Sunday, 26 June 2011

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  • marry_after_485
    06-16 10:49 AM
    If I get married to gal who is here in USA, before my I 485 aproval, and if my I-485 aprove before priority date available, is there any way my wife can apply for Green card? and get it with me?

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  • absaarkhan
    11-04 03:42 PM
    Can you please let us know how much
    Ron Gotcher charges for AC21??

    I am also trying to stay afloat through the very debatable AC21 process. Currently, my case is being handled by Ron Gotcher and I have been very happy with all the help and support so far. Not to mention, they are really reasonable.

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  • APDesign
    04-17 11:45 PM
    I'm 15 and I have done several jobs .. they generally don't mind you being that young, most of the times they're amazed :D You have to talk decently etc, like Rev said. Nohing much can go wrong if you make a good, professional impression.

    Completely off topic - Lou == Rev??? I was wondering what the heck happened to him.

    Completely on topic - to say you NEED to know "AS HTML PHP XML XSLT by heart " is completely ridiculous, what if he is going to design a site for the local barber who just wants some info on the web? Chances are his first job isn't going to require flash, PHP, and XML integration. Then again I've never had a job. :shrug:

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  • rameshvaid
    06-22 01:39 PM

    My application also returned for the same reason (no I485 receipt notice attached) from Phoenix. Not sure what to do at this time. I never received I485 receipt notices. Hence, I have attached biometric notices in place I485 receipt notices. I have added a cover letter requesting to expedite the process. I am not sure if this request caused some mental disturbance on the person who is supposed to work on my application and may have sent me rejected notice.

    I got my wife's and sons entire packet back with the exact remarks, "Incorrect Check amount and no I 485 attached". I had both correct amount of 340.00 and Copy of I 140 attached..I e-filed on June 15th again and waiting to see this time what excuses they come out with now..I did get the receipt notices for both of them yesterday.. What a joke??


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  • Mplsmani
    12-15 09:55 AM
    Hi to all,

    MY I 485 RD is August 14, 2007, 180 days rule will end on 10 Feb 2008.
    I am planning to use AC21 on Jan 20th itself with three weeks vacation notice to current GC filing employer to go for Contract to Hire job.

    Is it safe to do?

    I do maintain good relationship with current employer.
    But not sure, what will be his reaction after three vacation notice ends and he comes to know I have switched job.

    Also my LC as Programmer Analyst, but the new job would be Database Administrator.
    Is this will be issue?

    Could you advise on these questions?

    Thanks to all.


    ** Sponsor of two IV members to attend DC rally.

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  • yabadaba
    10-19 06:57 AM
    USCIS officially released the information that total I-485 applications which were related to July VB fiasco before August 16, 2007 were 320,000. During the period, the USCIS received 400,000 anxillary applications (EAD and AP), and substantial number of concurrent I-140 petitions. All of these figures added upto 800,000. For the USCIS verification of this information, please Q&A between the USCIS and AILA as part of the Community Relations meeting on September 25, 2007. This has been made available today.


    let the predictions begin!!!!!


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  • DSLStart
    03-18 10:21 AM
    Yeah right! and that too ask them to buy it at 2005 price ;-)
    My company paid me oneway air tkt back to india. I own a house. Can I ask them to buy my home ???? :D

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  • gcformeornot
    10-19 11:01 AM
    Anything less than 800,000 is good... even a few hundred thousand less :) There's still a lot of work and patience required but a good news is a good news nevertheless.

    any news in Good News. Now with 480,000 less applications it even a better NEWS. But I aggree our efforts needs to continue towards reform. I believe even if they only change law regarding Counting Family members in Visa numbers. That will work very well for us.


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  • americandesi
    11-12 07:10 PM
    You should have done this at least 6 months before your I-94 expiry date so that you could have used automatic Visa revalidation to reenter US after which you could have handed over your I-94 and left Canada by plane.

    Now that you're running out of options, my suggestion is that you leave US by plane and find alternatives to transport your car. This is a surefire way to get your records updated.

