Thursday, 16 June 2011

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  • unitednations
    03-31 11:09 AM
    So do you think they are going after AC21 folks as a scapegoat? I spoke to few people on this including lawyers and they say that "denials on 485" when 140 gets revoked is a common thing and usually the officer who issues the denial letter does not check and verify to see other details. Thats why they have to go through the MTR process.

    That was the case when uscis would send straight denial and then person would do mtr with ac21.

    the OP and the particular case I am talking about; they responded to the notice of intent to deny (NOID specifcally said person may be elgiible for ac21 and to give job letter, etc.); however they denied it after the response was sent. It would be different story if they denied due to job mismatching. However, that was not the case. They denied stating the 140 was revoked. Basically, this is a new type of denial and may be a shift in how uscis is doing things.

    I spoke to candidate earlier and he talked to the original 140 company. They told him that their h-1b's aren't getting approved (common issue right now with vermont service center for just about everyone) and that in the clean up they revoked almost 70 I-140's for people who had left. He doesn't know if it was in response to an I-140 query or not (uscis adds up cases frequently in rfe's on the 140). When companies revoke 140 to a RFE; USCIS could be making a determination that the 140's company is now revoking were approved iun error and people are not eligible for ac21. Now; if this was the case; uscis officer should have put this in the denial but they did not.

    I'll keep everyone posted of what happens to this case.

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  • matreen
    06-13 01:20 AM
    This is becoming a messy going forward ...we are keeping hopes that it will be better next far our hopes are left over as hopes only...

    Yes, due to CIS lack of capability they have wasted thousands of visas, that is not our fault then why we are suffering......we have been working hard and contributing this economy in all the ways......then why can't we treated to get our legitimate benefits??????

    We have wasted/spent years and year here by treating US as our home country....hopeing one day we will get our GC.....but now the way things are moving ..totally we lost our destiny.....and for me (I am sure quite a few out there too) it is not that easy to go out and start the life from scratch again...

    IV should stand up and do something...we are with you.



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  • wandmaker
    06-01 12:15 PM
    Let us start calling and build a momentum.

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  • voldemar
    02-28 12:53 PM
    Substitution is excluded. In fact a few ppl did pay 1000$ regardless and lost money.. Nebraska center is taking it's own sweet time..Check this out
    Some guys are lucky :)


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  • apt29
    09-25 05:07 PM
    those who are defending IV has more green dots coz, they are the ones who do all the volunteer work and involve actively.

    get it! now can u rest for a while not ur case :-)

    Got it. Point taken. btw good joke about case.

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  • bc_rp
    12-11 02:08 PM
    The reason for your delay is because of a new rule instituted by the consulates. Here is a extract from on that topic.

    PIMS Verification Required for Certain Nonimmigrant Visas
    Posted Dec 07, 2007
    The U.S. Department of State (DOS) issued a directive in November 2007 to the U.S. consular posts that the correct procedure for visa issuance in nonimmigrant categories H, L, O, P, and Q will now require consulting an electronic record. The purpose of the Petition Information Management Service, known as PIMS, is to verify that the employer's underlying petition has been approved by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Even if a beneficiary takes an original I-797 approval notice to the interview, previously sufficient basis for visa issuance, s/he now will have to wait until the information is confirmed through PIMS.
    Not Fully in Place, but Verification May Be Effective Immediately
    While nonimmigrant visa appointments can be scheduled on the basis of approved I-129 petitions and I-797 approval notices, per the DOS instructions now in place, no visas may be issued without verification through the PIMS system. Because no further guidance from the DOS has been issued as of this writing, some consular posts are taking the position that the new directive is effective immediately.
    48 Hours for New Approvals to be Available in PIMS
    Seeking clarification on the new electronic record visa issuance procedure, the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) contacted DOS officials who indicated that, as of November 29, 2007, the data on approvals had not been electronically transferred. Where consular notification is requested, however, information on new approvals should be available in PIMS within 48 hours.
    Domestic Clearinghouse Option for Verification
    DOS has stated that, in the event that an overseas consular post cannot obtain verification of an approved petition through PIMS, it may submit a request through a domestic clearinghouse that can confirm with USCIS that a petition has been approved. The DOS, however, has failed to indicate the processing time for such a request or the number of cases it anticipates may not currently appear in PIMS.
    How quickly or efficiently the new verification process through PIMS will work remains to be seen. Visa applicants who may be affected by this new process are encouraged to plan well in advance of their visa appointments so that they are prepared if the visa issuance takes longer than expected. We will continue to share updated information with MurthyDotCom and MurthyBulletin readers on developments regarding this new system.


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  • VA2008
    03-26 05:14 PM
    I got a Soft LUD too on March 25th,2009. Probably routine scanning of applications to check if all documents are there or not. My receipt date is July18th,2007 btw.

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  • gsc999
    05-24 05:08 PM
    Clinton and Obama voted for it.


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  • coopheal
    04-28 05:27 AM
    Added to Wiki here After GC Dos and Donts (

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  • DesiGuy
    09-17 01:50 PM


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  • Canadianindian
    11-25 02:05 PM
    Can the spouse not get here own work permit such as H1-B, etc after she come here on a H4?

    Also, can she be not added to the GC process at the time te PD becomes current?

    How true! In fact not only we have to maintain H1B to be able to "bring" spouses but we have to MAINTAIN H1B until the our PD becomes current to be able to maintain spouse's H4 status.

    THIS SUCKS. Is there any thread which discusses this issue in detail?

