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  • aj2000
    07-10 01:46 PM
    July 2010.

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  • pappu
    06-02 08:51 AM
    I think that instead of exhausting our energy on this issue, we better think how to make progress in our fight against injustice. And to all those who are using an abusing language .... please show your guts when you go for your next visa stamping or when entering the United States on a port of entry and try to use the similar language.... you surely will get an answer/lesson you will remember for rest of your life.

    Yes Agreed.
    Moving forward, we will refrain from answering anyone who is banned. It is a waste of time and energy that can be used for something that helps our real and contributing members. But whatever is being posted on this thread will now give a sense to others of what goes on in moderating these forums and what we do is for a reason and in the interest of the forum and the organization.

    If someone feels that they are banned in error they must directly contact us. Make sure you are not anonymous. Because we do not respond to anonymous inquiries.

    The thread is now closed and made a sticky for future reference.

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  • desi3933
    09-17 09:25 AM

    Just Pointing things out as I See it


    Can I ask you a question? How much your corp usually pays if you are billing at $80 per hour? 55k per year or 95k per year as Salary + Benefits. (BTW - Just to make things clear, I am not looking for job as I am independent IT consultant with my own corp).

    I have seen many cases where consultant is billed at 80-90 per hours and gets paid only 50 to 60k (based on his/her "negotiation" power).

    In one case, this agency had two consultants at same client (one of the large banks) and were getting billed at $80 per hour. The H1-B person was getting 56k/year and green card holder was making 95k per year. This is the reason why many people want to jump for another job when they have EAD or GC.

    My 2 cents.

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  • sanjay
    02-21 11:12 AM

    My company is asking me to pay the extension fees for 3rd term with same company. I had approved 140. In USCIS receipt it says amount received: $320. Then why I am asked to pay $1820. Is the $1500 towards training is to be paid by employee or employer?


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  • guru76
    09-16 07:14 PM
    tv25's H1 visa was denied. Not the spouse.

    But the main issue is tv25's spouse H1 is denied and the reason is "misrepresentation".

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  • thomachan72
    05-27 12:26 PM
    My apologies, I thought I was making a point. The point was trying to see and realize that if USCIS was behaving with us this way it is, what would happen if it was a product selling company ? Could it do the same to its customers ? Could customers tolerate it ? Could USCIS have survived ?
    But if I could not show it just ignore my thread or Admin , please delete it.

    Well I can see where you are comming from. Good analogy, however, you forgot to mention the RFEs/NOIDs? pls fit that too into the agenda of the USCIS TV company.


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  • reggie
    02-06 07:54 AM

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  • 2010 Girl on film: Lily on screen lily cole tattoo. #39

  • satyasrd
    04-21 07:27 AM
    How about doing a march in DC ? We need to get attention and raise awareness towards our situation.
    I have asked this question several times and got no reply but could IV help us out with this ?


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  • pmb76
    07-15 02:21 PM
    These people are worse than any bad people. They dont deserve flowers.

    chandu, I agree with you. They definitely don't deserve flowers. They deserve a pile of **** - you know what. Although I did send flowers as per IV's directive I am not Gandhian. I think Gandhian philosophy only works in movies and books. Although this is very controversial and I might invite the wrath of many on this board - but hey I am entitled to my opinion :D - Peace

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  • sunnymit
    07-12 03:47 PM
    Visa Bulletin for August 2010 (


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  • cbpds
    04-19 01:45 PM
    While its a good idea to write to the president, Obama himself says he gets 40,000 letters per day, so its a rain drop in the ocean, no offense intended.

    We need to do a coordinated strike by all members of the IV

    1.Everyone send an email or calls the Congressman's office on a particular date
    2.Call or email their senator on a particular date.
    3.Write letters to popular TV talk show hosts on a particular week saying legal immigration is ignored in the immigration debate.
    4.Send an email to the president on a particular date
    5.Organize peaceful rallies in their respective cities on a particular date. This way no one has to pay for traveling in terms of flight tickets or pay for hotels

    This has to be organized by PAPPU and TEAM as everyone respects their work and commitment.

    PS Don't start of the donate campaign thread now, people will donate once they see action and not just words. Only #5 needs donation for flags, posters etc( even that content can be brought by folks themselves)

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  • WeldonSprings
    07-30 02:18 PM
    Thats within the June 01, 2006 cutoff for EB2 India.

    Interesting Mar 06 EB2 , India?


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  • nchendica
    04-21 07:38 PM
    I applied for my H1B 9th year extension using I-140 substitution in 10th March 2008. My 8th year H1B was expired on 14th April 2008. Currently my 9th year H1B extension was is in pending status. Unfortunately my I-140 was denied on 18th April 2008 due to 4 years Bachelors degree.

    I used PERM EB2 labor substitution (May 2006 PD) and filed I-140 in July 2007 and denied (NSC) directly with out RFE. This is due to 4 years bachelor's degree and I have 10+2+3(Diploma) +3 (engineering-AMIE). I already applied my 485, EAD and AP. I got AP and EAD, but didn’t use it. I have 12 years of experience before prior to the EB2 Labor Pirority Date.

    Now how can I get my 9th year extension?
    Can I appeal for I-140 and get 9th year H1B extension?

    Could you please give me your valuable suggestions on this?


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  • inthehole
    06-15 05:17 PM
    I filed my 485 at Nebraska Service Center. Recently I changed jobs and I moved to Connecticut. According to my address I must file my EAD application to TSC. But, when I did the efile, I received a LIN number as my confirmation. And the confirmation message asked to send the supporting documents to Nebraska Service Center.

