Thursday, 16 June 2011

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  • gcformeornot
    07-02 07:53 AM
    leave my indian employer soon. they are saying they have 90 days notice period.... which was set from india. I work in ohio which has "employment at will" law... I am not going to serve the full notice period..... but if they deduct any money..... I am going fight like hell.... planning to complain to DOL and state govt office......I will keep updated on what happens....

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  • rambab
    07-15 06:39 PM

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  • akred
    07-14 07:31 PM
    Guests and members,

    Please take the time to sign this petition so that it can be delivered to CNN as soon as possible.

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  • chanduv23
    01-29 07:21 PM
    I know a lot of people using pre approved labor certs waiting for GC. What happens to them? I think this rule will affect only those who are trying to do Labor substitution in future.


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  • tulips
    05-14 04:33 PM
    Well said and I agree. USCIS can be more transparent and be clear. They can always tell us that it would take X years and people can plan better and decide accordingly. Why cant they do it is beyond my reasoning. Frustrating part is they wont do that! Everyone makes alternate plans and has a threshold for waiting. I guess this is what nitinboston was trying to say that dont be obsessed about it. Many people took it wrongly and started called names which just shows immaturity. Anyways, GC or no GC one should live happily wherever that be :-)

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  • sc3
    09-17 01:46 PM
    People walking in... if there is a 3PM deadline.. they are cutting it very close here.


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  • abhijitrajan
    07-14 09:07 PM
    I suggest that you remove the glass house proverb. It makes the letter look a little unprofessional. Your letter without it is already very effective. Also put the "H1-B workers are illegal" quote (if there was such statement made on his show) at the top while you put across your objection. If such statement wasn't made but implied by the guest on CNN, don't put that in quotes.

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  • trueguy
    08-19 03:24 PM
    Total AOS applications pending as of June-2008 is 740,969.
    What percentage of them is Eb-3? where did you get that 55% from?
    What % of EB3 is from india? Where did you get that 30% from?


    This pending AOS number (740,969) includes family based AOS and EB based. So we should ask them how many of these are EB based (including EB2/EB3).

    Mr Gotcher said one time that there are about 400K EB cases pending. So if that is true and USCIS doesn't waste any visas going forward then this backlog should clear in about 3-4 years assuming same rate of new applications in EB2 category


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  • kubmilegaGC
    09-15 11:14 PM
    It seems like its just me and kubmilegaGC left from June 2004. Anybody else from June 04?
    We are going to GET THERE @cali - really anyone else with June 04 or prior?

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  • jetflyer
    01-19 08:50 AM
    This doesn't effect me. However, I am big opponent of divide-n-rule, so for my fellow immigrants I am with you, if we proceed towards LS I will donate $1k to the cause.

    Poll needs to have more options like: No effect, but will contribute


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  • arrarrgee
    07-19 09:00 AM
    I hope you are not kidding...i feel so guilty now...i posted this to the CORE on another thread..

    "guys..Could you pls let us know why we have 100 as the minimum amount for contribution...i also noticed that the recurring contribution is 50 instead of the usual 20. Guys dont get me wrong. I wanted to call up my friends and ask them to contribute for IV...but i guess we should let them decide the minimum amount...or atleast have 50 and 20 as the minimum and recurring contrubutions respectively...I myself wanted to sigh up for the recurring contribution...but 50 every month hits me on my face..
    Even economics says so..haven't you heard of the Laffer Curve?"

    No. It's not a typo. I had met Aman in a conference in December. He was talking about selling his house to contribute to IV (I really hope he didn't have to). But he has contributed a small fortune to this effort.

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  • desi3933
    08-19 03:38 PM
    Seriously, folks. What's with this thread? Total waste of time.

    Someone announces his 'greatest achievement' ... others challenge him to show true patriotism... yet others ask him to continue supporting India etc., AND this chap actually responds :)!

    Wow! Seriously we all have too much time on our hands to be self promoting / congratulating / reminiscing etc...

    Glad that this person will call US Senators etc., lets thank him for that and keep moving... instead of grilling him on things that matter to you! He owes you all no explanations or apologies.


    >> Welcome to the FIRST Indian who is a US Citizen
    Not sure what you mean here. :confused:

    >> He owes you all no explanations or apologies.
    Thanks and I appreciate that.


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  • NKR
    08-20 12:56 PM
    NKR - Sorry, I wasn't very clear and it got misunderstood.

    What I am trying to say is that whether GC takes 1 years or 5years, it is worth the wait IMHO. If I have to do all over again knowing it could take 5-6 years, I will do it. But that's just my personal opinion.

    How are things going on your side, NKR? Good Luck.

    I am an early 2004 EB2 filer. I am hoping that mine would get approved at least before Oct. My EAD, AP, H1 and DL is getting expired in Oct. Glad to know that citizenship is making a difference in your life. I am happy for you. Good Luck

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  • gk_2000
    04-22 01:04 PM
    another nice topic to debate....i know that i debated with people about this a while ago and they made good arguments why setting immigration limits/controls by country origin is not discrimination.

