Sunday, 26 June 2011

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  • franklin
    07-11 07:48 PM
    To answer the flowers question:-

    Yes, we will be handing out flowers at the rally to tie it to the incredible success of the recent bouquet sending effort (again, kudos guys and gals)

    Thank you english_august for your suggestions regarding pr handling as well.

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  • sammyb
    01-31 12:59 PM
    just curious to know what is the reason that 22 people till now didn't vote for the question ... what do you think could be the reason ...

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  • aj1234567
    07-16 12:46 PM

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  • desi485
    02-18 01:20 PM
    any one?

    I am sure most JULY filers will have this question for travel.


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  • krishnam70
    05-08 04:37 PM
    Finally I am a US citizen after being 10+ years in this country. This is one of my biggest fulfillments and it means everything to me. US is just not home anymore for me, it is my country.

    I wish everyone the best and hope they get GC very soon.

    Proud to be an indian-american and legal immigrant.

    Good Luck!

    A plain congrats and good luck will do I guess. We people have too much time to argue on everything :D


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  • santb1975
    06-01 09:53 AM
    Thanks to everyone who has participated and had been participating in Call Campaign Phases I and II. Here comes our next phase - Phase 3.

    For phase 3 of our campaign we need to call the Representatives listed below to seek support for bills HR 5882, HR 5921 & HR 6039 from republican congressmen/congresswomen in our area. This is a very critical Action Item and we at least need to make 300 phone calls to be heard. We only have six representatives to contact this time and We can do this.

    Please use the instructions provided below to make the phone calls.

    (1) Call the congressman/woman office and request to speak with the aide who handles Legislative and Immigration matters

    2) If they are not available leave a VM for them

    I would like Representative "Representative Name" to co sponsor bills
    HR 6039 & HR 5882, HR 5921. All the three bills have wide bipartisan
    support in the house and will help improve American competitiveness &
    reduce the back logs associated with USCIS. All these bills are non
    controversial measures that will help US to stay competitive with a
    highly educated and skilled work force

    (3) As usual Do NOT get into the CIR issue or illegal Immigration. If
    the aide is confusing with CIR or illegal immigration, just tell them
    that these are legal immigration bills.

    (4) If the aide asks whether you belong to the district or not, tell
    them NO if you don't. Mention to them that you already spoke with
    your representative and would like the congressman/congresswoman

    Here is the list of representatives to contact:

    Mary Bono – California 45'th District
    D.C Office Ph: 202-225-5330

    Brian Bilbray – California 50'th District
    Ph: 202-225-0508

    Ken Calvert – California 44'th District
    Ph: 202-225-1986

    Jerry Lewis – California 41'st District
    Ph: 202-225-5861

    John Campbell – California 48'th District
    Ph: 202-225-5611

    Gary Miller – California 42'nd District
    Ph: 202-225-3201

    This Campaign has been kicked off for the California IV Group a couple of days ago. A few members of Cal. IV have been in touch with the offices listed above past week. We need more people to make the
    calls and build momentum. Let us get going on this Action Item. Together, We can do this


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  • Raju
    07-19 04:14 PM
    Did it occur to anyone that we are only talking about compensating Aman the $64k he spent already. Imagine if he had made use of that $64k as an investment(let us say a safe investment with minimum returns) of that amount it should have exceeded that $64k value by now.

    The least we can do at this moment is to immediately refund Aman and other core team members the amount they have spent towards the administrative costs of IV. Pappu / Logic Life / Other core team members, please let us know what kind of legal/administrative action is required to get this done.

    We will immediately start a funding drive towards filling in this shortage from the total IV funds. IMHO on the longer run the smaller funds ($10, $20 etc) should not be neglected.

    Let us figure out the required amount and have a new thread started about this. This settlement should be treated with high priority before any other funding drive. Pledging my $200 towards this.

    Yes this is not a typo. This is true. Aman has made more financial sacrifices and time sacrifices than anyone else. Not a single penny has been reimbursed to him for his trips to DC, food and stay in DC or car rental in DC. He even risked his job and went to DC on unpaid leave at critical times because lobbying was important for getting our work done. We in the core team know this and when we see the kind of contributions we get from members, we feel disappointed that our efforts are not valued. When we started the $20 contributions people felt $20 was too high and wanted $10 per month or less. The kind of work and effort that is needed to push a single provision is phenomenal and needs lot of capital. The more the better. Sometimes reading posts that say IV core is selfish also disappoints us. People do not know the effort that goes in getting anything done. This website is simply a tool for us to communicate to everyone. The big effort is the lobbying work. We hope the Buisnessweek article helps people realize our hard work and people value it by contributing to it and helping us in all action items.[/QUOTE]

    If this fund is setup to refund IV core I pledge at least $200.

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  • leoindiano
    07-15 02:08 PM
    Done. Here's what i wrote....

    "Because of his hate spreading with out understanding how h1b works, If there is any hate crime happens to any of the guys, CNN will have to take the responsibilty. What is the biggest economy driving force in USA in last 20 years. Technology. Who were behind most technological innovations? Chinese and Indians. How all of them worked? H1B. If you dont stop the rant. Be prepared to answer a lawsuit for racial discrimination and hate spreading."


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  • gg10004
    06-18 09:10 PM
    IMG is very good but they dont cover pre existing conditionsl.

