill pay) in addition to 150 that I have made before.

    PS: Wish I could contribute more.

    How about this - let us have a couple of volunteers call/email people asking for $25 contribution. If we can get 1/2 of 3000 people contributing $25 each, we will get to about 120K. I am ready to take initiative in this - core group, can I get this initiative going?


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  • Praveen20
    09-17 02:00 PM
    I guess republicans have devised this strategy to proposing different amendments as a delaying tactics so that none of these bills will be get approved.


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  • pappu
    09-14 10:02 AM
    I will be doing these soon.

    Pappu, your inbox is full and cant take any more messages .. I have a suggestion, there may be members willing to spend time to help at the same time they may not able to spend hours / Daily but hours / Weekly. They probably can be assigned meaningful tasks to help you.
    thanks. Any help that would increase membership and funding of IV will be helpful. There are already lobbying efforts being undertaken by core members. However in order to create significant impact of numbers and increased funding to support our lobbying efforts, our membership base will need to increase.
    pls email at himanshu at
    the mailbox also has some space now.

    btw there are several other immigration forums and yahoo, msn and google groups. (you can search on search engines and you will find plenty). If you would like to help us increase our visibilitry and get more members, pls. post messages on these forums informing everyone about IV and ask them to join IV.


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  • Leo07
    12-03 10:14 AM
    Paid membership irrespective of the amount of payment will drive away the people. With all dues respect to IV, there are defintely other places where you can get good(if not better) information for free.
    Strength of online communities is always the members...the higher the members the better.

    Having said that, I kind of disagree with the punishing the wrong answers with a $5.00...most of the answers in these forums are people experiences and they are not legal professionals. People will not be able to share the experiences openly/freely. I think, it's the responsibility of the questioner to pick the right answer and donate for the value that he/she deems the question is worth.

    My thoughts...anyways..

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  • willgetgc2005
    11-16 11:59 AM
    PAPPU and Others,

    We pay taxes PLUS Social Security for which we dont get any benefit. Dont miss that.

    Let us be assertive about that.

    we try to mention in our media interviews about us paying all the taxes and playing by the rules, still the anti immigrants pursue this misinformation campaign against us. We will all try to ensure that in every media interview we say that we pay all taxes..

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  • vikram2101
    08-22 01:44 PM
    Here's an anecdote -

    This was back in the late 80s, when I was growing up - in Bangalore.

    India had just lost the Finals of a well fought [field] hockey match to Pakistan. We were all very disappointed by the loss, but it saddened me further to see a victory procession with waving Pakistani flags in the Muslim parts of the City.

    Ofcourse, India is a secular country and more so the United States.. and you can cheer whoever you please..

    But, If you chose to become a US Citizen, and US were in a battle with your country of Origin (let's narrow it down to Sports, to keep it less complicated), which country would you side? If I chose to side with my country of origin, it would make me a hypocrite, wouldn't it ?

    06-17 04:12 PM
    Please don't get bogged down by whether the bills will help an individual category. Everyone involved in EB GC process will be in a good position once these bills pass. So, please participate in IV's phone and funding campaigns.


    07-12 03:41 AM
    Hey Sam.....
    The word is out to Santa Clara University Int'nl Students. One concern.... Im getting responses from guys from other nationalities... do we need to worry ?

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