Friday, 24 June 2011

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  • bugsbunny
    04-17 08:16 PM
    The fact that he's asking whether he qualifies for one, on an online forum,shows his level of skill and education. Enough said :)

    wow! you can't even ask your peers for honest feedback without being judged. :(

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  • akv123
    07-14 11:40 PM
    We may be angry, but let us not use bad word for him. He is doing his job and earning his bread and butter! I have heard him using very strong language against government and administration - I don't think he is against anything but he has to do certain things to maintain the popularity of his show among middle class Americans (after all it is all business!).

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  • saimrathi
    07-11 05:02 PM
    Thanks for the letter.. I will forward it to all my contacts..

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  • Macaca
    11-19 12:41 PM
    In War on the Middle Class ( Lou Dobbs says H1B workers don't pay taxes.

    However, H-1B workers are legally required to pay the same taxes as any other US resident, including Social Security and Medicare. Some H-1B workers are not eligible to receive any Social Security or Medicare benefits unless they are able to adjust status to that of permanent resident. However, if their country of citizenship has a tax agreement with the United States, they are able to collect the Social Security they've earned even if they don't gain permanent residency.

    In some cases, H-1B workers pay higher taxes than a US citizen because they are not entitled to certain deductions (eg. head of household deduction amongst many others).

    Indian techie slams CNN Lou Dobbs! ( By N. Sivakumar, October 28, 2004

    In a book titled "Dude, did I steal your job? Debugging Indian Computer programmers", the author, an Indian software engineer, has slammed Lou Dobbs of CNN for calling the foreign high-tech workers as non-tax payers, and humiliating the enormous contributions of foreign high-tech workforce to the American economy.

    "Foreign high-tech workers who come here on H-1B / L1 visas pay every tax that U.S. citizens do, including Social Security and Medicare. But if they return to their homeland, then they will not get any benefits from these programs. The recent recession cost the United States more than half a million foreign high-tech workers who had to return home after paying all these taxes. In fact, Americans owe them money"

    The author writes.

    "The ignorance to mention the stupendous contributions of immigrant high-tech workers was the primary cause for the anti-Indian atmosphere which is seen among computer professionals lately. Unfortunately, neither the media nor the public understand the foreign high-tech workforce. The net result: those who supported the foreign high-tech worker programs have taken a back seat to play safe, and Indians and others who came here on visas, and worked their butts off to make this country prosper are named 'slaves', 'dummies', and 'enemies'. writes the author, N.Sivakumar.

    The book also claims that bringing in foreign high-tech workforce at the right time was the primary reason for America's stupendous high-tech success, and gives statistics and evidence to prove that hadn't America acted quickly, the Europeans would have taken over the software dominance.

    The book also outlines the life, struggle and achievements of Indian programmers in America with entertaining facts, and is a prime discussion topic in many anti-outsourcing and immigration websites lately.


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  • richshi
    01-14 09:23 PM
    NY Eastern district? Do it yourself or use a lawyer?

    I am contemplating the same thing.

    filed a WoM (writ of Mandamus) in New York..what a joke..FBI Name check delay for 5 years !!!!

    Time to wake up FBI/USCIS

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  • GCSOON-Ihope
    12-10 10:55 PM
    Can you tell me what do i have to do for WOM. Do i have to hire a attorney or i can do myself?

    First thing first: you must find out when the Name Check was initiated.
    Again, if you just filed 485 a few weeks ago, you cannot call yourself "stuck"!
    I don't think a Mandamus can be considered until the NC has been pending for a very minimum of a year.
    Saying that, in case someday you would be in a situation where you would have no more choice but file a Mandamus complaint, yes you can do it by yourself.
    Go to the beginning of the thread "FBI name check victims" and browse through the posts, someone explained how to do it.
    Actually, check this one:


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  • indyanguy
    06-12 05:17 PM
    It�s really a sad state for us, first the lawyer�s then the BEC delayed the cases, then the july fiasco.

    With a PD of 11/01 I am not sure porting to EB2 will be worth it specially with premium I-140 gone and the costs associated, ????? :(

    I strongly think it's worth it

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  • trueguy
    08-13 05:32 PM

    The Mexico F2A and Employment Third preference cut-off dates are �unavailable� for both August and September, since those FY-2008 annual limits have been reached. The Visa Office had originally anticipated that this would be a temporary situation. Then with the start of the new fiscal year in October the cut-off dates would have returned to those which had applied during June. However, continued heavy demand in those categories may require the establishment of cut-off dates which are earlier than those which had applied in June. A formal decision determination of the October cut-off dates will not be possible until early September.


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  • addsf345
    08-20 01:11 PM
    With different employer, you can get 3 years as well, if the new employer has filed for a new PERM and you have received an approved I-140.

    that is logical, but I am asking if I transfer now, which will be a simple H1B transfer - would I get only 6 months.

    I actually received 3 years extension 2 weeks back with same employer, but considering another offer.

    From what you said, it looks like the new employer can not get 3 years extension.:(

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  • diptam
    07-16 12:39 AM
    Yes - i see my signature and comments now.

    Guys - come forward and sign this...


    I'm the petition owner.


