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  • javadeveloper
    08-18 05:27 PM
    Thanks for the responses.I don't know how they managed but some of my friends got approvals in EB2.

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  • SunnySurya
    07-14 08:33 PM
    I don't think this correct. In april the dates were in June

    I am sure others might have noticed that 485 processing dates at NSC (for example) have literally crawled from the beginning of the year to now. Here are the processing dates (per USCIS status).

    12/15/2007 Status - 04/24/2007
    01/15/2008 - 07/19/2007
    06/15/2008 - 07/28/2008

    Thats roughly 9/10 days worth of 485 processing from mid-Jan to mid-Jun 2008. I wonder what the processing date looks like for the mid-July status update (which should probably be out tomorrow).

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  • supers789
    07-09 03:35 PM
    when is Aug 2010 visa bulletin expected?

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  • sam2006
    08-22 08:35 PM
    I got my EAD today...Even i received my Wife EAD also...Mine is sent to NSC on july 2nd...I received EAD's from Texas Center...I think my application was transferred to Texas...I have approved I-140 from Texas...Are receipt numbers for EAD, 485, AP are in serial? I haven't received receipts yet...I filled attorney did not receive my receipts...I don't know what is going on...

    i guess we have to hang in there for TSC transfers :rolleyes:


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  • orangutan
    05-27 11:41 PM
    bsbawa, really.... what were you thinking when you typed this? :)

    This is just a humour but has a meaning underneath if you try to understand. I am comparing USCIS to a product selling company. If USCIS was a TV selling company what would happen to the customers the way it acts ?

    You could buy a TV but you will not know when you will get it. It could be shipped the next week, the next month, next year or never.
    The credit card will be charged once, may be charged twice or a valid CC may get rejected.
    Somebody who buys a TV from USCSIS a 2 years after you do, he may get it sooner than you do.
    USCIS has no way of knowing how many TVs have been ordered and how many of them are in stock.
    In case you do not receive your TV in two years, USCIS acknowledges that there is a long wait time for some and does not do anything about it. USCIS thinks acknowledgment of wait time is more than enough that it has done for the customers. Customers did not deserve this but USCIS did a favour to them being a good "Customer Service" company
    There would be an online survey after you buy it which would never get submitted 99% of the times.
    In case it did get submitted, somebody will read one out of 10,000.
    After reading it he will throw it in the trash can.
    If you get a defective TV (which is quite likely), you have a chance to file appeal by paying the same amount of money for the TV again so that your case can be re-opened.
    I wonder how many customers would USCIS have eventually ??? Any guesses ??? :-)

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  • nc14
    04-30 03:34 PM
    To the point and very well written.


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  • jkamel5
    07-11 12:55 PM
    Thanks for advice. Yes my last M.Sc. and Ph.D. from the USA.
    Could you please clarify what "find out NIW holders in your / related engg field"? How can I find out?
    Do you believe EB2-NIW is easier than EB1-OR?
    Thank you,

    Your situation is slightly different than many I have come across. If your qualifications, research work, project etc have unique qualities, then you may still have a fighting chance. But you may have to do a lot of homework: find out NIW holders in your / related engg field, ask a few lawyers: do not believe right away if somebody promises they could, try to enroll in as many professional associations as possible, enlarge your skill portfolio etc.

    BTW, is any degree of you from US?

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  • kaisersose
    04-03 11:42 AM
    I was hoping that AILA would ask questions on capturing unused visa numbers and EB visa usage per year from USCIS!

    I dont think USCIS can make a decision on capturing unused visa numbers. It is a directive that has to come down someone higher up, the president maybe. So AILA cannot ask them that question.

    About annual wastage of visa numbers, since Ron Gotcher bought this news out, it must have already been discussed in an earlier [but recent] meeting or perhaps Ron has his own channel.


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  • sledge_hammer
    02-06 12:06 PM
    Somewhere in these forums I read somebody�s suggestion to rename the organization to legal-immigrants-first, or a similar sounding name. It may sound wholly redundant exercise to many of us, who are living the retrogression problem everyday, but it will make real difference in achieving our goals. We must first clearly identify and register ourselves in the eyes of leader of this country, before letting them know of our problems.

    I second that wholeheartedly! Making them aware that we are not just about immigration, we are about LEGAL IMMIGRATION should be highlighted.

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  • a_yaja
    07-13 03:25 PM
    Where is the August Bulletin? I am just tired of refreshing the VB archive for the August Bulltin.


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  • sachya
    08-20 01:16 PM
    My friends chq got encashed. He is a July 2nd filer for TSC.
    Did he file 485 at NCS and then got transferred to TCS or it was filed at TSC itself?

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  • gotgc?
    12-19 04:15 PM
    1. If I-140 is not yet approved and withdrawn, you lose I-485/AP/EAD.
    2. I am not sure why they cannot file a second I-140 based on PERM LC right away. Seems to be a no-brainer to me. Must be one of those lawyer things :)
    Q: Is it possible to file two petitions, such as an EB-1(a) and NIW, at the same time?

    A: Yes. Some of our clients file two I-140 petitions simultaneously. Some clients file three I-140 petitions at the same time. There is nothing stated in the law that prohibits multiple filings. Multiple filings increase your chances of approval.

    Thanks for your responses guys. Now I understand that once I withdraw my old I-140, my I-485 is gone.