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  • santb1975
    06-02 03:10 AM
    Let's make the phone calls


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  • Bpositive
    02-03 12:01 PM
    anyone else with 221g experience from chennai consulate? my case status was updated to send ppt on consulate website...submitting it to vfs tomorrow..

    how long from did it take to get the passport back from consulate after submitting it to vfs?

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  • qplearn
    11-15 12:42 PM
    Trent Lott has supported the SKIL bill, and has become the minority leader. Should be good news. Should we write to him?


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  • Macaca
    02-01 06:07 PM
    Obama definately is not as articulate as Hillary.

    Obama is very articulate. That is his only strength. That is why he is where he is (to everyone's surprise)

    Billary is not articulate: she is COLD!

    I am one of those people who is looking for a complete change.

    What if the change can not get anything done? Obama has no idea about foriegn policy.

    Ask Obama how he will fix legal immigration. First ask what are the categories of legal immigration. Lets see if can answer that.

    Billary was invited to an IITian rendezvous in San Jose. She was asked about the H-1B cRap. She gave one of the most intelligent answer I have ever heard and will ever hear.

    It is not just that she is smart. She has very smart advisors: they will find answers to everything!

    But then, Billary is a BITCH!

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  • cooldude0807
    09-17 12:23 PM
    Hopefully they will get done with HR6020 soon!!!


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  • sammyb
    10-12 05:10 PM
    hey wawa...

    That is so strange.....Our dates also match...I too got an email on 28th September ...this is so bizzare..,,have you received the notice from USCIS ?? Since you have an aproved GC it sounds even more bizzare ...please keep me posted of any developements and I will do the same ...

    or may be a virus attack ... too coincidental to have sent notice on same day ...

    my 1.9 cents ...

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  • gc28262
    03-11 01:01 PM
    No offense to the OP and Thanks for posting this, but this thread is kind of diverting us from some of the efforts currently in progress, we are again playing the prediction game.
    Lets contribute to the FOIA funding drive and get the right information.


    This thread should not divert our attention from FOIA action item. We just got some information through senator. It does not have enough details to conclude anything.

    This response should help us to focus on what to ask for in FOIA/efforts through senators. It is a pointer that we won't get the required info unless we clearly specify what we want.


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  • arsh007
    08-01 02:15 PM
    An MBA from an accredited AACSB university is a good investment for the long-term. However most such schools require a good GMAT school, require 2-3 years of part-time classes and cost anywhere between 30k-50k. But then there are people who are already in their late 30s or early 40s who go back to school to get an MBA. So age should not be a factor for higher education if you are in your mid-30s,

    Investing in an MBA program does provide you with tax benefits with the fees being added as a "deduction" in the tax return.

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  • caliguy
    09-17 08:03 PM
    Thanks kubmilegaGC!

    I will call the senators immigration liaison tomorrow. Hopefully she will not tell me that they cannot do anything besides what they have done because that is what they told me in September last year when I got a standard response last year.

    Unfortunately nobody understands the pain and agony we are going through. For them, its just another day at the office, they couldnt care less. Nevertheless, I am going to try tomorrow.....hey, cant give up that easy.

    I will call CS again tomorrow, I dont mind being yelled at and I am gonna tell her this time that I have not opened a SR. Atleast, she will then transfer my call to a IO.

    Let's see what tomorrow has in store for me!!

    Thanks @natraj @fatjoe @Vikki @apb - thanks for all suggestions -:)

    @ cali - talk to senators's immigration liaison and explain the contradicting response(s) that you are receiving and ask if they could help - at this time lets take a diff approach - let them ping USCIS rather that you..see if that works.

    @fat - 2nd SR was for wife and we seriously think that IT did the trick

    I am wishing THE BEST for all of you who are few days guys - you will get it! 100%

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  • raj2007
    06-16 12:50 AM
    To raaj2007, just getting an EAD does not nullify your H1, but if you use EAD you loose H1. Go and check with your attorney. If you use EAD you cannot enter US using H1 or H4, you have to use Advance parole.

    Adding to the replies to other post

    (i) I heard after filing 485 I could change employers? Yes or no? If yes, then which state would I be in? (EAD, AP or none)?
    Answer - You can change employer after 180 days of pending 485 using AC 21 and you would be in EAD and use AP to enter US
    (ii) After filing 485, do I HAVE to get my wife into US before the dates retrogress again?? Whoa never heard that...are you sure?
    Answer -Yes, if you dont, you would not be able to file for her if the dates retrogresses again, also to file 485 for your wife , she should be in US at the time of filing 485.
    (iii) Is there no step after 485 filing that I can keep postponing to not let 485 approve (like delaying 485 fingerprinting multiple times) so that I can let 485 approve only after I am married and can bring my wife in?
    Answer - No, you cannot postpone it on your own will. But if your marriage date is before 485 approval (even one day) and tour wife could not make it to US, she can come to US using follow to join process. That process is also available if PD are current. In that scenario you ask USCIS to send US consulate in India to send a notice that the principal applicant's 485 has been approved and since the marriage was before 485 approval, she should be called for Interview at the US consulate in India and given the immigrant VISA, The Follow to join process is like Consular Processing.

    Hope I answered your doubts.

    It again depends..if you use EAD with same employer .you will not use your h1. I have done that and very clear on that.

    11-06 12:41 PM
    Positive or negative we need to know what is going on out there, this visa deal has made me a geek (no offence), I watch CSPAN when Monday night football is on.


    10-29 05:53 PM
    Also for me as well


    Could you please send me the letter that you sent to Sec. NAPOLITANO-. My e-mail address is

    Thank you.


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