Sunday, 26 June 2011

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  • santb1975
    06-19 08:55 PM
    I am sure all the state chapter leads will post an update when they are done with their work day.

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  • sparky_jones
    09-30 10:30 AM
    Ignore the Receipt Date on transfer notices. I have the same situation, receipt date on transfer notices was Sep 19, but the receipt date is Jul 23. I checked the receit notices, and they have the right receipt date. Only the receipt date on the receipt notices matters.
    We received all four I-485 Transfer Notices today which says they transferred our cases to LIN. My I-140 was approved from LIN, so this is ok.

    But the strange thing is both the Receipt Date and the Notice Date is September 26, 2007. Should I be worried?:confused:

    I also applied EAD and AP. Would that means CSC is sill holding back my EAD and AP applications for adjudication?

    Thanks for the advise friends.

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  • apahilaj
    08-22 08:41 AM
    It seems like except for one or two people here, individuals who have applied directly at TSC on 2nd July are getting their checks cashed/receipts this week.

    It would be helpful to know if they are done with the transfer of 2nd July cases from NSC to TSC; if so, when and based on that, we can make some educated estimates.

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  • andy garcia
    02-07 03:28 PM

    Hmmm.. What are you implying Chandu??? :D

    It is not politically correct to use those words nowadays :D


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    03-02 03:00 PM
    Well yes, my company is paying for this? But there is a limit for the company too, right?

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  • TomTancredo
    01-10 05:25 PM
    If the other guy worked for the company atleast 180 days, then your employer cannot prove that he had no intention to work for the company. If the guy worked for only a short time or didn't work at all for the company, then the company can win the case.

    The greencard of the other person will be rescinded. You can then use his labor.

    We dont know all the details of the case. If the person who got 485 approved worked for more than 180 days for the sponsering employer.


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  • kaisersose
    06-16 01:08 PM
    Great topic. wating one more year would mean 12 more months of rent. so even if the house depreciates it would break even considering the lost rent. This is just my opinion assuming that the depreciation would be less than 5-10% till next summer. Experts please list out the hidden costs involved in mortgage for new home buyers to be careful about.

    There was a talk on my local radio channel sometime back on the topic.

    One guy called up and said he was paying $650 as rent and was planning to buy a home instead to build equity.

    The expert gave him advice which I totally agree with. He said, a home will cost you a lot more than $650 a month in mortgage, insurance, property tax and maintenance. You will not really make any money for a long time. If you wish to make money, take the extra money you are willing to spend each month and invest in bonds, etc., which can give you better returns.

    I think buying a home as an investment is not the greates idea, unless all the above factors have been considered. The real goal should be that the family or individual wants to live in a house instead of an apartment as a lifestyle choice. If this is not the primary goal, then think twice. Especially true in the case of several immigrants who see a home strictly as an investment and are totally obsessed about the money they will make or lose when they sell it.

    Let us face one knows what the real estate market will be 5 years from now, and again in 10 years from now and then again and again. If we want to be absolutely sure that we will sell our home someday and we have to make a profit, then no one can give that gurantee. Thinking along those lines is a pointless exercise.

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  • pappu
    02-11 03:10 PM
    EAD bole too....Daily Ticket
    GC bole too....Quaterly Pass

    Illegal Immigrant....without ticket...:).....freeloader

    And what is ctizenship?
    Lifetime pass :)


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  • greencardfever
    02-17 02:16 PM
    So if I do an H1B transfer to another company, there is no way to file a dependent 485 application for my future spouse?

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  • rsdang1
    08-20 03:44 PM
    Wasnt there some official from USCIS that said that EB2 from India with 09 priority date can expect a 5-6 year wait...

    I am sure some one here would have the exact quotes...


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  • baburob2
    10-03 10:32 AM
    Basically to retain the PD you should have the copy of the I-140 approved and you could retain the PD. Having said that, different lawyers have different interpretations when you switch jobs and retain the PD. Basicallly some lawyers say you could retain the PD even if your old employer uses it for another person after revoking yours, while others say you can't retain PD if your old employer revokes your I-140. However if your old employer willn't revoke your I-140 then you could definetely port your PD with your new employer. If you employer is hesitant to give, you could try asking him other ways if possible for H1B stamping etc.

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  • mygc2006
    03-25 12:44 PM
    H1 ext Applied : Nov 4th 2007
    Approved (for 3 years): Mar 24th 2008

    this is my 8th year extension


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  • vin13
    05-12 12:48 PM
    Regarding point 1):

    Note that DoS has not wasted visa numbers after 2006. For all practical purposes, days of visa number wastage is history. Why do you think the July 2007 fiasco happened ?

