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  • sc3
    08-13 12:27 PM
    it may look like it that it has made our situation worse. But it was never good to start with. The visa number flow was going to EB3-ROW. Now it is going to EB2-I. That is good since if EB2-I becomes current the flow would come to EB3-I as we have older PD people than EB3-ROW.

    Nevertheless, EB3-I was always the last link in the chain and still is. Nothing has worsened or bettered. If anything can be good for us, it is the 5882 bill. Another thing that can help is removal of country quota. With so many EB2 people getting their GC, we are going to need to really work towards getting contributions for lobbying since the people who get the GC cannot be expected to help IV anymore. We always were at the bottom and are still at the bottom. We need to unite and work with IV so that we call can get what we want.

    I see there is a very common misconception in these forums

    First. EB2-I being current does not help EB3-I -- at least not directly. The numbers after EB2-I being current will not rollover into EB3-I. It goes to the general EB3 pool, from where first the 7% rule is applied, so unless EB3-World becomes current, EB3-I does not benefit from the numbers.

    2nd, yes, the reclamation will help, but again not to a great extent -- at least not directly. All of the numbers so gained will go based on the 7% cutoff, so while we will get some extra numbers, but does not mean EB3-I will go ahead by leaps and bounds, that is until all the rest of the categories are current.

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  • kpartha
    04-02 05:07 PM
    I never got any LUDs but got a denial on my 485 after going through the AC21/NOID stuff way back in August, 2008.

    There could be some background processing going on.

    Is there are pattern to these LUDs?

    I am in a situation that the company where I am working is offering a permanent position and my employer is also willing to support me. But I am afraid of doing AC21 after reading about the pitfalls of AC21. Any suggestions??

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  • chanduv23
    01-31 04:48 PM
    confused now

    Maybe we must sign a petition with a lot of signatures and present it to USCIS

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  • santb1975
    06-19 05:11 PM
    We will see how this turns out. Thanks for your work

    Check out the above website. 6039 is the one relating to STEM and it has 26 co-sponsors


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  • gsc999
    07-20 01:36 PM
    I think US experience will hold good in canada, at at least in IT. Canadian experience matters for immigrants who directly come from their home countries, never having lived in north america before. The trick is to find a good enough job for your experience level .. what is the point of going there and doing the same kind of job that you were stuck with here ?. That is easier said than done given the limited size of the canadian IT industry. I second your thoughts if you do get a good job, an year or so should be good enough to establish yourself. I fact, I know a couple of guys from my area who moved to canada with their families to escape retrogression, and are now well-settled there with no intention of ever coming back to the US. But yes, it took a while for them to find those jobs.

    I think rpatel is right. This what I heard from one of my buddies who moved to Canada in 2003 and recently got PR.
    Canadian firms prefer Canadian work experience. This doesn't mean that your past experience doesn't count, just not that much

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  • quizzer
    01-30 05:20 PM
    I did just now. It was question no 1


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  • mirage
    08-12 07:03 PM
    more than 200 people have taken this poll, if only half of us send these letters, it could make a difference..

    To, 08/05/2008

    Charles Oppenheim / Visa Section
    U.S. Department of State
    2201 C Street NW
    Washington, DC 20520


    Your Name/Your Address/EB-3 India Applicant
    Priority Date: May 2003
    Some City,

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Sub: Statistics on Employment Based AOS(Adjustment of Status) applications pending at USCIS under various categories

    I am writing to you to express my sense of helplessness over the unpredictability of Visa Number allotment to various employment based category. I want to bring to your attention that it�s been nearly a �Decade� since we saw any meaningful Visa Date movement from year 2001 for EB-3 Green Card applicants from India.

    It is important to know that despite of severe visa retrogression and random visa cutoff date movements, USICIS or DOS hasn�t released any official information on how many Adjustment of Status applications are pending at USCIS under various categories which leaves thousands of AOS(Adjustment of Status) applicants in complete darkness and dependent on guessing games by various Law firms.

    A green card application requires enormous amount of efforts and money from the beneficiary and his/her employer. People who are waiting for 7-8 years now would have had already spent average $15,000-$20,000, in maintaining their statuses and keep the Green Card process going on. Being stuck in a green card process keeps us bonded with 1 employer, job type etc.
    We need to know if there is any light at the end of the tunnel. We need to know for how long we have to live our life in limbo. If there is hope than we need to be patient and plan to live like that for another 1-2 years. But if there�s no light at the end of the tunnel than we need to move on with our careers and other family commitments. Only your office and USCIS can help us by releasing statistics on the number and categories of applications pending with USCIS people waiting in this category can plan their lives accordingly.

