Monday, 27 June 2011

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  • sbind_77
    11-22 09:18 AM
    It's going to be 4 months now. I am still waiting for my physical card. is anyone in the same situation?

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  • raj2007
    03-01 12:10 PM
    though I agree there is no grace period however practically USCIS has not been rigid about the dates. MOST of the employers do not inform USCIS about firing of H1b. During dot com bust, USCIS has 'unofficially' said that 15-20 days are good enough (again not as a policy decision but informally). It should be avoided, however it may not be always possible, and having few days gap should not be something on which you make life or death decision.

    Yes there is no grace period but INS overlook 3-4 weeks gap after layoff.I have seen lot of cases getting approved, if there were filed in that time period.

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  • Scythe
    03-21 05:16 PM
    Scythe - that is a great idea. I've edited the first post of the poll to point to your post :)

    Thank you, sir. :blush:

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  • JunRN
    08-26 06:02 PM
    Just thinking, is approval of EAD also meant that I-485 is accepted?


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  • genscn
    05-30 03:17 PM
    It's because you, me, or any temporary legal immigrant will go back home if some law changes, and new batch of H1 B people will come in to fulfill industry requirement, but for illegal, route from South America is a one way street to USA and no going back. Plus, if temporary legal immigrants leave, US Govt. got to keep all our social security, retirement saving etc. if you think from their angle (US govt.), I guess for them, it makes more sense to legalize illegal (so at-least govt. can get some share of money from their taxes) because no matter what govt. do, illegal are never going to go back.

    I just don't understand one basic question.

    Congress is trying to pardon 12 million illegals as a one time measure and give them Green Cards. (OK - Very good)

    On the other hand we are about half a million who entered the country legally and helping the U.S. economy and paying taxes. Why don't they consider giving all of us Green Cards as a one time measure too ?????

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  • Munna Bhai
    11-19 01:28 PM
    I received RFE on my 140 on nov 15th. I came to know about this when i checked the status online. It says on Nov 15th we mailed you a notice requesting further evidence . I-140 Receipt date is dec 11 2006. I do not yet know what the RFE is about. How many days does it take for the RFE to arrive normally ??

    EB3 or EB2??


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  • rb_248
    09-11 01:15 PM
    The frustration in the EB3 community is very intense. I hate to see this become a feud between EB3 and EB2. We all are in this together. Please stop hating. Just 1 post brought my reputation down from 4 greens to 2 reds.

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  • gc28262
    03-16 01:12 PM
    I can't agree more.
    Many IV members post on this forum as if it some desi networking site.
    Today IV is our banner for our Immigration woes. Maybe it is the only one. If anti-immigrants need to know what is happening in our world, they have a single source i.e. IV.

    So whenever somebody posts something on this forum, please be reminded that this forum is a favorite among anti-immigrants too. Every post on this forum is indirectly addressing anti-immigrants.

    Please be wise about what you post on this forum.

    My 2 cents.


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  • GC_hope_2006
    11-12 06:44 PM
    Thanks Rajesh.

    I was trying to find out if there are any other options to record my departure date and returning I-94 when I leave US by LAND.

    Looks like the only option for people leaving by Land is to send the I-94 to "ACS - CBP SBU". In my case, I will have to send this along with details proving my stay in Canada after leaving US.

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  • singhsa3
    05-22 05:01 PM
    I have some good news and some bad news!
    The bad news is that. You will get your green card in 5 years and after other five years you will get your citizenship. So in 10 years will be in position to get married.

    Now , you will be wondering what is the good news.

    Well!, I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance by switiching to GEICO.:D


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  • nozerd
    12-24 12:56 PM
    I recently came across an old friend of mine. I was shocked to hear his case. He is an original applicant EB3 India with PD of September 1998. Please note he is the original applicant and this is not labor substitution.

    Here are the details

    Sep 1998 : Applied with Texas Workforce Commision as regular Non RIR.

    Oct 2001: TWC asked to do recruitment. No action was taken on submitting results.

    October 2006 : Labor finally approved from Dallas BEC. Concurrently file I 140 and I 485.

    Jan 2007 : I 140 approved.

    Nov 2007: Took Infopass appointment. Was told case pending name check.

    This case is absolutely amazing. My friend doesnt care anymore since he recently married US citizen (genuine case ABCD). He has worked at the same company since 1998 and stuck to stupid job (non IT). My PD is August 2001 and seeing his case I am getting mentally prepared for much much longer wait.

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  • dilber
    08-21 03:47 PM
    Based on one of the core member's request, I did the research and shared the information with IV members, so that when you get the GC, you could make informed decision.
    Please be optimistic. You getting GC should not be a question of “if”, it should be a question of “when and how soon”.

    REQUEST ::
    Please support IV and make it happen soon.

    I think this thread is very informative and relevant at this time a lot of people are getting green cards and that has to be on their mind.

