Friday, 17 June 2011

anne frank diary quotes

images Anne Frank Diary anne frank diary quotes. Find 2 questions and answers about Quotes-from-the-Diary-of-Anne-Frank at
  • Find 2 questions and answers about Quotes-from-the-Diary-of-Anne-Frank at

  • anandrajesh
    03-26 04:49 PM
    I got an LUD on 485 when i got AP approved.

    Dont even try to rationalise how the f*** those systems are inter connected and how they roll :o

    OK I will stop wondering abt how the F*** this systems are inter-connected and stop rationalising all this. I see the point in worrying only abt things we can control.

    wallpaper Find 2 questions and answers about Quotes-from-the-Diary-of-Anne-Frank at anne frank diary quotes. (The Diary of Anne Fra)
  • (The Diary of Anne Fra)

  • joydiptac
    05-12 11:08 PM

    US archaic GC rules just lost a potential great immigrant to Canada.

    And I agree that everyone should have a life. I suppose they have one too. They have the right to have their own opinion. Guess what? It might be that they like to hang around other Desis in the same boat that may be the reason why they come here. :D

    BTW, Congratulations for your Candian PR.



    P.S> This immigration thing is like betting on a stock. Question is do you buy "puts" to insure your long position or not? For all you know Canda might turn out to be top dog in another decade. They have the resources, the land and a bunchof good people.

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  • techskill
    01-31 11:33 AM
    One can VOTE again By Deleting Cookies, Use Tools - Internet options - delete Browsing History - Delete All and Vote again.

    I was thinking the same thing. If possible just try to get as many votes as possible.

    I just voted now. Will be voting again and again and again so on...after sometime if possible.

    2011 (The Diary of Anne Fra) anne frank diary quotes. Anne Frank and her Diary
  • Anne Frank and her Diary

  • chanduv23
    06-03 12:13 PM
    Congratulations, and that is probably the most 'relieving' MTR approval message ever.

    Thank you for sharing your story.

    Definitely - some "comforting words after the person went through so much stress" looks like the officer knows what exactly to write :)

    It is like a cardiologist saying "I can fix any kind of heart except a broken heart" :) :) :)


    anne frank diary quotes. The Anne Frank Diary Fraud
  • The Anne Frank Diary Fraud

  • virald
    11-26 01:32 PM
    Are you saying we will all get our green cards ? :D

    Although I love your interpretation, but i think he is talking about the new EAD fees....

    anne frank diary quotes. The Diary of Anne Frank
  • The Diary of Anne Frank

  • Lasantha
    09-25 01:58 PM
    Juist to prove the original posters point about IV being intolerant about different points of view and the trigger happy attitude of some members about giving a red dots just because someone else speaks his point of view - I got a very personal and abusive remark with a red dot just for my post above. Not that I really care about Red or Green dots. My GC journey is over. This forum helped me a great deal when I was waiting for my GC. Now I am hear to help others with what I know in their GC pursuit and help with any on going action items. Just wish some members here would grow up and learn to live and let live! :)


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  • Anne Frank#39;s The Diary Of A

  • sbabunle
    08-19 04:58 PM
    You said it. Some years ago people who filed in wyoming get lc in 3 months
    and got GC in 1 year. I know a friend who completed the whole process in 11 months :)
    What to do? This world is a big unfair place. we have to live with that I guess.

    Congrats buddy ! Its quite ironic that there are some people who filed a few months here or there from your PD in 2000/2001 and are still waiting for their GC and I know a few people who filed for GC in 2003/2004 and got it in 2005.

    The odds of getting lucky with USCIS are worse than hitting the jackpot .

    Best of luck to you .

    2010 Renowned and currentanne frank anne frank diary quotes. Anne Frank Diary
  • Anne Frank Diary

    10-18 09:01 PM
    We are victims as well. From 2001 to 2005 were waiting for Labor, they processed applications from April 2001 for three years (!?) and started from April 2005 we are in FBI name check . Coworkers applying in 2007 getting GC. If there any action in NY, I will be happy to participate.


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  • Anne Frank captured

  • axp817
    03-30 10:17 PM
    Don't know if this is a new procedure that they are following the main law where a valied 140 is needed the whole time.

    Wow, that is indeed scary.

    If its possible, please keep us posted on what happens with this case.


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  • neverbefore
    10-30 03:03 AM
    Congratulations to all you guys who have got their 485s approved. It is great to hear the stories of old times from people like alterego.

    Wishing everyone the best. May happiness visit all of us here and not just through and because of green card


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  • ~Anne Frank, The Diary of a

  • letstalklc
    09-11 01:40 PM
    Hi letstalklc

    Thanks for your reply.

