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president kennedy funeral

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  • cool_desi_gc
    04-28 08:41 PM

    There are MS Access database files for each year.Depending on which year your labor is filed, download the Access db.

    For eax, mine was Dec 2002.I downlaoded 2002,03,04.My record was found in 2004 database.

    If you open the Access db (You need to have MS Access to view these files.If you dont have it, downlaod the free trail version from

    If you open the file, it is the database of all the Labors that are filed in that year.One of the attribute is the Employee name.You can also search on Attorney name.

    If I were you, i would first filter on Employee State and then search for the Employee name.

    Its simple.Try it and let me know if you need further help.

    Good luck

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  • shreekhand
    07-09 10:48 PM
    Obviously, next week ! Why should this not a no-brainer... beyond me !

    In all circumstances coming Mon. or Tue.

    Do you guys have any idea about when the August 2010 visa bulletin will be ?

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  • minimalist
    04-03 12:30 PM
    This definitely gives an incentive for people to start contributing. This is like for the people, by the people. To be able to have an organization with direct access to the USCIS in helping resolve desperate situations. But for this to continue to be in existence with that kind of outreach, needs monetary contributions from all members who are in their GC journey regardless of how safe or straight forward their case may be.

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  • needhelp!
    12-10 02:14 PM
    and got 7 year (or is it 8) renewed license


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  • gccovet
    05-12 01:49 PM
    You said you live in NJ, you supposed to have sent you EAD renewal documents to Vermont Service Center as per the USCIS link provided below: D&vgnextchannel=fe529c7755cb9010VgnVCM10000045f3d6a1 RCRD

    What I understood from my lawyer is to send the renewal documents to address at the bottom of I-485 notice. I may have understood wrong.

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  • vlad0002
    01-25 04:22 PM
    Hi all,

    I don't believe having I-140 filed by a company constitutes a violation of beneficiary's non-immigrant status.

    To be eligible for the student status, among other things, you must demonstrate non-immigrational intent, that's true. When applying for a visa and going through immigration control at the port of entry, the burden of proof is on you. Therefore, the chances of getting F1 visa or being admitted on F1 status with I-140 filed are very slim. Nobody will believe you are entrying to study and go back when you have approved labour and I-140 pending (or even approved). Once you inside the country, however, INS have the burden of proof in the status violation cases. And for them to proove in a court of law that you violated your status by changing your intention to go back would be impossible without some sort of open confession and signed affadevit from you. So, don't worry about it.

    Person's intentions change over time, there's nothing wrong with it. Peolple file adjustment od status applications all the time: B1 to F1, F1 to H1B, etc. Filing I-485 from student status, or from any status, should not be a problem in itself either, as that is precicely what you are declaring by this application: "My intention changed, I don't want to go back anymore, please adjust my status to Permanent resident".

    There is a potential problem here, though. If you apply for a position and initiate LC process shortly after you entered the country on non-immigrant visa, you might be giving INS in future a reason to suspect that you were not truthful on your original non-immigrant visa application, and your "real" intention was not study but work in the USA. That's where there could be trouble, as if they are sucsessful in prooving this, it could lead to deportation and lifetime ban. Per my lawer, the safe time to wait before initiating any status changing process is one year.

    My personal situation: I was on F1 visa for 6 years before I started LC process with a company for a totally unrelated to my field of studies position (EB3). We had PERM approved and filed I-140, with me still on F1. I-140 was approved and now we are stuck in retrogression. Meanwhile, and after I-140 was approved, I graduated and applied for H1B based on my major. I have disclosed on H1B application that I have I-140 approved from another company and attached a copy. Not a question asked. H1B was approved within 9 days (cap exempt). And there's more. Because I violated my F1 status years ago by accepting unauthorized employment (tracable through taxes), my lawer told me to leave the country and re-enter, to cut the tail clean and be eligable for adjustment of status when the quotas open up. I went to Canada, and applied for H1B visa stamp, disclosing on the applicqation that I have I-140 approved and have violated my visa terms previously ("yes" to question 38, in "kiss of death" section of the application). Very stressful time that was. But in the end - no problem, got the stamp and was back in two days.

    Anyway, sorry for the long post. I hope this helps.


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  • ilikekilo
    06-15 12:03 PM
    jsut do it now man

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  • MD_123
    04-10 12:39 PM

    I belive your second point is not entirely accurate. My understanding is with the hard quota, any EB-1 and EB-2 unused visas from ROW will flow down to EB-3 ROW which is also severely retrogressed. Only when EB-3 ROW becomes current will the unused visas go to unskilled workers. Therefore, the hard quota will benefit ROW mainly at the expense of India/China EB-1 and 2.