    Besides the limit is the same for all countries so very difficult to argue for discrimination

    It is about individuals, not nations.

    I am from India, and I am waiting for someone from other countries who does not even exist. And someone who does not exist (as yet) has a place reserved for him ahead of me, just because he is from that country

    Maybe there is a better way of putting this.. no inspiration right now :)


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  • jayram123
    07-18 11:23 AM
    Let's pick up where we left off before this July 2 visa bulletin debacle (and the resulting struggle). Though the whole fiasco did get us our first taste of success, imho, and as such isn't insignificant by any measure.


    Let us do that. Please!! We can't stop now. We need to fight to fix the broken system. Let's get ideas on what all we would like and suggest to core. I am sure they know already but it helps to know what everyone else is thinking, right?

    1) I would like to get opinion from CORE if we need to support the SKIL bill that is being re-introduced by Senator John Cornyn
    2) Need to have a way to re-capture visa numbers

    What are the other things that we would like

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  • pou-pou
    06-15 08:02 AM
    Ok here's a much better one than my last one, I'd like this one in the poll...

    Nice :thumb: Like it much.

    Funny how much the background makes it look better ;)


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  • yetanotherguyinline
    01-31 05:23 PM
    I remote desktopped into multiple machines I had access to and cast votes (I assume would count as multiple votes). I recommend everyone try this.

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  • sobers
    02-21 11:17 AM
    When the Irish Govt is supporting lobbying by it's ILLEGAL in the U.S, why can't we seek remedies to solve our problems- we are after all, LEGAL immigrants. There is a world of difference!

    Maybe someone should contact the Indian Consul in NY too!

    Irish Immigration Slips Into Reverse
    As Post-9/11 Security Increases Pressure on the Undocumented, Emerald Isle Offers Haven

    By Michelle Garcia
    Washington Post Staff Writer
    Monday, February 20, 2006; A03

    NEW YORK -- By now the shipping container carrying Jonathan Langan's material life in the United States has arrived in Ireland. The plush green furniture, his American flag and the construction tools of his trade are all gone from his Queens apartment.

    Langan, a lanky, red-haired Irishman, was bidding a final farewell to his adopted country. He didn't leave for want of work -- his fledgling construction company was booming. Success was his problem. The more prosperous his company became, the more Langan feared he would get snared by immigration agents.

    "You don't want to give off red flags because you're not supposed to be working," said Langan, 24, who lived illegally in the United States for three years. "It's too dangerous, what happens if you get caught."

    The green is draining out of the Irish immigration boom that revitalized neighborhoods across New York over the past two decades. Fear of getting caught in a post-Sept. 11 net coupled with the booming economy in Ireland is drawing thousands of Irish back to the Emerald Isle. Numbers vary on how many have left: The Irish government estimates that about 14,000 Irish returned from the United States since 2001, with more than half of them coming from New York. The Census Bureau reported that between 2000 and 2004, the Irish population throughout the United States shrank by 28,500 people, to 128,000.

    A more vivid picture of the exodus is the Gaelic downtown of the northern Bronx, on the border with Yonkers, where green signs and shamrocks decorate store windows.

    The Padded Wagon, a popular moving company among the Irish, shipped 30 containers to Ireland in the past three months, each containing the possessions of an Irish family. The Irish games -- Gaelic football and hurling -- have suffered losses. More than 200 players returned to Ireland in the past year, said Seamus Dooley, president of the Gaelic Athletic Association, which has its games at Gaelic Park in the Bronx.

    Last month, the Irish minister for social affairs visited New York, to unveil "Returning to Ireland," a guide for Irish preparing for a permanent return trip.

    "A travel agent was saying they had sold 1,700 one-way tickets to Ireland," said Geraldine McNabb, an Irish-born naturalized citizen, while she sipped a cranberry cocktail at a pub. "They're not coming back."

    Post-Sept. 11 security procedures have disrupted life for the city's undocumented Irish, who number about 20,000, according to estimates by Irish officials and activists. Few experience immigration raids in their homes and job sites. In 2005 just 43 Irish nationals were deported from the United States, none from the New York area, according to U.S. immigration officials.

    But federal and state policy changes, the fingerprinting of foreign nationals at airports and a crackdown on driver's licenses have made it much more difficult to hop a plane to visit relatives or drive a car. And tighter scrutiny of banking transactions to prevent the financing of terrorism has scared off families and made starting a business far more dicey.

    "What's more alarming to me is people who've been here for years and years are packing up. Families are moving," said Nollaig Cleary, president of the women's division of the New York Gaelic Athletic Association. "You've had the community people who set up business and their families, they're going."

    Brenda Flannagan, 31, immigrated illegally to the United States in her twenties, looking for adventure. Now she has a husband and a baby, and is looking to settle down. A trip back to Ireland to visit her parents could leave her open to discovery by immigration officials -- so she is going home for good.