    "SBI will update only once in the morning" Just wanted know the morning of India or USA ?

    Ok, I just did myself and man you are RIGHT.

    Today's exchange rate is [USD 4001 10000 48.07]
    and I got ($$$ X 48.07) - 25.

    Many thanks for the knowledge.

    I am not sure if ICICI also does the same, because I too have stooped using their service. And you know what, I called when once when I had a very bad exchange rate given. I said that I will quit using your service and surprise surprise they didn't care. And ,now, So Do I.

    That is India time....

    If you transfer less than 1000 USD to outside SBI, they will charge 25 rupees, the only problem is that they will not specify that charges any where in the transaction.....but it will be accurate all the time....

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  • crazyghoda
    04-27 04:40 PM
    My mom took ICICI from India when she visited last year. Thankfully we never needed to visit any doc or file any claims. This year my in-laws are coming over and my FIL's health hasnt been keeping well. I have thought about using the same ICICI I took last time since its considered a cashless policy.

    Has anyone had any recent experiences (post 2007) with ICICI?


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  • DesiGuy
    09-17 11:43 AM
    Rep Smith is speaking...still seems 6020.

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  • Anne Frank Quote

  • walker15
    09-17 12:47 PM
    Another voting going on


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  • Anne Frank Diary (A tribute to

  • indianabacklog
    06-11 10:01 AM
    Your auto insurance company are the best people to talk to right now initially. They can provide excellent legal advice for which you have paid in your premiums.

    The amount is extortionate and as long as you do not ignore this it can be resolved I am sure. In all honesty it sounds as if they thought hey we only have two years to sue so lets do it now so it does not look as if we waited till the last minute. Otherwise why would they wait so long to file the claim. Herniated discs do not appear at a later date they are a thing of the present, i.e. at the time of impact.

    With regard to your green card I cannot imagine it will have any impact at all. You have not committed any crime, you had an auto accident. These happen every day to thousands of green card holders and applicants and if they resulted in deportations the immigrant community would probably be aware of them.

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  • bottlemani
    07-19 12:35 PM
    Dear Aman and other core members, your time and efforts are greatly appreciated. Thank you!

    Here is my little contribution of $100
    Paypal confirmation Number: 1XT348454Y495020W.

    ps: I was one of those lucky ones who got the green card last week.


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  • nitinboston
    05-12 05:05 PM
    I didn't meant to hurt feelings here. and i know how Canada is less opportunity for IT folks. but just couple more points.

    1) if number of jobs was criterion, India has far higher number of jobs in IT then US, so people should be rushing bk to India which is not the case. I don't think number of Jobs available in US is why people wanna live here. Even if it takes year or a little more, at least Canadians are transparent about the process.

    2) I know everyone here is well read and well educated. Read up about AUS, NZ, Canada and few other countries which have point bases system, they are not under developed or backward in any way. Wikipedia might help.

    And please read carefully, my wife is on another beauty of a status called H4B, i mentioned clearly i know how easily people got their H1B's through consultants.

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  • hiding, The

  • lsuk
    07-15 11:26 PM

    hairstyles ~Anne Frank, The Diary of a anne frank diary quotes. other people in anne franks
  • other people in anne franks

  • tomatocup
    07-18 11:59 AM
    Based on my understanding once 485 is filed, one can only get one year H1b extension it does not matter if one uses EAD/AP.

    Q33 If I-140 is approved, 485 pending, still 3 yrs H1-B extension possible?
    A33 Yes, if you have three years left fro original 6 years. If your 6 years are over and your 485 is filed, you can get only year to year extensions of H-1.
    [Index] [Compiled by Law Offices of Rajiv S Khanna]

    (Posted on 20 September 2005 )

    07-19 03:22 PM

    I feel privilieged that I have an opportunity to work with the same employer as Aman. I remember talking to him one year back, when he first mentioned retrogression. Like many others, I was naive and thought I dont have to worry about it until 3 or 4 yrs. I have seen him in action, he is the most polite human I have ever came across, who is super soft in his heart but super agressive in his actions. I know that he sold his house to generate 64K to spend for IV.

    He once told me that he likes to socialize with fellow employers, indulge in office politics, etc and be a typical employee, but unfortunately he cannot because he would rather spend that time on IV and build things for IV.

    I know for a fact that, his boss is not all too happy about he dedicating his time to other efforts. But he stands like a pillar to protect our IV community.

    In a nutshell: Here is a man who is willing to give whatever it takes to stand up for what he believe in. We the community should be extremely happy to have people like him and Logiclife.

    I will start my $20 dollar contributions / per month recurring contributions today.

    01-31 12:24 PM

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