    It will be a great help if DOS or USCIS could tell us about the number of AOS application pending at USCIS along with their Categories(EB-3, EB-2, EB-1) and chargeable country.
    We have been waiting for a decade and continue to wait would it be reasonable to request you for some guidance with regards to the Visa allotment. I request your office to provide some statistics on home many Adjustment of Status applications are pending at USCIS.

    We understand that you work with in the limits of the law as set by the Congress and are limited by various constraints that are beyond your agency realm of work. We appreciate your hard work and sincerely thank you for all the hard work.

    God Bless America!

    Thank you for you attention,

    (Your Name OR EB-3 India Applicant )
    Priority Date: April 02
    Category: EB-3
    Member ImmigrationVoice.Org

    Copy Sent to

    Honorable Secretary of State
    Dr. Condoleezza Rice
    U.S. Department of State
    2201 C Street NW
    Washington, DC 20520

    Honorable Director, USCIS
    U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service
    20 Massachusetts Avenue, NW
    Washington, D.C. 20529

    Citizenship and Immigration Services Ombudsman
    Department of Homeland Security
    Attention: Case Problems
    Mail Stop 1225
    Washington, D.C. 20528-1225

    Senator John Cornyn
    Chairman - United States Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on
    Immigration, Border Security and Citizenship
    517 Hart Senate Office Bldg.
    Washington, DC 20510
    Main: 202-224-2934
    Fax: 202-228-2856

    Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren
    Chairwoman - United States House Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration, Citizenship,
    Refugees, Border Security, and International Law
    102 Cannon HOB
    Washington, D.C. 20515
    Telephone (202) 225-3072

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  • masouds
    09-17 02:18 PM
    you mean LEGAL aliens...:)

    s/LEGAL/slave/ :-)


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  • EZEkiel
    06-04 05:49 AM
    hey zelda, that aint crap just needs a little bit of work, as grinch above me said, try getting out your marquee tools and cutting out the shapes instead of using the eraser, that will give you the crisp lines you will want for the "pad" and the "screen" and try and get your image all the way to the edge of the ipod. then it will look super cool!!


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  • whitecollarslave
    01-30 05:29 PM
    Here's another question -

    "Illegal immigration has been a topic of heated debate and has received much needed attention during this election. In the midst of all the hype and bickering about ILLEGAL immigration, there is a group of people, often forgotten and ignored, who are caught up in a bureaucratic mess and yet are patiently waiting on the path to LEGAL immigration. This is a group of high skilled workers, most of whom have advanced degrees in medicine, engineering and science from Universities in the US. These people have obeyed all laws, worked hard, paid taxes and waited their turn, many for a decade, because of a system that is hopelessly broken and inefficient. I am one of these people and I have been in the US legally for 10 years and still years away from getting a green card. As the President of the United States how do you intend to address the problems faced by future Americans already living and working LEGALLY in the United States? Please note, this question is NOT about ILLEGAL immigration but about LEGAL immigration."

    I voted for both. Please do the same.


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  • caliguy
    10-30 12:31 PM
    @ leoindiano

    As ndialani mentioned, just google "cis ombudsman form dhs-7001". Print out the .pdf file, fill it in & enclose all other supporting documents. In the form, it says - you can use extra sheet to put the details of your case. I put this letter that had all my case details (this is the letter I used for everyone after that).

    For Napolitano, did you not get the sample letter from me? I have sent it to around 50 odd people and counting .... It has everything, address and whatever else is required. You can just make changes to put your details in.

    Good luck!


    I will reach out to ombudsman and Napolitano this weekend. Another thing i am going to try is applying AP renewal this weekend, set to expire in november anyway. I would rather loose $305 than keep waiting for some miracle. Thanks for your help. I should be able to find the procedure to file 7001 and the Napolitano address in this thread, correct?

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  • sureshn22
    12-13 10:04 PM

    My wife appeared for Visa interview on 6th and yet to receive the passport. we booked tickets for this weekend and seems we have to reschedule. I sent a mail to NIV and no response as of now.This is of concern. can anyone tell me about the normal turnaround time for H4 Visas these days?