    Raising a child will only compound her difficulties here. "You can't drive. It will get more difficult," said Flannagan, who expects to leave in the fall. "Things like play dates and after-school activities."

    With fewer immigrants pouring in, and so many Irish packing up, pub talk revolves around the question of the survival of the Irish spirit in New York. Irish immigrants poured in by the hundreds of thousands in the 19th century and again in the early 20th century.

    A third wave came in the 1980s when the Irish economy tanked, and it rejuvenated Irish culture in New York, as politically inspired Irish rock and hip-hop bands worked the club scene, and Irish theater and poetry spread throughout the city.

    "You have a great Irish neighborhood beginning to crumble," said Niall O'Dowd, publisher of the Irish Voice and chairman of the newly formed Irish Lobby for Immigration Reform. "Unfortunately Americans are mixing up terrorism and immigration."

    The Irish, however, retain considerable political clout. Fifteen years ago, they successfully lobbied Congress to direct tens of thousands of green cards into the hands of undocumented Irish.

    O'Dowd and other activists recently rallied the fighting Irish spirits at Rory Dolan's pub in Yonkers, as they begin lobbying for an immigration reform that includes a path to citizenship.

    The Irish government contributed 30,000 euros, ($40,000 at today's rate) to the effort. Tim O'Connor, Ireland's consul general in New York, stresses that the United States played a vital role in helping to stimulate Ireland's economic boom with investments.
    "It's in the interest of both countries that we have people who have the ability to go back and forth between both countries," said O'Connor, noting that 15 percent of new businesses in Ireland were built by returning Irish.

    Some Irish take their leave with optimism, looking to the jobs and construction boom in their homeland.

    "Everything is so good in Ireland," said Flannagan, while her husband, John, a carpenter, was at the pub enjoying "a few sociables." "There's a lot of construction work for the guys."

    Flannagan held her baby girl, a U.S. citizen and last link to the United States. "Maybe she can sponsor us when she's 21," she said. Then, she added, "I think the notion of coming back, by then, will be gone."

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  • jkays94
    06-08 07:52 PM
    You have to see my quote from the context of immigration. I never said illegal immigrants do not have any rights. Human rights are across the board. Every nation must follow these standards. Illegal immigrants can not sneak into a country and then demand that they should be given citizenship.

    Regarding undocumented workers filing with EEOC, please quote me few cases like that. I doubt if it is ever possible. In my personal opinion, when such workers are subject to deportation when found, where is the foundation in that case? Are you suggesting that non-citizens can apply for jobs in defence and aviation and complain to EEOC if rejected?

    Again this could be looked at from many angles. The right to march and demand citizenship is protected under the 1st ammendment. Whether they get the citizenship or not is another issue but indeed yes, as ridiculous as it is, one is free to have the audacity to make statements that may be ridiculous in nature and that is their right under the 1st ammendment to do so as long as they are within the borders of the US. It is these types of freedoms that distinguish America from many other countries, to the extent to where even a person subject to deportation has the right to due process. The 1st ammendment guarantees the freedom of expression. Freedom of expression further covers the right to free speech, press, assembly and to petition the government for a redress of grievances (which is what the undocumented are doing in any case) etc [more here (]

    Indeed a Federal District court has already ruled that immigration status is not a matter that is debatable in a EEOC/discrimination law suit. If the below is not sufficient there are some actual cases involving undocumented workers who were not victims of human trafficking.

    Federal Court Bars Employers From Making Issue Of Immigration Status In Discrimination Lawsuits (

    "We are pleased with the court's order because Title VII's protections against discrimination apply to all employees whether they are documented or undocumented," Burnside said. "Employers cannot discriminate against employees, and then threaten them by seeking information about their immigration status when they complain."

    If you read my other post correctly, it said the exemption was with security clearance related jobs. The two types of jobs you cited more than likely require security clearance but if they do not then its fair game for a discrimination complaint. Security clearance is only available to US citizens. My point is that if an employer with more than 4 employees whose job offering does not require security clearance or does not touch on matters of national security has a job posting claiming 'US Citizens Only' and an eligible for work non US citizen eg Green Card Holder or H1-B, EAD holder applies and is rejected primarily on the basis of their national origin or immigration status then yes, they do have credible grounds upon which to file an EEOC complaint. Note that an employer is only supposed to ask for documents that identify eligibility to work when they have made the decision to hire and are filing out form I-9. For instance there is already a case where EEOC or the DOJ won a case because an employer insisted on seeing an employee's GC and would not take an EAD. In summary, I'm not suggesting, it is the law and I believe I have given references to the relevant sections in my other post. But if in doubt, you may want to check with a lawyer and not take my word for it since I'm not one.

    04-14 12:22 PM
    Lets keep this going...great effort by IV!

    10-29 11:23 AM

    Could you please send me the letter that you sent to Sec. NAPOLITANO-

    PraveenKumar, can you fill in your profile info? How long is your case pending and where?Members won't be able to help you otherwise.

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