Thursday, 23 June 2011

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  • sai
    02-28 09:07 AM
    Working as a Contractor for an Indian based Consulting Company who make the money? The company or the consultant? There you have the answer.
    (Considering the fact that you are paying for the GC process, stuck with the Company, cannot demand for a hike b’coz he know you are stuck and your H1 is 6+ years)

    I am not talking about SAP Consultants. Take an average Software Consultant.

    The Story may be different when working for a “friends” Consulting Company. But this is in general.

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  • rc0878
    09-20 09:07 AM
    Please check my signature!!!!

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  • sss123
    10-18 01:31 PM
    Hi sbind

    how to get Permanent Resident stamp on my passport. is it though INFOPASS . can you please give some details which option to select 1 or 2? and when we will approximately get info pass appoint ment if we book today?

    Option 1)You need Service on a case that has already been filed

    Option2 )You are a new Permanent Resident and have not yet received your Permanent Resident Card

    and asso what are the documents they will ask at the time of infopass.


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  • ram_nara303
    09-11 03:19 PM
    Gave a green for the detailed process of a bill becoming a law.


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  • Pagal
    03-23 05:26 PM
    Hello jsb,

    Yes, I guess I went through that scrutiny when I submitted the employment letter and payslips and W-2 last month...the IO had told me that he had employment letter from 2007 so he would like a current one and he wanted my tax details compared to W-2 to see if there was any other income apart from my job income.

    Time will tell... :)

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  • nonimmi
    05-22 03:14 PM
    lets come back to the point....
    How can we all become ILLEGAL....

    1) Just resign your job, stay in the country for 2 days and u are illegal....

    What other options do we have? Please explore them here

    1. Goto queens NY and join a fish shop. Most of them dont want to be legal though :) as they have to pay tax!!
    2. Go climb Statue of Liberty wearing a T-shirt "Gimme Z"


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  • nonimmi
    06-15 02:27 PM
    I guess at least 5-10% of GC applicants are in and around Edison NJ!! You guys will have to fight hard to get into the doc's office. :D

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  • sudhakar_p_v
    05-27 07:25 PM
    Hi all,
    I have sent my application for ead renewal on 05/03 to phoenix lockbox. The application was rxd. and signed for on 05/04.
    However i have not seen my checks cashed yet nor received any information from USCIS.

    has anyone else experienced delays with phoenix lockbox?
    What steps can i take now?
    please advice.


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  • pappu
    12-26 11:21 AM
    So you mean I should not even think of invoking AC21 EVEN after 180 days ?

    Maybe some people had problems using AC21. But at the same time a lot of people do use it. Every person must take the decision after consultation with a good attorney in AC21 matters and after looking at their own GC, Job, career and personal life situations. There are some areas like salary and same or similar job criteria that must be carefully looked at. There is no general answer to the question above. Each person must do what is best for them. It is speculated that a lot of people will invoke AC21 from next month after crossing 180 days and seeing that the upcoming visa bulletins will only push the dates back for countries like India and China. This would certainly frustrate a lot of people who do not see any career growth and may have to decide if they wish to be stuck in the same job for several more years or change jobs.

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  • hankles
    01-27 12:00 PM
    Here is a job lead I received recently. If anyone's interested, send me a message and I will be glad to provide the contact details.

    I trust all is well. I am working with a small consulting client who may have a contract (1099) need in the next couple of weeks. This would be initially a few month project focused on identifying strategic sourcing opportunities with indirect spend. So we are looking for candidates with broad, indirect strategic sourcing experience. The travel would be something like 50% on site and 50% at home. The client is located in the San Jose area. Ideally we are looking for someone in either Atlanta or the Bay Area, but will consider all locations.

    I was hoping you may know someone who would be interested in this opportunity. If so, please feel free to pass along this email. (For interested candidates, please email me a copy of your resume and we can set-up a time to talk.)


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  • sam_hoosier
    12-15 09:40 PM
    Hi to all,

    MY I 485 RD is August 14, 2007, 180 days rule will end on 10 Feb 2008.
    I am planning to use AC21 on Jan 20th itself with three weeks vacation notice to current GC filing employer to go for Contract to Hire job.

    Is it safe to do?

    I do maintain good relationship with current employer.
    But not sure, what will be his reaction after three vacation notice ends and he comes to know I have switched job.

    Also my LC as Programmer Analyst, but the new job would be Database Administrator.
    Is this will be issue?

    Could you advise on these questions?

    Thanks to all.


    ** Sponsor of two IV members to attend DC rally.

    Keep in mind that employer can revoke I-140 before your 180 days are up. If its just a question of a few weeks, why are you taking a chance ?

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  • sidbee
    05-12 04:54 PM
    This thread is a crap fck.
    Why are we speculating the dates just for the heck.Pl stop this.