    That's exactly why they may want to release fall-across/fall-down numbers in July so they can make sure nothing gets wasted. The only point i am trying to make is there are good possibility that dates may start advancing in July

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  • vjone
    04-06 03:43 PM
    Did you get the same response when you post your first message.

    I dd'nt know a way to post with out registering ..

    interesting that you created an account just to post this...


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  • skynet2500
    07-13 07:53 PM
    Fourth Option seems to be the one that IV is pursuing. All the best to IV core in making this happen.

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  • win_or_win
    03-29 03:40 PM
    Hi Guys,

    I need your help on this. My cousin is running this small IT company in india and he mentioned that when US client sends their money to India via Pay Pal or some secure money transfer , they are charging them 4 % of transfer amount.

    He ask me that what could be the best way to avoid this fees , some of the option that we thought about,

    1) If they (cousin's company) open an bank account in USA and utilize this to transfer the money to indian bank account - Would they still need to pay US tax as money is being deposited into the US account?

    2) If I utlize my bank account - I think in this scenarion I have to pay the US tax for whatever money the client is depositing into my account in order to make this legal transfer

    3)If US client utilize remit2india, ICICI to transfer money which I highly doubt

    I appriciate your responce on this.


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  • d123
    10-04 11:16 AM
    Its true.. Unless you want to change Lawyer.

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  • inskrish
    08-17 12:37 AM
    Got the receipt numbers already, was worried about the physical receipt notice.

    "Physical receipt notice" is not necessary. As long as you have the receipt numbers, it is fine.


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  • jung.lee
    03-03 01:22 PM
    Thanks for responding to my post.
    The Forum post on the link says that its not necessary to have the same or similar job description when working on EAD. What will happen when I ask for EAD renewal?
    Also, what will happen when my Priority date becomes current? Will I be able to get a GC thru this I-485 since I have left the employer who filed my GC?

    I should clarify that is "better" to have same or similar job when you are on EAD so that you labor certification-based green card application has a good standing if it is challenged at any point by the USCIS - it is a safe bet if you have a similar job. When I say it is not a necessary condition - it means that you can get any job you like, since there is nothing noted on the EAD application like it is on H1-B (with specific wage and job descrition) and if there is a challenge to your application by the USCIS, your attorney might be able to find reasons to justify why you are not in a same or similar job.

    Again, to reiterate, as far as I remember, EAD renewal does not ask for job description. It is a simple application to issue an new card.

    Since your I-140 has been approved for more than 6 months, you are within your legal portability rights (so called AC-21 clause) to switch employers without jeopardizing your pending adjustment of status "AOS" I-485.

    My understanding is that one of two things might happen- either you will get an RFE or not. RFE can be triggered by many factors including notification from your previous employer to USCIS revoking the H1-B or other issues, including simple things like address changes. You can either provide AC-21 letter from your new employer when you get the RFE or do it proactively - listen to your attorney's advice on this.

    If no RFE and priority date is current, you should get your GC as if nothing else happened. If priority date is current and at the time of GC adjudication there is an RFE, your attorney should be able to help you respond.

    Don't sweat things too much - a lot of people have experienced life after the protective umbrella of H1-B and it is much nicer out here in the sun :)

    Just get a good attorney to represent you personally in case your new emplyer does not have an immigration attorney on retainer for other immigrant employees.

    03-22 09:51 AM

    So yesterday (Saturday) was another surprize, a pleasant one again! I got a call from the same IO who told me that he got all the documents that I had sent and has cleared my case for approval, but now my fingerprints have expired.

    He asked if I could come right away to his office and he could give me an instant fingerprinting appointment in the nearby INS office. When I told him that I'm currently out of country on business trip and won't be back in US till April, he said he will send me an appointment near April 15th.

    I thanked him for his follow-up and he said he was just doing his job. I know this might be an exception than a rule, but just wanted to acknowledge this particular IO and hope there are more like him.

    11-12 02:33 PM
    I know Immigration voice is not for profit organization and it is doing a great job.

    My intention is not to belittle IV, my intention is just to express my opinion as a user, most of the problem will be solved if the links are not shown to non members if they are not allowed to see the content.

    I just saw your post in YouTube, it is very informative.

    All the time that IV volunteers put in and the lobbying efforts don't come free. There is a cost associated with it. As tonyHK12, I'd rather trust IV and risk $25 a month than leave everything up to chance and hope. Just my 2 cents.

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