Thursday, 30 June 2011

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  • vikki76
    04-10 06:03 PM
    WASHINGTON � U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) announced an updated number of
    filings today as the counting of H-1B petitions received on April 2 and 3 continues. On April 3, USCIS
    announced that it had received enough petitions to meet the congressionally mandated cap for fiscal year
    2008 (FY 2008) and that it would conduct a computer-generated random selection of cap-subject petitions
    filed on Monday (April 2) and Tuesday (April 3) to determine which cases would be accepted for processing.
    As of April 9, USCIS has determined that approximately 119,193 of the H-1B petitions received on April 2
    and 3 are subject to the FY 2008 congressionally mandated cap.
    USCIS received on April 2 and 3 a total of approximately 12,989 cases requesting an exemption from the FY
    2008 H-1B cap because they were filed on behalf of aliens holding a master�s degree or higher from a U.S.
    institution. USCIS can now announce that the cap of 20,000 on these exempt cases remains open and that
    USCIS will continue to monitor these filings.
    USCIS will provide regular updates as the processing of FY 2008 H-1B cap cases continues.

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  • Sherman_tribiani
    09-07 10:04 PM
    Ya, and I have heard the stories that mankind was originated in Africa. So that does not mean I can claim citizenship of Africa. These things are earned and not asked for. Do you have in you to earn this?

    Every race is an immigrant for this country(except native americans.)
    Infact this country is built up by the immigrants.
    Please shut your mouth get the heck out of here.

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  • asdfred
    08-12 02:32 PM
    How to get info on how many EB2/EB3 - India were given out for 2008 or 2009?

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  • doubt123
    12-20 02:29 PM
    Contributed $50..keep up the good work !!


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  • kate123
    02-25 03:16 PM
    I completely dis agree with you. This action item is completely different. As realiseit mentioned earlier, we should take one step at a time. we have another thread revlvoing around the IV for prefiling of AOS. Please see

    If you have any innovative ideas please come forward and once we gain enough momentum then we can request entire communtiy (including who have applied for AOS) to help us with the effort.

    Do not take my comment personally.

    Is IV only for those who have filed I485?

    I gave my opinion and people gave me lot of reds. There is a majority here who already have EAD and have filed I485. You people do not care for those who are less fortunate and struggling in the early stages of the process. If July 07 had not happened, all of you would be asking for I485 filing option today.

    By giving reds to people who disagree you will drive people away and make IV only for those who have filed I485 and not for the entire EB immigration people.

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  • santiwar
    03-08 12:57 PM
    I should look before i type :-). Or get a coffee before i log on to the net.


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  • Macaca
    02-02 02:27 PM
    What does ROW stand for?

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  • alok_msh
    03-06 03:10 PM
    Thanks for the efforts


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  • vbkris77
    03-06 02:21 PM
    Hello, Pls. move upto 50 aswell.

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  • deecha
    07-24 08:28 AM
    Ok, so if I file the i-140/i-485 now and leave/re-enter the country with a new stamp. Now, if my I-140 is approved after that, and then my i-485 is looked at after that date, will I considered to be in status then, because by the time they are looking at the AOS application, I have already left and returned to the country??

    Or should be in status the day the AOS petition is filed and even if i leave/re-enter the country after that, it does not matter?!

    It appears that they look at status issues at the time the AOS petition is filed. That's when the "clock" stops. If you leave and re-enter the country it does not retroactively reset the "clock".


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  • wandmaker
    12-03 05:00 PM

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  • bombaysardar
    07-17 10:20 PM
    There are so many 'Thank you' threads running and its hard to keep track of everything. Anyways, I posted this elsewhere and am proud to post it again here. Read on....

    I was just curious as to how many from Core Team will benefit from today's news. So I looked at the core team's GC details and here is the summary:

    1. 8 out of 12 Core Team Members WILL NOT BENEFIT from today's news.
    2. Because 6 of them are stuck in BEC
    3. 2 of them are in the final stages of their GC.

    But still they fought for this cause and never ever felt 'Why should I care'! Tears came running down when I looked at the details. You are just awesome. Though I am thankful today...I am thankful for the day I found this site and am thankful to god almighty for giving me an opportunity to know you all and work with you guys.

    I also sincerely hope and wish that you all will get out of the mess you are in right now and we are with you till the end.