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  • win_or_win
    03-30 10:45 AM
    If you are working on H1, #2 is not an option. You will be violating immigration laws by accepting payment from unauthorized sources by doing so.

    Thanks guys for your reply. This was tremendous knowledge that you guys dumped in.

    Let's say if I am on the green card (EAD) , then still I can not evade this tax situation correct ?I mean if they pay me and I pay to the company in India who is really responsible for the service.

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  • DSJ
    05-30 01:09 PM
    I had similar issue with my spouse H4, then I applied her H4 again before the I-94 expires on the pass port. In my case (h4) costed only $200, I didn't wanted to take a chance then applied and got the extension. If you want to safeguard your status, you better apply for H1 extension, if it is really expiring they will extend your H1 otherwise they might return saying you cannot apply for extension prior to 6 month of expiring.

    So decide yourself, don;t ask peoples opinion too many times, you always get mixed results.

    NOTE: according to my employer, I-94 given at the POE super seeds all the other form of I-94.

    I visited my local USCIS office and the officer told me that they don't do I-94 updates and asked me to contact the CBP office. When I called them up to get an appointment, I got transferred to a lady who asked me the details. After listening to my case she said its perfectly okay and asked me to attach the new I-94 from the 797 to the passport. Is this true?

    I am trying to get hold my lawyer but in vain. Please help!!!


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  • 485Mbe4001
    07-09 06:48 PM
    see below:

    Let us say I accumulate 40 points and return to India for good. Do I still get Social Security in India if -

    1. I am a US Citizen living in India?
    2. If I am a GC holder living in India?
    3. I am neither a US citizen nor a GC holder living in India?

    Any helpful links are appreciated. I have tried to calculate benefits using Social Security benefits calculator, but if you key in residence outside USA and non-citizen, it does not work...
    Dont bother calculating this because by the time you become 65 SS will not be the same as it is today, it can be bankrupt or the retirement age would increase to 75..80 god knows. I dont think anyone can give you a solid answer to this particular question. the calculator does not include your specific situation

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  • anu_t
    08-04 12:53 PM

    I am in eb3 with priority date jan/2007 and working with EAD and 485 pending.

    my sponsered employer willing to promote me with my position and i was having thought of filing a new case in eb2 and port my eb3 priority date. my company has different sister company working in different areas, can I file my eb2 application from other sister company not from the company where my eb3 is filed?

    Also I have 3 years degree and 1 year pgdca plus 10 plus years of experience. I wanted to know if you know anybody who filed eb2 with 3 years degree and 1 year pgdca? according to my research i may have trouble at 140 stage?

    if my eb2 gets denied, what happens to my eb3 case?

    Please advice.


    I know you won't like my reply but it is tough to get EB2 case approved with 3 years degree. Just what i observed in my circle. But if you feel comfortable doing it go ahead.


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  • visves
    01-26 12:51 PM
    I am not sure what your point is. I am contributing monthly and I am not trying to judge anybody here. All I am trying to say is there needs to be alternate ways of reaching people unless all the 8400 registered people frequent the forums here. Please try to read the post properly before jumping to any conclusions.

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  • n_2006
    01-07 09:02 PM
    What kind of information you are looking for? Their client list?

    going to ...... I can not go in there. Probably too many people looking for info......

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  • axp817
    08-19 10:09 AM
    Background: Current AP expires on Oct 24 2010. I don't have the new AP yet, but I should have it soon, and I expect it to be valid from Oct 25 2010 - Oct 25 2011.

    Question: Am I allowed to leave the US on Oct 20 2010 (during the validity of the old/current AP) and return on Oct 30 2010 (during the validity of the new AP) if I carry both APs with me?


    08-13 11:56 PM
    possible reason for mysterious rejections :

    You are a mail room guy, you go home friday (06/29) and comeback on monday (06/02).
    You start the monkey business of timestamping incoming mail, but half an hours into the day (around 8 or 9:00 am), you realize "sshhttt: i did not change the date on my stamp, its still read 06-29-2007". In the classical govt. fashion, you do not bother to go back and restamp the applications with the correct datetime. Not because you are evil, but because you simply don't understand the ramifications of early stamping. You think u are doing the guy a favor, putting him/her early in line.. but guess what... the guy's application is gonna get rejected.

    Could this be the case with some apps mysteriously being rejected?

    my application reached NSC at 7:55am on July 2nd and I got my physical receipt notice today, mine was signed for by R Williams. checks didnt get cashed yet.

    04-06 03:51 PM
    Did'nt you read Mr. 485Mbe4001 posting ?

    you created a new account just to post this? :)

    Let us talk about what good immigrants have done like opening companies, creating jobs, inventions etc.

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