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  • abhijitrajan
    07-14 09:49 PM
    I just put forth my thoughts. Statements should be put under quotes only when quoted verbatim. Of course you follow your own judgement. Good luck and thanks for your effort against this character.

    Abhijit, Thank you for your suggestions. If you watch the Utube video, Rep Tancredo clearly said that H1-B visa holders overstay their visas. As far as the "glass house" goes I can't change the petition even if it has one signature. I wrote this to create maximum impact and we can only hope that it does.
    Below is link to the Lou Dobbs' episode.

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  • oliTwist
    01-15 01:55 PM
    :) Vote up for "Legal Immigration" :)


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  • BrightSpark
    06-19 05:45 PM
    cool one brightspark.

    Cheers bud :D

    Gona make me an avatar and sig next :p

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  • chanduv23
    04-28 08:49 PM
    AC21 is a law. However, USCIS not yet published the regulation since year 2000, that binds everyone. All these memos since 2000, are internal to USCIS and not binding. They are very clear in the memo that revokation (except on fraud) of an already approved 140 by the petitioner, after 180 days of pending of 485, will not stop the approval of 485, if employee changes to similar occupation. This is just a non bining internal standard of USCIS. It does not have teeth, as it is not a public regulation. However, this internal standard can be changed by any time with/without public notice or through a regulation. Also, one should remember that, they mentioned in one of their memos that, regulation will be much tougher than memo.

    Therefore, as some one is mentioned that, an approved immigrant visa pettion should be always available at the time of issuing GC. That is also a law. This law also need to be met at the time of approval of 485. Therfore AC21 and requirement for availability of approved 140 is two different and counteracting issues.

    In practical situation, the employee has no control over 140 in any stage as it is employer's petition. Therefore, if employee leaves the job as per the AC21 law, employer verywell withdraw the 140 even after 180 days of 485 pending and create a situation of unavailability of approved immigrat visa petion for the employee. Therefore, in the final regulation they will make a rule that favours the employee, if everything was bonafide. It is like a aboundened spouse in family catagory.

    I think, USCIS is currently taking the tough standard to weed out the consulting compaines (to put a leash on GC factories/body shoppers), as they are the one mostly abusing the EB system. Only those people working in GC factories need to worry. It may be mainly due the current economic situation. I feel thats why they are delaying the regulation. Others need not worry.

    Well, 485 denials on ac21 where 140 was revoked has always been happening.
    Your interpretation might be right about consulting companies but these denials not necessarily happening to people in consulting companies, they happen to anyone whose 140 was revoked.


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  • bandya
    04-28 03:32 PM
    Second contribution of $200. Contributed $400 till now.
    Comon guys we can do it - $100 from 500 of the 3000+ members would get us to our immediate goal!!!

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  • raj3078
    08-26 04:18 PM
    Lots of people use SBI for transfer but nobody answered my earlier question? DOES SBI allows electronic transfer to NON SBI accounts?

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  • GCmuddu_H1BVaddu
    10-08 09:49 PM
    Orey pichhi vedava, pichhi pattinda neeku sannasi.
    Ni yabba, burra kaya saara posi kadagara.

    EB2 india/china... see this..
    and then see this

    ab bajao ghanti... aur chup chap baithe raho
    (translation: sit there like a paraplegic in the line and do nothing ... while a massive line jumping is in process... you will keep seeing while all these EB3 "bodyshopped consultants" will continue to slowly port their PDs and get approved ahead of you.. EB2 I/C is in for a really really long wait.
    Honestly, these consultants don't even have an H1B worthy job: its not a permanent job offer. They don't get paid fulltime. Let alone their eligibility for a GC ....what a scam!

    We need to let uscis know and audit all current and past approved cases from these consultants)

    FYI ...With support from a few people .. we are in the process of filing a Direct injunction for stoppage and immediate audit of interfiled/approved cases. But more support would be appreciated.

    01-31 12:43 PM
    it is good indeed. but i just happened to visit and it says this news "no more labor subs" is just a rumor of the day.

    can u provide a link. This rule is bad for AILA because of the loss of revenue and hence they were against it. But since this is in the "Final Rule Making" process there's not much they can do. BTW u don't need to have the I140 approved for the LC sub to go thru. U just need the labor substitution approved stamp before the rule gets published.

    11-01 09:54 PM
    I feel like it is playing into hands of anti-immigrants. I think we need to stay and fight rather than being desperate and leave home.

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