Monday, 27 June 2011

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  • mps
    10-02 10:11 AM
    I would save expenses of atleast one year in an emergency fund before putting extra money towards house payoff.

    In better job market you can reduce your emerency fund to upto six months worth of expenses and move rest of the money to reduce principle you owe towards your house.

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  • gimme_my_gc
    10-19 01:38 AM
    Hi All,

    I just joined this site today and wanted to get some input on the following situation:

    My current situation is:

    Working for a company ABC
    completed 6 years on H1 and currently in the 7th year extension
    Green card in process for more than a year - Eb3 with PD Jun 2002, I-140 approved
    Can extend H1B again in about 6 months, for a 3 year extension

    The question I have is , if one has a valid extended H1B for the 7th year and beyond, what happens if one were to lose their job during the extended H1B period, without getting their GC?

    1) Can they continue to stay till the end of the extended H1B period by applying for a job with another company?
    2) Or should they leave the USA as the first 6 years have been completed without getting a GC, and the extended H1B period would become invalid as soon as they lose the job with the company that processed the extended H1B?

    Any input is appreciated. Thanks for your time.

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  • LostInGCProcess
    02-19 04:16 PM
    Top Five
    1. India ---- $1,456 billion
    2. Russia ---$ 470 billion
    3. UK -------$390 billion
    4. Ukraine - $100 billion
    5. China -----$ 96 billion

    Shame on the Indians who hoard all that public money in some foreign land and making those countries rich. When would the stupid @#$@# @$%#$ politicians and bureaucrats learn that, when they die (and I hope they all die soon) they could not take it with them to Hell.

    We have no guts to fight the terrorism coming from across the border and spent too little on defense, education, sanitation and infrastructure and even today India still looks like the same country that was there before 1947. Nothing significantly changed in terms of literacy or cleanliness or standard of living of majority of individuals.

    I still have a hope that one day a daring and honest person would hold the PM office and clean up the mess.

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  • pd_recapturing
    10-19 02:44 PM
    My attorney usually takes time to respond but I am expecting a quick reply from him in this case. However, following link is looking useful


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  • bigboy007
    11-23 09:59 AM
    This signature waived is normal because of something having to do with when they scan the card, and if your signature is there, then it could cross the line where the machine scans your card. So I have heard from others online in these posts this is valid since August 1 FOR EVERYONE and your picture is there, so this is not an issue. What I am wondering about is why is this EAD only valid for one year when first it was valid for two years, why have they changed this? And if your i-485 green card case is pending, and you have gotten your i-765 EAD in your hand do they approve your i-485 green card fast? SOMEONE PLEASE RESPOND
    I could answered better if you would have filled up your profile... anyways... many ppl are scared of even accepting or providing dates..

    what is your PD ? Sooner the PD there is a good chance for being 1 year. if your PD is far away or chance of being current is not soon it will be for 2 years.. unless officer erroneously submitted for one year...anyway there is no work around you need to hang on.

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  • fromnaija
    05-06 07:06 PM

    The pdf file in your post indicates that you would qualify for in-state tuition if you have filed for GC. How does the university determine that you have filed for GC? After you have filed for labor or filed for 140 or only after filing of 485? Those 3 dates could be years apart and depending on how the university defines that you have filed for GC could determine the residency status. If you have any further information, please share.

    They only accept filing of I-485. I submitted an appeal after I file I-485 before my son's status fo in-state tuition was approved.


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  • sam_hoosier
    06-09 02:09 PM
    Per USCIS website, its talking 11 weeks for EAD renewal at NSC.

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  • dpsg
    04-09 12:45 PM
    You put it in excellent words. Hopefully we see more diversity in future &
    concerted effort to get to it.

    The IV is about issues/problems of employment based immigrants, and the goal is to get support as much as possible from every corner in this country to further the cause. Everyone who supports this cause fit in to some category (within legal limits - pro, anti, this group, that lobby, this ethincity, that nationality, etc.), and that does not mean we are promoting something or have preferences for a group. In my opinion any support (with in the legal framework) to the cause of IV from any corner in this country is welcome and should be appreciated.


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  • ilikekilo
    06-15 12:03 PM
    jsut do it now man

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  • md_alien
    04-19 10:34 AM


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  • vin13
    09-22 11:38 AM
    we have tried our best and still trying....Now i have come to peace thinking that it is all doesnt matter how much hard work you did...all it matters is fate

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  • vaishnavilakshmi
    07-20 12:37 PM
    Hi gurus

    I look for a help in terms of clarification for birth cert,,

    1. Born in 70 but my birth was registered in 2005 when I wanted a birth certificate, BC issued in aug 2005 and says registered in 2005. Is it ok I use them or I need an affidavit also from my parents?

    2. There is one letter written wrongly in my name.. can i send or get a new one??

    I would greatly appreciate your advise on this

    Thanks in advance for your help


    Hi friend,

    1st question). As per immigration rules,if ur birth is registered on or after 1year of ur birth till date,u got to submit two additional sworn affidavits along with the birth certificate as proof.