    I totally agree. I dont know if I were in their position, if I would take the initiative and interest to aggressively pursue this.

    Hats off to the Core team!!


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  • seekerofpeace
    08-11 04:10 PM
    I don't see anything positive in the Visa Movement....

    It will be good only for July 1st/2nd filers because I-485 receipt date holds priority over the actual Labor App priority date and for those with receipt dates of 485 in Aug or Sept I don't see any hope of clearance since there are millions in line ahead of them who are the July 2 filers. Same happened to ppl with Labor PD of 2006 but had a July 2 485 receipt date and were able to jump the line.

    Also USCIS is not going to adjudicate any cases without throwing an RFE since more than 2 years have passed and by the time people respond to the RFE the October bulletin will be effective and it will be another huge retrogression as history has shown.

    Pity ...for the sheer mess and for the so many legals waiting forever...


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  • akhilmahajan
    06-17 09:00 PM
    My wife has the same problem and problem became apparent when she was in India in March to get H1 Visa stam. 3 years back when she got her first visa stamp, we had used Last name first name format in the application form. However this time the Embassy did not accept it, in the visa issued they stamped FNU (Family name Unknown) in the section marked Given name !!! and mentioned her Firstname, lastname in section marked Surname (Exact opposite to what is in her passport !!!!). When my wife pointed this out to embassy officials, they said it is the SOP in this situation and adviced her to correct the Passport.

    As I understand, correcting the name in Passport should'nt take much time. Is'nt it same day service?

    My wife also have the same problem... during her h-4 stamp they issued the visa in frst name, last name format but the passport does not have any surname........... can anyone suggest what can be done..... i am getting ready to file my 485.............


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  • Eternal_Hope
    07-17 08:19 PM
    The IV's core team members deserve our unliimited thanks!

    But it is also important to realize that what makes the IV great is each one of those thousands of members (and even guests) that kept visiting the site making this site so vibrant. It is this collective unity and the core team's ability to keep our focus on the right things that success has been achieved.

    Not all problems have been solved yet (for example how long will it take to get EAD's, will we now be in another queue for several years, what about people in the BECs), and therefore this unity needs to remain as we go on to tackle newer challenges.

    We can trust IV to keep this juggernaut going with support from all of us.

    GO IV!

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  • milind70
    07-20 10:44 PM

    What I need to do now? My I-94 has wrong expiration date (I entered in US on 03/07/2007 and I got I-94 with expiration date as 01/10/2007). My attorney told me that it can be explained later. So, I've already file my 485 with a bad I-94.

    Please let me know if anything can be done or still I can do something to correct this issue.

    I have answered this for you in another thread


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  • belmontboy
    04-14 04:28 PM
    Nope it is not good
    Why do STEM graduates have to have it the easy way while we have it hard. The least the STEM graduate can do is wait for 2 years for visa

    Now you are telling the real reason :)

    2 yrs wait?? Its been 4 yrs and yet to file 485

    Fortunately you are one among the minorities that oppose this proposal. I am glad that IV has this proposal as part of its agenda

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  • Jitamitra
    09-17 06:21 PM

    Most of the senior members and Admins either have left IV or not able to spend enough time together to plan and organize action plans for the community. This is what I feel we are missing. We are acting alone although we are part of community.

    We need to come together and keep ourselves focussed on common issues related with congress bills, retrogression, IV Agendas and road-map for coming months or years.

    I mostly see pappu from core IV leadership. Where are other folks. If current leaders cannot lead us in the future, we need to find someone who could.

    Again, my intention is not question anyone's hard work, but I am not seeing the same momentum and focus we had year back.

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  • shiva7
    09-08 12:33 AM
    By the way Sherman, what are you so scared of ?

    09-07 09:54 PM
    This guy is Joey Tribbiani's father.....from Friends... So dont take him seriously..:D

    Man! Who r u? Wat is ur interest in joining this forum? Nobody is asking what u think. You don't belong here.

    08-22 01:41 PM
    Of all the people in the world, you chose to quote Hannity? I am worried about you dude.

    This Guy Oh is just like one of us.......gossip mongers!!! Guys...take it easy.....worry about things u have control over and like Sean Hannity says "Let not your heart be troubled"!!!

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