Thursday, 16 June 2011

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  • JunRN
    09-17 01:35 PM
    Senate S3414 must pass this as a rider to the re-authorization of e-verify. Once this pass and both houses agree, then off to whitehouse for signing.

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  • gjoe
    10-27 08:02 AM

    RESULTS : Yes - 37, No -117 ( 77+7+33) Detailed interpretation of the poll results will be put up soon. Please feel free to continue posting on this thread

    I thanks everyone for your responses. I wish you all good luck with your GC's and your lobbying.
    For all those who voted "Yes" for sure you are worth the smarts, you will be at the top no matter were you are.

    Let us all have a rally to move back to our countries on 4July2008 to symbolically show that we want our Freedom and Independence and never return back.
    If all the articles about reverse brain drain we are reading about is true they would do something to solve this GC situation. Otherwise the anti-immigrants will come to see us off while we depart this country and never to return back as H1B's trying to get GC's and live here. This will go into history, 30yrs from now and our grandchildren will read about it. And may be we will get some special pension at our home countries for returning back and helping it to do better.

    Please take the poll to indicate if you would participate in this QUIT AMERICA MOVEMENT FOR OUR FREEDOM AND INDEPENDENCE

    PS: Ask the yourself why someone had to modify a poll? Ask yourself why you have to take direction from people who can't be original.

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  • vxb2004
    07-18 05:46 PM
    My attorney sent the I-485 papers on 7/16 and it reached NSC on 7/17 at 9:36AM. USCIS announcement to accept the applicatons was done on 7/17 evening. Will mine be in the potential rejection pile? Any input will be appreciated.

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  • stldude
    07-19 09:44 AM
    PD : EB3 , May 2003
    Date Delivered : July 02 8:44 am
    Service Center : NSC
    Rejected: Not yet.. ( I hope not)


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  • fasterthanlight�
    06-15 03:48 PM
    Actually, skinning your wheel should still be allowed, a lot of the new (real) iPod skins cover the wheel while maintaining functionality.

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  • Slowhand
    07-19 02:38 PM
    Slowhand, No Offense...If I were you, I would first contribute and then deal with this later. High time to contribute. If you have already contributed, please urge your friends to do so.
    Just a suggestion, sooner or later that's the way it should be. No offense taken.


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  • arkrish68
    03-10 07:11 PM
    620,249 I-485 applications to adjust status are pending applications y09.pdf

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  • gcseeker2002
    06-23 11:14 AM
    Looks like the insurance rates are much higher even if one person's age just touches 70 , this is with patriot and protection america.


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  • Ramba
    03-10 05:47 PM
    I seriously doubt that this list is a 140 pending. Not 485. In 485 stage NIW will not come into picture.

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  • swamy
    11-20 07:44 PM
    I am still debating whether to call in or to write - but I will definitely do one of the two. I just read the other thread linked to by 'internet' above & thought I would say a couple of things to the losers at alipac who worship racists like tancredo and lou: Don't distort this thread's message - we not are trying to gag Mr.Lou however much I puke everytime I see him spewing venow on 'aliens' -and I sometimes even admire his constant state of outrage and complete lack of shame. He and his worshippers at alipac are a reminder that bigotry may have been outlawed offcially in the 60's but definitely wasn't completely eliminated for posterity -a lesson to all those who forget history and think we have always been 'civilized'; we are the nation we are today because of the tireless work of so many great leaders supported by so many forward thinking Americans of all colors -so lets be clear - we WANT LOU to spew his venom and unvarnished bigotry in Detroit - we WANT alipac to worship such hatemongers so when youngsters wonder how people could have been done horrible acts in the past we can point to you guys and say 'here you go - now know that every generation has its bigots and its the duty of decent folks to oppose them - its a constant never ending fight!'


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  • desi485
    11-24 05:49 PM
    this means EVERYONE should go with EAD

    There are both advantages and disadvantages, but if you haven't consumed full 6 years of H1B, going on EAD has certain advantages.

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  • natrajs
    09-15 11:02 PM
    @natraj - YOU ARE THERE. I remember my afternoon emails and our exchange ...How life can change in few hours :) GREAT NEWS - Congratulations on getting GREEN there is still hope for June 04...:)

    Back to counting hours for my ongoing torture...:) USCIS willing!

    kubmilegaGC, Thank Q, Infact I have scheduled infopass appointment on Sept 22nd, Which I will cancel it tomorrow, I don't know you have tried the infopass,

    Don't miss any opps, Try them all, Good Luck and Best Wishes


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  • javadeveloper
    11-25 08:10 AM
    What are the steps to follow to switch over to EAD, do i have to fill out some form and how do i i nform uscis ?