    So in ur case since ur birth was registered in 2005 and got a new birth certificate in 2005 u need to submit the following :

    Birth certificate(which u have now with u..issued in august 2005)


    Two sworn affidavits from any two blood relatives(mom,dad,siblings,aunt,uncle) older and get notarised
    by any attorney/magitrate.The following is the format.

    ************************************************** ********


    I __________________ (name) being the _________________ (relationship father, mother, sister, brother, aunt, uncle), to ______________ (FN name), reside at ___________________ (address, including country), do hereby solemnly affirm and state on oath as follows:

    I declare that _________________ is my (son/daughter/brother/sister/niece/
    nephew). He/She was born on __(Date)_____ in (town, country) and that ______________ (father’s name) is his/her father and _____________ (mother’s name) is his/her mother.


    Signature of Deponent


    ************************************************** ********
    Note :
    whatever be the case,combined affidavit will not work.Please ask any two of ur blood relations to give them my case My dad gave me one affidavit and my aunt gave me one affidavit,coz my mom was in usa that time with me.please check with ur lawyer.this format was 2months old format.i got it done in May 2007.

    2 question).Name spelling mispelt in birth certificate needs a combined affidavit from parents and notarised.

    Please check with ur lawyer too,


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  • gomirage
    01-31 09:25 AM
    Are you out of your mind ? You are taking a huge risk by staying in the US and droping your Canadian PR because of some "probable" green card. What makes you think that by the time you finish school the situation will still be better in US. I hope you will not regret this but think about your family. In 3 years you and your family could be happily in BC with free health care, great weather, less stress, travel wherever and whenever you want, have your own law firm.

    OR you could be a stressed H1B (a.k.a educated slave) waiting for I-140, I-485, EAD or whatever to come through.

    Just because you asked, I have been in this same situation. But in my case, the decision was easy. I was on h1b making 69k. The same job in Toronto offer $55k CAD. Much less, but with my freedom to consult on the side and my wife's income we bring over $100k. We vacation in Florida for a month every year to visit friends. Life has never been better.

    Whoever tells you to stay and take the risk is putting your family's hapiness in jeopardy. But the choice is yours. Just don't come here crying when CIS finds a problem with your application.

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  • caydee
    03-07 06:00 PM
    I have similar situation - I applied for 140 in July 2006. My daughter will turn 21 in July 2007. As I have applied for 140 before she turns 21, she is safe for GC, but will loose H4 status when she turns 21. As per my lawyer's advice I have applied for her F1 so that she can stay and continue her studies in US. When I become eligible to apply for 485, she can be included in the application - but, not as a dependent of H1B holder.

    Can you apply for AOS for your daughter with your 485 application after she moves from H4 to F1?


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  • matreen
    08-05 06:49 AM
    IAF - You mean you files your eb2 case with three year degree?

    When did you file? did you labor approved?

    could you give me an example, how you changed your role and responsibilities for eb2?

    If your eb2 gets denied, hope you have eb3 keep running as it is right?

    Did you file your eb2 with same employer who filed your eb3?

    Thanks in advance for your answers.


    Just go far it.

    I am in Q and let the form know when it is through.

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  • mambarg
    09-16 01:43 PM
    EAD and AP is good, but we need to see FP notice which shows 485 has started processing.
    We really cannot use EAD for 6 months to change job, so there was no hurry to mail EAD/AP.
    Anyone got FP notice ? Will it come from NSC or CSC.
    Most likely NSC as FP starts when processing starts.
    EAD/AP are seperate from 485 process as per the operating procedure.


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  • guy03062
    04-04 08:46 AM
    for your continued great sacrification, dedication and hard work to resolve employment based immigration issue. We are with you...please keep it up!! :)

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  • supers789
    07-09 03:35 PM
    when is Aug 2010 visa bulletin expected?

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  • satishku_2000
    11-19 02:10 PM
    It only makes me wonder how many more applications with PDS older than 2001 (substitution or not ) from India are still pending :( . Good luck to all of you guys who has PD older than mine (Sep 2004 EB3), unless you are out of the queue I dont get mine :)

    01-07 04:51 PM
    I applied for EAD for my wife to get the SSN to get the Stiumulus package (What a riddle created by the system). The funny part is that USCIS cashed my check within 12 hours of my application being received.

    I wish this happened for H1 transfers, issue of EAD, I-485 etc etc. Oh, they will be understaffed and over worked ...and the list goes on and on.

    10-15 02:33 PM
    Good it all worked out for you. I am sure they stamped your passport on the way back into USA. Just keep track of your intrnational travel at some point it might be required, you might loose track of them if you don't have exit or entry stamps on your passport.

    Good luck,
    I did not have a exit date on the passport. At the border they just took my Old I-94 and let me go. But when i came in I got the admit stampted. I hope its not a issue right?

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