Friday, 24 June 2011

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  • IamWithImmiVoice
    01-10 05:15 AM
    I have been a member of IV for a long time. I think my only contribution is when I contributed a few times for some of the efforts. I come to this forum maybe once in a quarter just hoping to see some good news on the immigration side. I see nothing, feel bad about it and leave without doing anything. Every time I leave thinking that I should start contributing instead of being a useless lurker, but somehow that thought is the end.

    My mistake and I apologize to the regular contributors here.
    Anyways I am going to contribute now. I have set up a reminder in my calender for every other day to visit IV and discuss with other members about the next approach to take. I am also looking to contribute whether it be writing letters or taking part in rallies or speaking to lawyers about the spillover.

    Again I apologize and I am looking forward to our next step towards ending our immigration woes.

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  • bluez25
    07-14 01:50 PM
    Good Luck guys. Let this event be a great Success.

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  • needhelp!
    11-14 06:49 PM
    I would understand if walking_dude was asking me to fly to Michigan and stand with a placard in front of the radio station (which I MIGHT do btw), but sending an email is a five-minute effort, which everyone can do sitting at their home/office/library.

    I don't think we will dilute any other effort through doing this.

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  • StuckInTheMuck
    04-28 07:21 AM
    is 2, 3, 4, 5 important for citizenship?
    As I said in the preface of the list, the bigger objective here is to take certain steps, including proper documentation (e.g. points 2, 3, 4 and 5), in order to maintain PR status. Besides, you never know what documents you would be asked to produce, given that the citizenship process involves more extensive background checks than the GC process. Also, having a log of exit/entry details (point #5) should help quickly fill out Part 7 of the citizenship form (

    Added to Wiki here After GC Dos and Donts (
    Thanks a bunch, coopheal. As I keep updating the list (based on feedbacks from subsequent posts), is there an easy way to update the Wiki page too?

    Never mind, I managed to update it myself.


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  • pitha
    02-05 05:16 PM
    My already high regard for IV has increased 10 fold with this clear message of yours. It was high time for all the people issuing threats that�s they would leave IV if there ideas were not accepted by IV, to just leave and do everybody a favor.

    Bravo, I salute you for your courage. Hope people will come in line and back IV core decisions and don�t fight each issue.

    Either lead or be lead. The people in the core team have come forward sacrificing there personal time and money for our cause. So lets just follow there lead and not fight IV core teams decisions.

    Before this thread takes a turn where supporters and opponents of this idea start another forum war, let me say this clearly:

    IV is not going to adopt this as an agenda item. The reason is quite simple: H4s not being able to work is low on priority of problems that need to be fixed in order to mitigate retrogression or other consequences of retrogression.

    And frankly, we do not have extra kind of support to add new agenda items on our list.

    A whopping 200 people signed up for recurring contributions of $20 per month. Out of 8000 people who registered here and got emails about it. However, almost every week, there is no shortage of new ideas and no shortage of opinions on those new ideas from people.

    We get $20 deposits each month from 200 people. But as far as opinions are concerned, we get hundreds of them each week. How nice? I wish we had some machine to convert those opinions into dollars.

    If you dont agree:

    Now, if someone feels offended by this, and feels that H4 issues are orphan issues, or if this organization does not represent them anymore since IV does not want to adopt H4 related issues on its agenda, and if that someone wants to leave, then please leave without any threats and feel free to start your own organization.

    And this thread has all the features and ingredients neccesary to become a forum war. If that happens this thread will be deleted.

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  • nitinboston
    05-14 10:39 AM
    I know some here just cant hear/consider another point of view, but by calling me names and being so upset, they only convince me further. GC pursuit has taken over lives of some. I so wish one had better pursuits in life.
    And bout calls for kicking me out, this section for analysis/discussion. If you want to throw everyone out whom you dont agree with, rename it to 'agree with me' section.


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  • saimrathi
    07-18 09:18 AM
    Date Delivered To USCIS: 7/2/07
    Time Delivered To USCIS: 7.30 AM
    Service Center: NSC
    Rejected: Dont Know
    PD: Mar 2005

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  • NNReddy
    04-19 03:09 PM
    Visa recapture will help thousands of people and move the queue up


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  • svr_76
    06-14 03:11 PM
    Yes a new memo was issued in 2009 (After DHS confirmed that they have worked with FBI to reduce the response time.) Now since FBI claims that 90/95% of the requests are happening within 6 months. DHS/USCIS is not allowing automatic approval of GC is FBI check was the only peice pending and was pending for more than 180 days.

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  • nitinboston
    05-29 05:05 PM
    Did you guys looked at the latest projections given by USCIS, its on For those who want to wait 10-15 years in limbo, i will pray for you all. For those who want to explore new options, i want to wish you best of luck,


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  • sledge_hammer
    02-01 03:16 PM
    I don't get this. Who is sponsoring this person's GC? He must have a sponsor to get the EB-based GC. He can't show his job skills as cooking !!:)

    A desi consulting company brought him to the US. When they realized he wasn't going to get a project, they just didn't let go of him. Since he was a reliable guy (1. he can be trusted with monthly grocery payment 2. his labor can be sold later to others 3. he servres as an insider who can get information if other consultants are trying to be sneaky by getting their resumes marketed by another company, etc etc, basically he is an asset even thought he doesn't have a project), they just decided to keep him there. These companies don't have attorneys. They take care of all legal matters themselves. Now, how much is hte USCIS fee to file for labor? How much to file for I-140? Peanuts right? So they continue to keep his application active. How hard do you think it is to get fake references when you can make fake resumes. They have fake pay stubs. Fake experience. Fake this and fake that. Everything they do is fake.

