Monday, 27 June 2011

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    07-19 10:13 AM

    I am tracking the delays, RFE's, Infopass Information in the thread called

    I am doing this because IV has asked me to do it and they want to help its members
    in getting their EAD's in (70-90)days.
    If you read my first post on the thread (EAD -RENEWAL-UPDATES-TRACKING-DELAYS). you will have a better picture.

    I request you to enter your information on that thread so IV can get a better picture.

    Thanks for your cooperation.

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  • la6470
    10-17 01:24 PM
    Is it too much to ask Google to put a Diwali logo like it does for Hanukkah or Christmas .. at least if not in but in

    Also is it too much to expect American mainstream media to totally NOT ignore Diwali which has significance for the second largest population in the world and instead publish significantly less significant story of the balloon boy?

    Is it too much to ask for to include Diwali in the spell check for this editor? (Not wailing or Gwalior ...)

    It is this mentality of deliberately ignoring the feeling of majority of the world population that is getting the western civilization more and more isolated and retracted.

    Well it doesn't really matter. And I am visiting India now and I can see that this country and China will definitely kick ass of Western civilization .. as it is already doing. The people here are hungry for more and in spite of seemingly unsurmountable problems it will succeed and once again India will be the "Sone Ke Chiriya".

    With this thoughts and wishing peace .. happy and prosperous diwali to everyone.

    May Lord Rama bless the world.

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  • frostrated
    06-18 02:01 PM
    To add to that, keep following up with your lawyer. Dont assume that lawyers know everything. My lawyer destroyed my case and made me loose my 2001 labor. I have now refiled and have a 2004, a loss of 3 years, but in reality, I could have had my green card nearly 8 years ago if it had not been for the mess up. There was nothing that I could do as the company was running the show. All i could get them to do was to refile again.

    In addition to the letters from co-workers, send as many paystubs that you can get, W2 forms and tax returns (or the indian version), bank statements, etc. Also include a letter along with proof that you requested a letter from your old employer.

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  • authrd
    02-21 10:15 AM
    H1B extension receipt date: 10/11/2007
    AReceived by Attorney: 1/31/2008

    Not premium and with same company.


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  • newxyz100
    07-19 02:10 PM
    My Lawyer does whatever my employer tells him. They never give any receipt notice or approval notice to employees.
    They did not even let me file my EAD and AP along with I-485.

    I can file EAD/AP myself but I'm worried they might not give me the receipt notice of my I-485 filed in july, in a last ditch effort to prevent me from fleeing(I don't yet have any intention btw) or atleast make it difficult for me.

    I'm sure there would be many in this situation.

    Any thoughts what can be done?

    IF you have used your personal checks the receipt is usually at the back of the checks. Esle just call the help desk and give all your information and if the guy is in good mood he can provide you the receipt number.

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  • seattleGC
    02-22 10:29 AM
    Lou Doubbs is not a conservative but an idiot and a crook. He is a protectionist like the unions in America.

    When it comes to skilled immigration, conservatives have been good. Sen John Coryn, Ex-sen George Allen, Sen. Sam Brownback etc. have been the sponsors of SKIL bill and like. We can depend on them to fight to get SKIL bill included into CIR when it comes up.

    Our problem has mainly been with rabid anti-immigrationists like Sen Sessions and also protectionists like some in the Democratic party.

    It not between Conservatives and liberals in general.

    Wash Times is as conservative as your Lou Doubbs... I dont trust them...


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  • snathan
    01-19 10:43 AM
    This website is not the property of your mother's lover. There is no relation between buying the house and immigration status you genius pinhead. If you loose your immigration status, you can always sell the house.

    Really... Selling a house takes longer and in some places its six month - a year. When you are detained at the airport, you can not list your house and sit in the airport for a year. Think before what you post.

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  • kirupa
    03-21 05:00 PM
    Scythe - that is a great idea. I've edited the first post of the poll to point to your post :)


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  • eb3retro
    09-21 01:56 PM
    I just received an email from USCIS that my wife's EAD has been approved.

    RD 07/02, FP 09/04, PD 05/06

    looks like NSC is approving Spouse EAD huh???

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  • GCVictim
    07-19 01:33 PM
    just I got a news from Greg Siskind's Blog.