    Reg my question 2, I know that people file 1 in EB3 and second in EB2. Or after one is approved file another one with earlier PD LC. But, is it possible to apply for second I-140 in the same category (EB3) when another one is already pending? Have any one done this before?. Could you guys point me to some links?

    I asked this question to my lawyer. No response yet. I would really appreciate your response.


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  • teky
    10-27 09:57 AM

    Getting a residency now is very difficult. Getting a waiver now should not be that hard. I would not say it is easy but if you get a residency position, just take it. We hesitated at first but got through all the issues without any problem.



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  • sri1309
    08-14 07:26 AM

    We saw the September bulletin..
    We knew what to expect..
    But we were all a little hopeful to see some miracle happen.
    And we were doing this every month.

    NOW comes the count down we all were waiting for the last few months. Oct bulletin. In that, most of us are expecting some good news.. But what if it moves 3 months forward.. What if it moves 2 years forward. Then it will stop there for next 1 year, while we check every month.. Then it moves back.. Do we want this..
    Its not going to make much difference to most of us here.
    THIS IS THE TIME TO ACT NOW. We must all do some campaign may be flowers, may be cards, or I donno.
    I have written today to all the six members or reps to help us, but a bunch of mails will not help. JUst imagine if all the people in waiting sent the letters. Imagine 100,000 mails going to each of them, or 100,000 flower bouquets going to all.
    Please please, lets act now. These small fixes cannot help us. If they want to put any quota limit, that should be at the main entry level whatever the non-immigrant category. Not at the other point when people start applying for GCs and suffocate here. We dont deserve this.
    Please Lets act now., ONce again.. We did it in the past and it helped..
    We need to do it again... Together we can do it. Together ONLY we can do it..

    EB2 guys and others who got approved: . Please dont forget what you went thru. Please put more efforts and help all in case you can .



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  • gsc999
    03-03 07:19 PM
    is it even legal for you to pay for G.C.

    by law i think your company should pay for all G.C. related expenses..

    correct me if i am wrong
    Threads like these may be used by anti-immigrants to highlight fraud in H1B visas. Employer pays H1B and green card costs, Period.

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  • vgayalu
    02-08 09:55 AM
    anyway you can check this link..

    I do not need to see for VB.
    I need to look intoonly IV.:)


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  • lj_rr
    09-25 10:10 PM
    Received EAD Ordered email today.
    Filed on July 24 at TSC.
    Receipt mailed on 9/13.

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  • Pineapple
    04-04 10:00 PM
    I totally agree with the majority opinion here.
    That IV is the best organised, dedicated organisation out there looking out for people I can identify with.
    Have they done a good job? The question is the other way round. This is an open organisation. The core members are easily accessible. Anyone who is willing to contribute in terms of volunteer work, if not contribution, is more than welcome. What are You willing to do?
    This is not a rhetorical question... I'm not what they call the core member.. I'm on the outermost orbit. I just contribute money (once, till now) and log in once in a while. But at least I�m doing something, and it makes me feel a little better that for a change, I�m contributing to a genuine bunch of people who are willing to make personal sacrifices for something that affects me.
    That said, is all criticism bad? Here is where it gets a little tricky.
    Why is that?? Lots of reasons.. About the dangers (and futility) of having a zero-tolerance for criticism in an open web-based community. Some of it, though, does provide a pointer to the complexity of the issue. For instance, one of IV's goal is to guard against discrimination against legal immigration. Queue jumping, in short. Yet, thousands of us are stuck in BEC's (Dallas and more importantly, Philly), awaiting a "labour" certificate. The whole process is idiotic and obviously there is something seriously fishy there since there has been no significant movement in years.. and everything is handed to a 'private' contractor for data entry and software development, and there is NO communication or transparency. (Yeah, you can blame my innate cynicism, but coming from where I come from, I can smell corruption a mile away - and this thing stinks!). Is it on IV's radar? I believe so, and there have been very clear and positive statements on strategy regarding this issue on Also, I understand that the focus should be on maximising our efforts on the immediate issue, which is the legislation - especially given our limited resources.

    But I would love to have it moved a little towards the centre of the radar screen rather than languishing on the periphery..

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  • gc_chahiye
    02-17 09:33 PM
    Thanks for your reply. My main question is, if I do the H1B transfer (to a company other than the one that filed my labor, 140, 485), who has to submit the application for my spouse's 485 (when the priority date becomes current), my new employer or the old one that originally filed my 485?


    your wife's petition is based off yours, you dont need any LC/I-140 filing documents for that. Your I-485 receipt and/or I-140 approval notice copy is what you will need to include in her application. Other than that there is nothing needed from either X or Y. So it does not matter whether the petition is filed by an attorney from X, from Y, or from your own independent attorney. You can even file it yourself without involving attorneys...

    11-10 12:37 AM
    As everyone pointed out there are lot of things in favor of the employers, Attoreys & USCIS when I 140 is revoked. The only thing that comes to our rescue is AC 21 when followed as per the guideline which is currently not being done.

    Guys, Please support the IV AC 21 Campaign and let us help ourselves..

    like the historic successful flower campaign, can some one come out with a great idea to bring CIS attention to this issue? 'Satyagrah'??? Gandhi style fasting??? ideas?

    02-17 07:43 PM
    Thanks for your reply. My main question is, if I do the H1B transfer (to a company other than the one that filed my labor, 140, 485), who has to submit the application for my spouse's 485 (when the priority date becomes current), my new employer or the old one that originally filed my 485?


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