    So to others who have said that this thread has to be dropped, and have said that these desi companies are right in doing what they're doing, or who have blamed the system - I think that you are one of those people who are involved in such a racket. I know that I have touched your nerves by letting the whole world about this (not that some people didn't know this already). Why else would you want this thread dropped?

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  • add78
    04-27 03:46 PM
    Below is the text for Waivers.. My understanding is that if end Client gives a letter to DOL stating that they don't layoffs due to this H1B and it is a temp. labor requirement etc.. It is still harsh considering anti-immigration climate.. What is feared asked in a Visa interview will be asked by DOL for extensions. So, H1B can't be on an auto-pilot mode..

    ``(I) the employer with whom the H-1B nonimmigrant would be placed has not displaced, and does not intend to displace, a United States worker employed by the employer within the period beginning 180 days before and ending 180 days after the date of the placement of the nonimmigrant with the employer;

    ``(II) the H-1B nonimmigrant will not be controlled and supervised principally by the employer with whom the H-1B nonimmigrant would be placed; and

    ``(III) the placement of the H-1B nonimmigrant is not essentially an arrangement to provide labor for hire for the employer with whom the H-1B nonimmigrant will be placed.

    the big consulting companies (IBM/Deloitte/Accenture et al) will try to get a waiver by showing the 3 conditions above - however, they need to do so every time a current assignment for their H1B employer ends and they need to place them on a new assignment / client. At that time they need to go through the waiver again, to determine whether the end client has had any layoffs in the last 180 days.

    In short this bill is a disaster for ALL CONSULTING companies that have a large H1B population.


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  • InTheMoment
    11-10 03:03 PM
    That was a great one jthomas. 100% agree.
    Have decided to dump my H1 for good and start EAD on my new AC21 job soon.

    Using H1B makes one safe. but how many years we want to do the safe job. If I-485 gets denied do u have enough patiences to file another green card. One thing is believe is "We are here to make money, most of us are in our thirties and we have short time remaining to reach our goals. I think we all have one year EAD. wait for 6 months then go on job hopping, learn whatever you can, get into whatever you want. Start a business, do something.... Anything you do will help you in future. Sitting with H1B in pocket may take 4 years cream of your life.
    If you have the talent you can get great salaries anywhere in the world. Because of your talents and hard work you guys are here. World is not small.

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  • BMS
    01-30 01:28 PM
    With I140 PP
    H1/H4 decoupling

    is this helping us!
    will the next step help EB2 EB3 retro

    tried of waiting and reading the news


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  • chicago60607
    09-17 01:33 PM
    If today its approved in the house..we are goes the Prez for signing and we all add another card to our wallets:o

    Ohh boy, what a dream. Anyway, it needs to get voted at House. A senate version needs to pass. Both the versions have to be merged and then only president signs, long way to go.

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  • casinoroyale
    06-23 12:44 AM
    sunilbhai, thanks for the information.

    I have gone thru this whole thread and here is list of all distinct insurance plans that were brought up. It seems like
    (A) IMGGlobal is popular
    (B) ATLAS America seems to provide little hope for people looking for pre-existing condition coverage.


    1) Kaiser
    2) AIG
    3) Tata-AIG
    4) IMG Global
    7) ICICI-Lombard
    8) (India Network - Underwritten by AIG)
    10) Atlas America


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  • whatamidoinghere
    02-12 06:22 PM
    visves, Longq, alisa...

    We have a difference of opinion on how the law is interpreted....

    I believe that visves interpretation is correct....But there is always a small chance that longq does followup with a lawsuit, USCIS would budge...

    if longq wants to gather some EB2 India/China and have a crack at suing USCIS as a personal level....( i.e.not using IV's resources).....I guess no one can stop him...I am EB3/India....So that suing does not benefit me anyway...

    The common denominator for all of us is increasing the total numbers......

    If members want to pursue certain things on their own at personal level..I cannot do anything ...after all it is a free country...

    There are other quirky ways the law is getting interpreted. Why are India, China, Phil, Mex singled out in the Visa bulletin and reported separately? Where I work there are as many Russian programmers as Indians and Chinese. Judging from how long it is taking my Russian colleagues to get their green cards even they are retrogressed because it takes them more than 5 years. But because they are bunched with ROW, they are Current in EB2 and can apply for 485 and their spouses can get EAD and work.

    If it is only 2800 visas per category per country.. lets be real.. even UK, Pakistan and other countries will be sending more than that number per year. But they are all bunched in EB2 ROW and can happily apply for EAD for their spouses. Not only that, they can even participate in the diversity visa lottery from which we are excluded.

    The problem is that we are trying to ask for too much and nothing will happen. First we have to get them to be transparent about how they interpret the law and make them release more data. We dont even know if we are being treated fairly. It is also unacceptable that we dont know how long we have to wait before our spouses can work. If we dont have correct data what are we actually fighting for?

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  • 485Mbe4001
    02-05 04:19 PM
    What happens if H4 spouse is working and the primary applicant on approved I140 is laid off ?

    Seriously how long do you think you have the patience to stay in a limbo with I-485 pending. At the current rate you will be in that state for 10-15 years, think about it.

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  • vdlrao
    04-18 04:34 PM
    This is just one example, which is showing that how, long waited, EB3 friends could port into EB2 with out any issues. CONGRATS JimyTomy for your new and colourful journey.


    11-14 12:03 PM
    Only issue is one of his crowd may mug me in a subway or lonely street, or puncture my tyres, or break my windshield, attack our children... and so on.


    We would be better off not wasting our time on him or rebutting his indirect accusations, he is playing to his crowd. We should play to ours.

    07-18 01:42 PM
    Date Delivered To USCIS: 7/2/07
    Service Center: NSC
    Rejected: Dont Know
    PD: AUG 2005, EB3 India

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