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  • imm_pro
    06-02 03:12 PM
    Called first three and left VM..will call the rest after lunch..

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  • seekerofpeace
    09-15 09:28 PM
    No what I meant was that they don't even have the PD in front of them and no personal I guess I can take a chance....they have limited information anyway...



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  • nefrateedi
    07-20 08:33 AM
    I am not aware of anyway to check if money order is enchased or not, because, I think, you have to pay money upfront when you buy money order. However, I can be wrong.
    Why didn't you just send the check?

    Absolutely there is a way to track if a money order has been cashed. The customer service # and order # for the money order are usually listed on the bottom stub which the buyer keeps. Just call the customer service #, plug in your order number and the system should tell you if it has been cashed or not.

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  • rb_248
    02-06 04:14 PM
    PD will not move until we have 101,418 senior members in this forum.


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  • ujjwal_p
    05-23 11:31 PM
    and the point you are trying to bring up is???

    i think he may want to be the ceo of iv.

    here are my 2 cents..

    its nice to talk endlessly about what went wrong and bitch about it till the morning. one thing we all need to realise is this : we are going to have failures. period. just like we have had failures in the past. this is not going to be easy where you win every single legislation. 10% hit rate is success enough given the opposition and difficulties we face. so now, given that our batting average is going to be low, the question is this : everytime we have a failure, if people are going to sit on their butt, smoking their pipe dreams and doing monday morning quarterbacking about what part was wrong, then shouldn't they also volunteer to their local IV section to make it better? lets face it, if you really think something can be done better, then volunteer to the local IV branch and do it. everybody can benefit. but if all you are going to be doing is sitting here and posting negative messages, then you hurt everybody, starting with you. the opposition is much better organized, has more money and has great influences on the political inside. if you are not providing any constructive or organizational help, causing people to be distracted and causing IV core to lose their focus, and if you are not willing to volunteer to make it better, then in my opinion its best to step aside, be quiet and let the people in charge do it. again, if you are not helping, then you hurt everybody starting with you.

    in this case, like paskal mentioned, if you think the phone calls were not important, then you haven't seen the victory message from numbersusa where they talked about the deluge of phone calls that were made by their supporters and how crucial it was in throwing out the visa recapture amendment. if anything, perhaps we could have gotten better organized with the calls. But I suspect things also moved much faster than anyone anticipated, including IV core.

    lets focus our energies and support IV core and ourselves.


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  • kumar1
    03-11 02:21 PM
    jsb - I received an email today from CRIS that they have issued an RFE on my I-485. I am EB-3 India September 7, 2007 I-485 filer with a PD of June-2005. Like you said, they do not consider country of chargeability until the case is all set to approve.
    Otherwise, why would they touch a EB3-I case with PD of 2005.

    I am not sure what are they looking for in FRE. I want to get out of this game way or the other!

    "EB Applications pending from India" is very vague, and most probably is not what we are looking for.

    USCIS has indicated earlier that they don't know chargeability country until application is ready for approval, which may be true although we didn't want to believe this. Most likely until 485 application is approved birth country is not written anywhere other than the paper application. In most 485 application cases (family, EB and others), chargeability country is a just a matter of recording at approval time. At final approval time, when birth country is found to be retrogressed, application goes back to pending (or cold storage), but ready to approve. This also explains why cutoff dates have to rely purely on guess work, and move back and forth.

    For proper handling of cases for retrogressed countries, USCIS/DOS really have no workable method in place.


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  • BrightSpark
    06-19 02:44 PM
    In my opinion the selection tool are the first thing you should get really comfortable with. Once you have those under control youre free to alter an part of the image in any way you want to. Then its down to learning layers and blending modes. :book:

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  • eager_immi
    07-16 09:02 AM

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  • stuck_here
    01-22 04:44 AM
    I wouldn't bet on a month either. I think I'm the most unfortunate of people on the planet today :-(
    My appointment was on the 12-Dec. Visa was approved immediatly but haven't received the passport yet. I receive the same response when I call.. that its under PIMS verification. No ETA of when I can expect it to be done..

    I had a H1 transfer to a new employer and 3 year extension happen at the same time. I am not sure what the problem is and what I can do. I am totally stressed out and really depressed ..

    If someone has done something thats helped their case move along.. please PM me or reply to this post.. Thanks !

    03-29 05:02 PM
    the filling fees is variable depending on the employer

    Here is the link from USCIS
    download the form and the filing instructions which have the fee info D&vgnextchannel=7d316c0b4c3bf110VgnVCM1000004718190a RCRD

    I can assure you its usually not $4200

    11-18 05:03 PM
    Phani, Thanks for sharing! Th eonly reason for spending 1000 bucks is for such scenarios.
    If the insurance doesn't cover these cases then Atlas America is of no use.

    Thanks again!
    Took Atlas America due to their "acute onset of pre-existing clause". Mom got pneumonia 3 weeks after coming to US in April last year. They declined to cover hospital bills saying it is a pre-existing condition. Doctor's opinion was she acquired it due to cold weather and highly improbable for someone to have it not get sick for 3-4weeks. Insurance did not care. Still paying the bills.

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