    IV team, if I'm wrong about this, please correct me.

    The request for the hard cap conversion to soft cap DOES NOT CANNIBALIZE non-Indians/non-Chinese. You are missing a key point here.

    What the hard cap does is that say for example in the EB2 category the Indians and Chinese use up their quota. On the other hand the rest of the world uses only 50% of their quota (about 10K EB2 visas leftover, just a guesstimate).

    1) With the soft quota, this leftover is given to the over subscribed countries in the SAME CATEGORY (Eb2). As a result, other EB2 candidates from India/China benefit

    2) With the hard quota, this 10K now goes to UNSKILLED immigrants.

    This amendment DOES NOT TAKE AWAY anything from the rest of the world at all! All it does is benefit SKILLED workers. Isn't IV about skilled workers? Why are some folks whose quota will NOT be CANNIBALIZED against this and consider this an issue of Indians/Chinese Vs Rest is beyond me. It is a matter of EB1 vs unskilled, EB2 vs unskilled and EB3 vs unskilled!

    Can I be any clearer?


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  • somegchuh
    02-08 02:56 PM
    I think you make some very good point about funding. I see some people complaining how a lot of members aren't contributing. I think it is plain naive to expect everyone to contribute.
    People can be divided into three types:
    1. People willing to fight what they percieve as injustice.
    2. People who complain but do nothing about what they think is unjust.
    3. People who accept injustice as part of life.

    This isn't just about immigration. It could be any issue. Most ppl want someone else to do what's needed. They don't want to spend time or money. There will always be a few ppl who are active. If you belong to category 1, don't expect everyone to belong there.

    The other aspect IV should consider is broadening the goals. IV has done good work but the core focus seems to be retrogression. Tens of thousands of ppl have cases rotting in BEC for 3-5 years they are not going to contribute to an organization that will put them at par with ppl who filed for labor in the last couple of years. It goes against human psychology.

    Just my 2 cents....

    --for you only.please read below the reply posted by fellow member franklin--
    First off - I have contributed, but here is an explanation of my initial reluctance to do so and possibly why I haven't contributed more than I have, since you asked.

    I have often been offended by the tone and bias on this board, when it is plainly evident that the majority of power posters think their own situation as being the only thing that should be resolved, alienating others as a result.

    Don't tell me to donate by spending less money on stuff that culturally I never do, or refer to people that I know little about - all for cultural reasons. It was this thread that spurred me to contribute, and ironically, this thread that also offended me first. I still haven't forgotten that.

    Wonder how else you alienate people? Try posting in a language that isn't English.

    Regarding the recent pledge drive in particular, it gives me a nasty taste in my mouth since it stings of hypocrisy that I can't get over. A similar one was attempted by a member here (which I signed up for), using the ""I will donate $10 monthly to Immigration Voice for one year but only if 1,000 other people will do the same."

    That effort, although endorsed by the core group, got 88 people to vote, and was criticized in these very forums as being a waste of time, or not the proper way to do it. Of course, fast forward a few months and now look...

    I also find it distasteful to have to read through threads that could be of some importance or value, but find that good chunks are just "Hey, look at me, look at how much I contributed"

    So, since I'm all bitter and alienated , why did I actually contribute?
    Every time I get annoyed or offended by someone's insensitive or cultural narrow mindedness, I try to ignore it and remind myself that that single person does not represent the values of the core group and this organization as a whole. It gets challenging.

    Please don't flame me, I am trying to be honest

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  • chandrajp
    08-24 10:02 AM
    If you send photos for EAD(paper filed I765) no need to have FP taken.

    Only when you e-file I765, you will get a FP appointment.

    BTW, what purpose do the fingerprints do on an EAD?

    Your finger print will show on the EAD card


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  • Valle
    10-26 04:32 PM
    Thanks Paskal, I fully understand now with the example of the Scarlett Letter. I need to get busy and get another waiver then. Maybe I wasnt very clear on my first post about my stauts. I had had only a first J1 from 2002 to 2005. I wanted to stay so I got a waiver that time, and I tried to get a H1B, but I couldnt get it due to expired documents that I could not get renew from my country so my H1B was denied. Now some years later I decide to come back and the only fast way to come was with another visa J1. So as you explained I need to get my case number and start my process all over again. ONce I get the waiver I will look for a new sponsor and star the H1B process all over again. I cant be very open about this because if my present sponsor realizes that I am doing waiver and everything else I may loose my J1 because I signed a contrat to work for them for 3 years and then go back home. I think it is very unfair, but that is how things work around here.