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  • Steve Mitchell
    June 4th, 2004, 01:55 PM
    Let me preface this by stating that I have not yet shot with a D70, however I have heard very good things about it...particularly for it's price. IMHO, the best test of a camera is done in the field. By in "in the field", I mean does it allow you to do what you want it to do. A DSLR has a learning curve if you're coming from a P&S. Once you begin to master a DSLR, theimage quality bill be much better, and you also have much greater ability for creativity. If you want a D70, I'd take the info you've read regarding various issues with a grain of salt. Buy one from a reputable dealer that allows returns if it does'nt meet your expectations.
    After deciding to buy the Nikon D70 I began to read a number of posts to the pReview forum that had D70 owners citing backfocusing problems with their new D70s. All resorted to sending their cameras to the Nikon Service Center for repair. All reported at least some measure of correction but some indicated they could not achieve precise focus within the DOF for each of the Nikon compatible lenses they owned and are useable with the D70.

    I own two Sonys (the F707 and the V1). Both, in my view achieve remarkable clarity, color and brightness right out of the box. AF on both is, again in my view, is extraordinary. So, I would be very disappointed if I were to spend 1500 or more bucks (with some accessories) to arrive at inferior imagery.

    It is possible what I am reading is the view of purists who are able to "see" focus flaws that the more casual, but still demanding, amateur photogs would dismiss?

    Has anyone out there had experience with the backfocusing problem to which I refer?

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  • Vlora
    10-23 05:41 PM
    No; the 485 approval and name check are two different things. Even after 485 is approved and your PD is current, you don't get the GC until the name check is cleared.

    Interesting, Murthy's report ( makes a different interpretation. qplearn, could you please clarify your sources or shed some more light on the issue?:confused:
    For the record, filed I-140 and I-485 concurrently (EB2) on June 21 at NSC. Got FP, my wife got EAD.


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  • LoungeActx
    12-31 04:41 PM
    all i have to say is: wow. both are great....but damn soul...awesome

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  • virald
    08-22 09:53 AM
    It seems like except for one or two people here, individuals who have applied directly at TSC on 2nd July are getting their checks cashed/receipts this week.

    It would be helpful to know if they are done with the transfer of 2nd July cases from NSC to TSC; if so, when and based on that, we can make some educated estimates.

    Do you mean they would work on transfer cases first? My undrestanding is, it is based on the date received!:confused:


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  • gg10004
    07-13 10:45 AM

    gg10004 - Great news !!!

    Keeping fingures crossed

    Lawyer already fedexed July applications yesterday and is recommending the same to all his applicants.

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  • sku
    12-25 03:23 PM
    What's "MTR"

    I thought After 180 days of I-485 ,they can not withdraw the I-140 ?


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  • map_boiler
    07-12 12:26 PM

    comments from folks?

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  • man-woman-and-gc
    03-03 01:10 PM
    See the forum post linked below...

    See this document I posted on Scribd:

    Thanks for responding to my post.
    The Forum post on the link says that its not necessary to have the same or similar job description when working on EAD. What will happen when I ask for EAD renewal?
    Also, what will happen when my Priority date becomes current? Will I be able to get a GC thru this I-485 since I have left the employer who filed my GC?

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  • amitjoey
    05-21 06:47 PM
    My i 140 is denied on A2P issues.Ive filed MTR.Any one knows how long it takes to hear back from them on MTR.anf if MTR gets denied can i file new 140 using same old labour ?some one help please >>>

    I got my I140 approved just today!!. It was pending since Oct 2006. And then they denied it in March 2008. After filing MTR it took a month to get it approved.

    04-14 09:01 AM

    Discussing the way the immigrants are treated in this country is a very constructive conversation. Discussing the way of getting out of this situation is also a very constructive conversation.

    Although I appreciate your (the core team) efforts and support them, we are still light years away from a quick and effective solution of the backlog and retrogression problems. All - government, Senate, Congress, Immigration service, big business etc do not care at all about the legal immigrants (better not use another popular expression :-). Do you need a prove for that !? And do you know why is that ? - because nobody "votes with the feet" and there is a permanent flow of "dreamers" hoping to get a GC. The big business is interested in guest workers, not in quick resolution of the GC problem - idiots like us cost less, do not dear to demand rights and are quiet and patient people who could bear a lot. And do not forget that the big business pulls the strings of the politicians.

    Bottom line - the lack of negative feedback (voting with the feet for example) contributed to the current mess in the Immigration.

    You should have access to my email address - call me and I will give you some helpful information.

    03-21 05:56 PM
    Dear folks,

    I am from lansing MI. I have volunteered to meet the law makers for the STRIVE bill.
    I would certainly appreciate, if more of us can join this effort.
    if you would like to join or have already volunteered for the state of MI. Please email me with your name and contact details at

    Gajendra Prasad PS

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