    I did read about a case long back in 19XX there was a brink mason who came here on an EB GC and worked for his original employer for just 1 day and switched the employer sued or may be the INS charged him (Not to clear on it) but the gist is that he got his GC and courts ruled in his favor because he showed that the work promised was not the one he was asked to do the conditions were different and hence he was not bound to work in those conditions.

    BTW I think this is very relevant thread gave you some green. (Actually my green turned your status from Red to Green):D


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  • zCool
    01-04 11:56 AM
    A lot of times.. companies use this bugaboo of job desc etc.. Those that want to promote you badly enough will find a way.. First of all.. What your job title is v/s what labor is filed under is not directly related.. Secondly you can have matrix responsibilities that span across 2 bands etc.. So lot of times it's an excuse to not have to let you down hard way.. always easier to blame on that "damn immigration queue"

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  • jonty_11
    05-30 05:59 PM
    man uthink admins have teh time and patience to deal with folks like you....
    If you really were kind enough you have teh 10 digit phone number on the Home page..CALL THEM and ask them why they banned u...It could be a mistake OR a genuine reason....

    Call and find do you know its coz of money...shame on many of the 25K members have not paid a we should o nly have 5K odd members at that rate...So c'mon grow up and start calling lawmakers rather than sulking over stuff that has no meaning.


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  • HV000
    11-19 11:44 AM
    Guysssssss N Gals , I got it (I-485 approval) 10 minutes ago!!!!!!!!!!! NO RFE. Recent Luds were on I-140 / I-129 / I-131 ( Luds occered on 10/29 & 11/4) . Been in USA (F1, H1) since Aug 1997.

    My case Details
    EB3, India , PD Oct 2000(Sub.)
    I-140 / I-485 RD : 2/2005
    I-140 : AD 07/2005
    4 EAD / 4 APs

    IV should publish backlog examples such as this one to the media. This person has waited for over 7 years to get immigration benefits from the govt!!

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  • gbof
    10-26 01:31 PM
    My case is very straight-forward but some really inefficient guy is making it complicated. I need your experience and inputs. Please do advise.

    I came to US on J-1 in 2000. After 3-years on J-1 got 'waiver (i-612)" and then moved on to H1B visa and filed I-485 in july07 (with an approved I-140). I have stayed with the same university medical school (my GC sponsor) since 2000. Last month, I got a simple RFE --asking for a copy of approval notice of 'waiver' . Same was sent within a day and it followed with several LUDs and read rfe response received.....

    Last week, got 'Notice of Intent to Deny (NOID)' for myself and same/ditto for my derivative-spouse. It is asking both of us to provide evidence/ IAP-66 and H1B approvals to prove our legal status from 2000 to 2006 (Please, note they asked only until 2006 and not until today). I have IAP-66 and H1B approvals ready to respond to this.

    My Question is: Since my spouse/derivative was my dependant and was on J-2 visa, the IAP-66 were all in my name how should we respond to derivative's noid as-far-as IAP-66 approvals are concerned. We know IAPs and waiver are good for dependants and I want to end this back-and-forth with my response to uscis.

    Please, advise and let me know of your thoughts....



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  • Gravitation
    07-13 12:50 PM
    Can we have this ridiculous and scandalous thread deleted.

    Pure speculation masquerading as scoop.

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  • sjhugoose
    February 4th, 2004, 09:01 PM
    Actual daily press and wire service photographers will undoubtly use 4mp. You may not be aware, but all the goreous 2 column color shots you see on USA Today etc. are printed from files that are usually 700k - 800k. There are heavily compressed for transmitting. All the wires do that. They don't get full files. The most attractive things to me are the high ISO performance, the ability to customize colorspace amd I'm anxious to test the new autofocus capabilities. The 8 mp is a plus for shooting for a mag or other output. Even at that, I've had 1D shots as a glossey mag color that looked great. One advantage higher megapixels give a sportshooter is for sports like football. Due to the size of the field, the ability to crop more gives you more field coverage. But then the question is will you have enough time to work with files that are twice the size. I'm sure that's why Canon listened and gave us 4 MP as an option.

    I don't doubt what you say on iota and I've heard stories from the Day in the life of africa talking about the abilities of digital. But I also know the ability of this world to adapt and grow. Today people ay complain about file size but who knows tomorrow. And what about when thos same PJ's want that image for other form factors than may require greater resolution? It's an evolving world and its pretty short sided to believe that a certain file size is all that will be used.


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  • Munna Bhai
    12-18 03:22 PM
    Very good point. It's not worth the hassle to take a chance unless it's absolutely necessary.

    come on..once the rule is written it is don't worry much neither press too much panic button. the receipt date is marked on I-485 and it is easy to prove don't worry much..

    05-13 08:01 PM
    Hello cool_desi_gc,

    I downloaded the access database but could not find employee name in there. Is there any other way to get the labor record? Also I don't have the labor case number to match to this record.

    This is for PERM data only.

    Can you pls say how to find out for non perm cases?

    07-20 10:19 AM
    My college got his I140 approved just in 2 months with normal processing. He filed in EB2-I. Mine was also approved last year in 2 months in EB2-I. Does the location from where are you applying affect processing time?

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