    Thanks so much for your advice. Good luck to everyone in this same boat!

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  • va_217
    10-09 03:53 PM
    This month end my I-94 will be expiring and 2 months back I have changed my passport to a new one as it was expiring. I have renewed my H1 recently(15 days back) with the H1 extension I received new I-94, would that be sufficient or I have to go out and come in again for a new one


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  • loudobbs
    12-11 12:04 PM
    My suggestion is not to insult or hurt anybody. I understand the purpose of immigrationvoice. I am a contributor and will continue to support IV. However the way people hijack threads really pisses me off. The leaders of IV should figure out a better way to motivate people to donate. If people are not inclined then stop calling them names etc. I am not talking about anybody in particular. If somebody is not inclined it is not completely his/her fault. The coercive tactics some people use on the forum to make people donate actually does piss of a lot of people. I am nor talking about anybody in particular, but this is NOT the way to motivate people to contribute.

    Sorry if I heart anybody feelings.
    And I will donate to IV again..

    I just check oxford dictionary to make sure whether I screwed somewhere but what I found is it was request to dollar500 from my side. It was not a advise. Rather you are advising me not to advise.. Is not it contradictory?

    And if at all poster might have felt bad about my request s/he should have replied my post. Why on earth you wanted to jump in?

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  • Sum
    08-11 02:28 PM
    My PD is 10/04. My I 485 was received on 7/2/07 in TSC. I am the primary applicant and my case was transfered to NSC in 8/07 while the I485 of my spouse remained with TSC. I have no LUD on my case since 11/07 but her case was transfered to NBC for standard interview. She lives in a deifferent state as she is studying and I thought that may be they want to make sure that we are married (as has been with many other cases). I was hoping that may be they will also send my case for interview as is usual for other people but having our cases in 2 different service centers has made it complicated. Will wait and see.


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  • amitjoey
    04-04 01:49 PM
    whatz wrong with someone who gets GC in 6 months, is'nt it our sole goal to change system to have GC in few months,

    c'mon guys are you jealous, what makes you think just because you did MS here that you are more qualified than a person who has done Bcom from india, he is manager atleast he knows how to grow in a orginzation and get a GC in 6 months, so learn from him,

    get over it this is how the system works if you want to change atleast think positve and call your lawmakers

    Thanks eb3India, You are very right.

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  • Reub
    February 4th, 2004, 08:27 PM
    Nikon put itself "On The Ropes", by not paying attention to what the market wants. Canon have consistently caught them with their pants down with the D60, 300D and the mkII. Very kind of Canon to leave Nikon anywhere near 30% of the table scraps. who says the blokes at Canon don't have a heart?


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  • leoindiano
    09-19 11:40 AM
    I want to thank this european who got his greencard 2 weeks back but still attended the rally. There may be more heroes like this. I was in a group of people when we spoke to him, didnt catch his name as i was encouraging bypassers to honk their cars to support our cause.

    He is over 6 foot, in immigration voice t-shirt and blue jeans. He is swedish...Please share his name if anybody knows....

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  • cdeneo
    03-22 12:26 PM
    Is your application pending at NSC or TSC?

    Also, can you share with us your city/state - just curious which USCIS location has become so efficient :)

    Thanks for sharing this info with us!


    So yesterday (Saturday) was another surprize, a pleasant one again! I got a call from the same IO who told me that he got all the documents that I had sent and has cleared my case for approval, but now my fingerprints have expired.

    He asked if I could come right away to his office and he could give me an instant fingerprinting appointment in the nearby INS office. When I told him that I'm currently out of country on business trip and won't be back in US till April, he said he will send me an appointment near April 15th.

    I thanked him for his follow-up and he said he was just doing his job. I know this might be an exception than a rule, but just wanted to acknowledge this particular IO and hope there are more like him.

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  • rsdang
    12-03 01:38 AM
    Hi Experts,
    The question i've is:
    I heard from my Immigration Lawyer that,from November 01, 2008, any person who works in Information Technology (IT) and who has Advanced Degree from USA like Master's is eligible for EB3 Category only and not EB2 category. Please confirm if the above statement is true or not.


    EB2 or 3 depends on the Job requirements primarily... you could have a masters and be working for a job that requires a bachelors as minimum requirement then you are only going to get an EB3 (no exp example)

    01-03 09:23 AM
    Another pixel battle? Cool, I might enter myself in that one... I'm nowhere the standard of you two, but I could give it a go.

    Tell us your idea, then one of us mods can post the official entry details...

    03-31 03:20 PM
    Mwa ha ha. 3 way tie, and I haven't voted yet. Who wants to bribe me?

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