    I don't know if this is ok.


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  • krishna.ahd
    10-02 12:23 PM

    I work as independant consultant as aslways have risk of no assignment for shorter term.

    This is what i do - see if it helps
    - Create emergency fund for 3/6 months if you dont have already one in place.
    Atleast 3 months, depends on how much one feel secure / confident to getting another assignment/job in case of job lost

    - Open/get approve HELOC -
    dont use untill necessary - if any further emergency you can tap that always

    - Start paying the mortgage as additional principal some part of your surplus (even $100) every month which helps you get higher limit of HELOC at later date

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  • chanduv23
    03-08 10:38 AM
    Most employers pretend as if they dont know anything about retro, whereas they have employees in their own company in that situation.
    Lot of people do not know what they are gettng into, a lot of new H1b applicants go look for employers promising Green Card carrots and switch jobs only to find out at a very later stage that they are retrogressed. Same with sub labor, lot of people switch companies as they get sub labor, just to find out later they cannot apply 485 due to retrogression.

    A lot of people still don't know what kind of mess they are in. I tried explaining this to a lot fo people who do not understand, and they never made an attempt to understand, thats the reason why IV still has only several thousands members where those affected by retro is in lacs.

    My only advice to you is "think positive", "put a lot of effort in your skill and job", "stay put with latest news", "Help IV" and be careful with employers or lawyers or body shoppers


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  • Ennada
    01-19 05:44 AM
    This is the supervisor's information at newark airport and he is very keen to note that nobody is treated in an unprofessional manner. basically he is the manager of all CBP officer at newark

    Newark International Airport Domenico Calise (973) 368-6000

    please bring this incident of rude CBP officer at newark by calling above number so that they can take appropriate action against all the ill-treatment.


    CBP Passenger Service Manager Listing


    Port of Entry Name Phone
    Atlanta Hartsfield - Jackson International Airport Linda Fuller (404) 765-7175
    Washington - Dulles International Airport Richard Hall (703) 661-2865
    Philadelphia International Airport Dale Markowitz (215) 863-4204
    Boston Logan International Airport Domenic DeSantis (617) 568 1810 Ext. 2318
    Chicago - O'Hare International Airport Patrick Salgado (773) 894-2900 Ext. 2872
    Detroit Metropolitan Airport Donald Vaughn (734) 941-6180 Ext. 438
    Dallas - Ft. Worth International Airport Michael Morrow (972) 973-9873
    Houston International Airport Courtney Green (281) 230-4730
    Las Vegas International Airport William Jones (702) 736-2253 Ext. 224
    Los Angeles International Airport Kris Rueda (310) 665-4545
    Miami International Airport Daniel Lopez (305) 874-4300
    Fort Lauderdale - Hollywood International Airport Roxanne J. Rodriguez (954) 761-2012
    JFK International Airport Miguel Mercado (718) 553-5470
    Newark International Airport Domenico Calise (973) 368-6000
    Honolulu International Airport James Myers (808) 237-4608
    San Francisco International Airport David Sanchez (650) 821-8663
    San Juan International Airport Andres Vargas (787) 253-4511
    Seattle - Tacoma International Airport Frank Rohrig (206) 851-9690
    Orlando International Airport Enrique Archibold (407) 825-4356
    Sanford International Airport Larry Sherman (407) 322-6019 Ext. 203

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  • snathan
    08-17 12:35 PM
    If it was EB2, you have better chance of winning lotto than get EB2 approved with 3 year degree. I had 3yrs + PG Diploma + 6 Years of Indian Experience + 13 Years of US experience and I was never able to cross the labor certification hurdle. BTW, I tried 2 times.

    There is a little chance if you had 3+2 years degree and the labor was looking for Bachelor�s and would accept equalent foreign degree as evaluated by reputed firm. I believe your diploma was the hurdle.

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  • laksmi
    02-17 07:33 PM
    Yes you can include your spouse to 485 when dates are current and is not dependent on H1B transfer.

    06-18 10:56 AM
    I would like to thank all the members for their responses.
    I am at least (I think) safe, cause I have approved I-140, EAD and I-485 pending and crossed the 6 months waiting milestone. I am still on H1 with that company. They recently merged (or bought by) the other company....from that time on that new company started sending all these documents to sign....which my old company never asked me to do so.

    However, I feel sorry for those who are new and primarily in H1B with the company. They don't have much of a choice, I guess.

    Thank you pappu, senk1s, jthomas, sunilbhai, snathan and kshitijnt for your valuable comments.

    RC :)

    01-05 03:55 AM
    Originally Posted by Guig0
    Let me warn thee, Becareful! That name is not to be used lightly, nor even spoken aloud. Unless thy crave is to awaken the horror of the Kirupalvania. For behold! That evil not even thou can put a stop to it. So a change in the subject must be made, whilst the doom come to us.

    ooooooooh, Guuig0 is a poet and shakespeare lover!!! .....but, you are seriously scaring me Guig0 with that shakespeare stuff...i failed many essays and tests on that dude and his stories

    Originally Posted by Soul
    My computer has been hacked the hell out of today thats why I havent been able to get on! I got their IP addresses though

    it was probaby some "l33t script" 13 year old hacker...while we are on the topic of computers getting f'ed...i got that annoying Yaha virus ........i had to reformat and install everything again...

    oh and Castle is an excellent theme!! i'm sure people will go nuts with the idea...who knows some of the advanced people might even put a dragon and knights/kings/queens

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