Friday, 24 June 2011

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  • indianindian2006
    04-16 10:33 AM
    For my situation discussed above, I took an infopass appointmnet at Baltimore and they couldn't offer a concrete answer since the case is pending with TSC. They asked me to reply to RFE asking for extension and provide supporting documents. I'm not sure if that would be accepted and results in denial of I-485.

    In 2005 for a family based I130 I recd an RFE for birth cert which was not available and somehow could not arrange for the negative certificate in time and asked them for an extension as my papers were to come from from mumbai and it would take more tiime as we had to get the documents from courts in mumbai and ahemdabad.I was sent a denial notice and had to fie a motion to reopen and pay attorney extra money to get the case reopened.So as far as I know they do not issue any time extensions and would decide the case on basis of documents submitted and if these documents are letters asking for more time then I assume they would deny the case as they did for me in 2005.
    Good luck.

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  • anzerraja
    07-19 08:46 PM
    There is a funding drive in this other thread towards reimbursing Aman's expenses.

    Could you please pledge an amount ?

    I know Aman has made a no. of trips to DC & these are not cheap.

    Let us all contribute to pay back all his trips .

    I am serious about it as people have no idea what people like Aman & others have done / sacrificed. If fact, we should authorize the Money Manager of IV to immediately release the entire amount Aman & others have spent since 19th December 2005.

    I am sure IV must have funds to handle this... if not, atleast start a part payment each month immediately

    I do not know, what is IV's internal procedure for these situations.

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  • vine95050
    12-09 11:33 AM
    Use this link:

    click on "Register" on the left to create an account and you will be able to check the status of your application.
    Everytime USCIS makes a decision or simply has a look at your file, there will be a new date or "LUD".

    Congrats on your successful journey! Can one file WOM after 6-7 months of waiting on 485 with pending security check from fbi? Thanks.

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  • sertasheep
    04-19 12:03 AM
    we both (sertasheep and docblanche) have contributed 400$ so far.


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  • dr_vroeg
    06-07 12:23 PM
    it's a "skin" if you were to wrap the thing celophane with your design you wouldn't see the wheel or the screen... I say play with the screen, the button but not the wheel. besides, you would rub it off in one day and then it would reaaly look like arse.

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  • grupak
    06-17 03:01 PM
    What can be done?

    Participate in IV actions. Call the lawmakers.


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  • uma001
    05-25 02:35 PM
    This si for Akp

    What's up buddy. This si your first post. What have u been doing all this time?
    We are paying taxes along with SSN taxes. We have rt to ask or to bash this system.

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  • purplehazea
    02-06 11:14 AM
    So How come all we hear from the core team is requests for contribution? There is no detail of any actions/efforts that are happening currently? It will certainly be more engaging for all members to at least know what efforts are being worked on currently? I think expectations need to work both ways otherwise you just have an autocratic organization that has to follow and do as the leaders choose to do. Just my 2 cents and all you frustrated folks please take a deep breath before jumping in.


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  • niklshah
    01-30 07:54 PM

    people are voting really good..i wish same response would have came for sending letter to washington and IV....

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  • mallu
    11-17 10:37 AM
    I filed 485 in Sep 2003.
    First Finger Print is done in Aug 2004.
    Second Finger Print is done in April 2007.
    Took Infopass on Sep 11th 2007 and I was told by Officer that everything looks good but still pending and asked me to check after 2 months.
    Took Infopass again on Nov 13th 2007 and came to know that FBI Name Check is Pending on my and my wife's cases.

    How do I know how long FBI Name Check is Pending on my case ?

    You filed in Sep 2003, right ? So name check is pending for 4+ years. Why didn't file WOM on them ?


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  • gc_freedom
    07-01 08:54 PM
    It is sad to say the thread started by one of the senior member on similar lines was closed abruptly for discussion.I know IV's main intension is to help on immigration front but it won't be too different to help other immigrant brothers trapped in situations like this.

    Are there any reservations on voicing opinios about this?


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  • Libra
    07-15 01:17 AM
    I just signed.....


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  • chetanjumani
    03-13 10:59 PM
    There was a topic where googler had explained that as per DHS employee, unused Eb2 Worldwide goes to Over subscribed Eb2, so Eb2 India and Eb2 China.

    It appears that the policy was always this, but since there were no excess Eb1 in the last couple of years, there was no spillovers in the last 2 years, howeever this year there are higher number of unused EB1.

    In fact the way it appears is :

    EB4 unused ==> spills over to ==> EB1
    EB5 unused ==> spills over to ==> EB1
    EB1 unused ==> spills over to ==> EB2 world wide.
    EB2 Worldwide unused ==> spills over to EB retrogressed.

    So before any spill over to EB3, visas are given to EB2 category.

    Since the unused EB2 visas are given to retrogressed countries, I believe that more visas are used by country that has more retrogression. But if there is any future movement in EB2, than both India and China could experience it.

    From forums, it appears that one of the important driving force behind the visa usage is the actual adjudication of cases from USCIS. Since generally USCIS does not really process enough cases to use all visa's(to ensure they are not wasted), every year there will be a need to have substantial movement in the cut off date to generate more demands for visa's, not just in AOS, but also CP.

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  • nviren
    04-12 01:44 PM
    My second contribution of $100 is in the mail and on the way.



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  • aadimanav
    10-16 12:57 PM
    How do I find out that I am "suffering" from namecheck? :confused:

    PD: EB3 --> April 2004 --> India
    I-140 Approved.
    I-485 Received on July 2, 2007
    Fingerprinting --> DONE

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  • kakarla
    03-16 09:09 PM
    I have used the below thread when I was in the same situation as yours. Hope this helps.



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  • fasterthanlight�
    06-07 04:29 PM
    Ya but thats not really a skin....... its the end result of the design.

    I think you guys are misunderstanding what benkobe meant by "skin"

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  • baskarans
    03-30 02:52 PM
    Got Two soft luds on mine and my wifes one on 3/17 and one on 3/18 no RFE or anything yet. People who say they got RFE after Soft lud could you Please Post how long after the soft LUDS you got RFE (hard LUD)

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  • anandrajesh
    03-26 04:04 PM
    how long after the soft LUDs did you get the hard LUD (RFE)?
    And what was the RFE for?
    I had a soft LUD on 3/19/09.
    Nothing has happened since.
    Thanks for your time.

    Same here. Applied for AP. Got a soft LUD on my I-485 on Mar 25, 2009, got my AP approved on Mar 26, 2009. Does this mean they checked my 485 application prior approving my AP? or are they pre-adjucating my application? Will wait for a week or 2 to see if i receive any RFEs.

    My PD is EB-3 I, Mar 2004 and no way closer to being current.

    07-10 12:52 PM
    What is our next action item...What is the IV Core think we should do..?

    04-30 01:42 PM
    Thanks. I have seen this document before, and if we are both looking at the same place (top of page 10), this is an average estimate that sweeps lot of detail under the carpet. USCIS's yearly updates ( reveal more. As I said earlier, depending on where you live, your processing time can be anywhere between 5 and 15 months. From my visits to several naturalization-related threads, I have rarely seen anybody who became citizen under at least 1 year, going as far back as 2002. You are right, we won't expect another rush now as it was in year 2007 (compare the "Total" number naturalized in 2008 with that in 2007, Table 2, page 3, here ( But then, who knows what can happen after 5 years.

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