    Don't even bother about following up with attorneys or mailing the documents to "ACS - CBP SBU" as it's all time consuming and complicated. If the CBP didn’t update their records due to whatever reason, then the onus is on you to prove that you didn’t overstay your I-94.

    Refer and search for “What If No One Takes Your I-94 Form Upon Departure”

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  • factoryman
    02-08 07:59 PM
    Berkeleybee is a gal.

    should we believe someone who justs says he/she has insider information? Who is this guy berkeleybee anyway?


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  • diptam
    08-01 12:08 PM

    NSC is even more badly hit and we should fight together. We can write to Ombudsman as well ?

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  • walking_dude
    10-04 11:39 AM
    I'm not from IL. ( I live in MI).

    However I'm interested particularly in your state as you have the bete noire of H1Bs - the infamous legal immigration killer - Mr. Durbin as a Senator from your state. Anytime you guys plan a rally outside his office ( or thousand IV members meeting Mr. Durbin program), do count me in.


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  • hsarao
    12-06 04:32 PM
    Hello! My husband and I are in Lansing, and became a member today. I read the last post from Sep about some conference or meeting. Is there one scheduled soon? Venue? Date?

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  • rajuram
    02-15 12:03 AM
    The real question is if Senator Kennedy's office said March 07 or March 08 or 09. This drama has no ending.

    What is our worth here, to me it looks like for the politcians illegals are more valuable than well educated immigrants. It is the same old political crap that I had seen back home, it is just that here it is packaged differently.

    I called Senator Ed Kennedy's office and was told that CIR is likely to be introduced in early March something like first week. They of course told me that there are no guarantees, but more a reasonable probability.


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  • LostInGCProcess
    02-19 04:38 PM
    My point was that it doesn't matter. It represents $1000/ per person, hardly enough to make a dent in poverty. We need sensible labor laws, a pro-business attitude, and that money will return to India.

    Dude, with all due respect, thats a LOT of money. Almost 3% of world GDP is a heck of a LOT money.

    There is a good article on the NYT "What $1.2 Trillion Can Buy" it.

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  • mvinayam
    10-03 03:47 PM

    Myself & my husband received the EAD (with Nor FingerPrint Available), AP before the fingerPrint. On Sept 17th we did our fingerprinting. No LUD change yet. Is it the LUD needs to be changed after the finger printing? If not is there an issue?

    Thanks & Regds


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  • pappu
    01-27 02:16 PM
    Can this bill come out of the black hole of the committee? Most immmigration related bills never see daylight :(

    How many times have you met your lawmaker offices in person in the last 1 year asking for a bill?

    If your answer is zero or 1, then that is the reason no bill never sees light of the day.
    If our community does not go out and meet lawmakers, their plight will stay buried inside the forum threads.

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  • jayleno
    09-19 10:38 AM
    Not yet. I'm planning to. :D. Can you please eloborate "we", apart from you who else is interested in knowing?

    We would like to know the count of GC waiting applicants with US citizen children.

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  • kvsagar22
    02-15 11:28 AM
    I already put a transfer in Oct 2008. since I am not sure about H1b approval of old company.
    Its in pening status.
    Out of project since one month.


    03-16 04:48 PM
    I found the EAD v/s H1B article quite informative, articulate and really eye-opening. I dont see any issues with posting links to other immigration sites, PROVIDED those links are not simply marketing links and DO actually provide good immigration-related info. Some of the stuff he has written makes a lot of sense and Ron is not taking the same stance everyone else takes where they advise people to stay on H1B status to keep milking them for attorney fees.

    09-18 03:51 PM
    Applications were sent to NSC on July 19th' 2007. I got my receipt numbers today and all three numbers (I485, EAD & AP) start with WAC ### ### ####. The online status for the applications say that the 485 application was transfered to Texas Service Center and the EAD & AP applications were sent to Califorina Service Center.

    Also just fyi, my I-140 app. is pending at NSC since Dec' 2006. So now I am all over the country :-) Don't know its good or bad. Any idea anyone?

    Best of luck to all....

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