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  • Macaca
    03-09 12:15 PM
    I understand that IV has purchased a system (used at other places also). It may not be possible to configure it according to every requirement.

    I don't think IV has the source code for the system. Even if they have the source code, it will take a while to modify it according to all requirements.


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  • add78
    06-13 10:51 AM
    As of now there are more than 8000 views for this thread. If we just take that each of us might have visited this thread 50 times.. .That would still take us to 180 odd unique visitors...

    and if you look the survey..JUST 90 Calls so far.. Why there is a disconnect here/??? because we postpone and don't do our part...

    If efforts fails, it is only ourselves to blame.. Platform is set and try to atleast help by sparing 10 mins of your day... Take this matter to your heart and

    JUST DO IT>>>>
    You are the perfect example of what IV looks for in its new members. Enthusiastic, Energetic, Encouraging and Endeavoring.
    Keep up the good work.
    Folks, there is no great feeling than when you feel you are making the difference. Call, Donate, Rally others and feel the rush.

    Yes We Can? Sure We Can.
    Yes We Will? Sure We Will.
    But All Is Nil, Unless We Do The Thing.

    Thank You.

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  • rajmehrotra
    09-17 02:18 PM
    Laws are like sausages, it is better not to see them being made.
    - Otto von Bismarck


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  • gsc999
    07-14 09:50 AM
    Apologies for the afterthought, this may not be necessary but carry your H1-B with you to the event venue.

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  • babu123
    08-25 01:21 PM
    ICICI Bank are suckers. They charged me Rs. 900 with fault on their side.
    They raised the minimum balance from Rs 10K to Rs 15,000 from April 1, 2008 onwards. They didnt notified me in email and letter. But they charged 900 to me , stating I didnt maintained the required balance.
    I fought with them that I will take ICICI to court of law and sue atleast 10,000 US dollars if they dont credit the money. The next day, they credited Rs.900 .
    I decided not to make any more transactions with this CRAP bank. They will very less dollar conversion rate.


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  • Leo07
    12-01 01:18 PM

    I know many of you may have already thought about this at some point. I'll lay out my views on the donations...IV can object/correct.

    I'm following the donations thread along with many of you and there is not much to be excited there.2000$ in 2 weeks....for all the Agenda that pappu has posted. I understand that everyone(including me)...will have limited resources at our disposal every month...may it be mortgage/daycare/medical/school or those unexpected the bottom line is there is not much room to increase our monthly contributions contributions.

    I was thinking...we are 25000 'real' people...and there are more than one visit by each person to this site.

    1. Can IV use any space to that IV can get some AD Money?

    2. Is it possible to get some space on popular pro-immigrant or immigrant driven donate to our cause?

    3. Would it be possible to split the donation denominations further 5 dollars..or even that all immigrants...including people who got the GC's/Citizenship can contribute with out looking deeper into their pockets.

    4. Optional....ebay/paypal donation to the peoples questions/answers...Mind you it is totally optional...if you want to donate 5/10/20/100...or how important the question is and hw satisfied the person is with the information...etc

    5. DOnation boxes at Immigrant owned grocery stores...with out compromising their principles

    Folks, I have layed them out with good intentions...and have also given a thought of what I personally can do for each point above...I'm not expecting the vultures to prey...on the post with mundane comments.


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  • ajmalnasar
    06-14 01:20 PM
    AabTuAgaGC, just for a reminder when you go to US consulate for H4 stamping for your spouse, you need a proper proof of marriage and that requires marriage certificate, annotaion of husbands name in wife's passport, wedding card, wedding pictures, so just marriage on paper wont do. Also please keep in mind if you are from india, different state has different rule for issuing marriage certificaten some state take a month before they issue marriage certificaten some state give the certificate in a week.Marriage act in idia is satewise and not federal. Also if your would be spouse does not have passport it wold take a couple of weeks to get Passport under tatkal service, hence before you bring in your wife to US, if you get married in Oct/Nov, it would take another month to get the appointment, get marriage certificate, passport etc. So act now otherwise you might be late.

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  • JazzByTheBay
    12-12 09:03 PM
    However, as far as access to some information and benefits goes, this can be restricted to members. If you think this issue impacts you as severely as it does, why the hesitation to ensure something gets done about it, and get regular access to information and benefits without the clutter?


    I dont think it's a good idea. The fundraising thread demonstrates that we do have people who understand the stakes and are willing to do something about it. Ofcourse we need a lot more money but we should be able to persuade people to contribute voluntarily. I don't like exclusive clubs

    11-04 12:59 PM
    Feb 2003!

    I feel this is too small a specimen to predict anything but so far about 25% are Jun 2003 or older...

    Below is purely my speculation!

    Assuming there are 400k applications pending (may be a bad assumption) > so about 100k with PD's Jun 2003 or less...

    10k per year allotted so 10 years to reach June 2003 :confused:

    I hope my calcs are wrong! God Bless us!

    Guys: This is just for EB3-India category.

    07-17 10:49 PM
    Guys , I think this issue has been discussed lot of times.
    1) USCIS do not allot immigrant visas, It is alloted by DOS.
    2) DOS needs a fix in the current EB laws to capture unused visa.
    3) I am not sure if we can push any change in law, given the current Iraq war quagmire.

    But I hope they speed up the overall application processing times, with all the increased Fee money they will get from July 30th (by investing money on IT).

    investing on IT?

    are they just adding equipments or are they migrating to a new system? i hope they are not migrating so that they don't have to deal with the learning curve.

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