    Use EAD for working by filling I-9 form with your employer.Informing USCIS is optional.

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  • 485Mbe4001
    02-13 05:42 PM
    Please dont BS for the sake of BS'ing.
    Think before you type. The core team mentions $$ and ground work. Most are not interested in doing anything besides reading these forums. Realize the enormity of the task, the efforts required, then look in the mirror and ask yourself what you did besides BS'ing

    As mentioned In Logiclifes first post in this forum,
    Organizations who have Millions of dollar In budget for pushing and lobbying their Issues failed also for whatever reason ( He did not mention reasons ).
    Does that mean that having a fat budget does not Impact the outcome ?
    What It proves Is Its really the Politics, election, People's focus on the Issue which matters and NOT the lobbying with big fat budget.
    And If its the case then our issue will be taken care of on its own merit when all above factors are in our favour, regardless of lobbying.

    Just a thought, I hope I am not upsetting the general trend of praising efforts.


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  • pswar
    10-24 04:30 PM
    I just looked at my old cases(H1Bs-I-129) and i see LUDs on them too!!! This is so weird.

    These are from my last company!
    LUD on 05/06/2006 - Approved on October 11, 2003
    LUD on 10/21/2007 - Approved on March 19, 2002

    I see LUDs but no difference in the status. They both say approval notice sent.

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  • kkt_tkk
    09-11 03:39 PM

    ICICI (M2I) will charge , Rs.25/- for any transaction made, irrespective to amount or bank or to own ICICI a/c in India



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  • anilsal
    11-15 02:30 PM
    The only way to counter this is to get our story out in the media. i joined the forum today and went through a lot of mails on the forum. i saw pappu making appeals to members to help him write to reporters. I saw state chapter threads and only few members have actually signed up for work. see only a handful responded. others simply come on forums and rant. but only few actually do the work. I also observed members critical of Iv or telling IV to do this or that, instead of doing something themselves. My other observation is that members do not contribute money and come to this forum for free advice. Nothing in this country is free but IV is providing this forum and also free advice from lawyers. But members are simply taking advantage of IV and not paying back what they are getting from it. This has been my personal observation. Members we have seen how visa bulletins affect us and demoraliize us. why dont we all do something instead!

    You are hitting the right buttons here! You can say it is either laziness or fright/jitters or the comfort of current H1B approval/stamp that is making the large populace to sit tight.

    Guess what, once some of the battles are won (we can never win all - they will always be ongoing), we should either knight pappu or induct him to "IV Hall of Fame".

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  • chanduv23
    06-02 10:52 AM
    I am wondering if this is still happening. We don't see any new posts stating 485 has been denied.

    If anyone is facing this situation, please send me a private message.

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  • rheoretro
    09-13 03:17 PM
    We need to do something that catches the attention of the media; just getting more members and more funds may not be enough. We need to write letters to editors of major newspapers like NYTIMES and WASH POST.

    I am so glad about the strong reponse to this thread.

    I think you missed my point...we need more members because you can't get any one's time if you just want them to do something for you. You have to be prepared to do something for them. For us, when we become citizens, we need to vote. Now do you see why political parties look for numbers?

    Also, as far as our outreach in the news media is concerned, you should look at this page:

    We may not have made the news on CNN or on PBS, but we have gotten the word out across a wide spectrum of the news media...


    09-17 11:31 AM
    they are mentioning abt bill 6020???

    09-29 01:16 AM
    Hi Guru's

    A strange thing happened today....Need your help ...

    I have an H1 transfer pending with Nebraska Service Centre....

    My earlier H1 which was approved 1 year ago has been re-opened today...This is the status I see on USCIS web-site


    Current Status: Case reopened or reconsidered based on USCIS determination, and the case is now pending.

    We reopened this I129 PETITION FOR A NONIMMIGRANT WORKER on September 28, 2007, and are now reviewing our earlier decision. We also mailed you a notice describing the next steps in the process. Please follow any instructions on this notice. Our review should be completed within 30 days. We will notify you by mail when we make a decision or if we need something from you. If you move while this case is pending, call customer service.

    I don't get this...I have the following questions

    1> This H1 petition was approved 1 year ago...I have the I-797 Notice with me. Then why did they re-open this case after 1 year of approval ??

    2> My I-131, I-485, I-765 applications has been accepted and chqs encashed. What happens to them now ?

    3> What about my H1-transfer which is pending ??

    I am going nuts....anyone in this situation

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