Friday, 17 June 2011

tupac and osama

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  • vjkypally
    03-14 09:27 AM
    HAHAHA, YOU WISH:)Yeah I agree. We should lobby to merge EB2 and EB3. J

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  • BharatPremi
    11-01 09:32 PM
    if flowers campaign was a grand success, why not try this?
    There is nothing to lose

    Flower Campaign - Smart Strategy - Hence grand success
    This - Foolish and crazy thought... forget strategy... Photo on a Grand Children's wall with garland(shoes) on it.

    I sense " lost mind" just reading about this idea... So that is the start point for you to count what will be lost if this is done.. You or any other can add up other piles on top of that..

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  • jetflyer
    06-13 04:23 PM
    EB3 I is still very unfortunate... I guess this is how the melting pot works... correct me if I am wrong.

    Out of 140K Visas 7%= 9800 is assigned to India (All Categories)

    Out of 9800 - First EB1 then left over EB2 and Then leftover to EB3 :(

    From over all left over of 140K - First EB1 then left over EB2 and Then leftover to EB3 (all other countries) - Left over (EB3 China) - Left over to (EB3 India) :(

    EB3 India is lowest on the FOOD Chain!!!

    EB3 India is not unlucky but thats the default category for any one to apply when they or job doesn't let them go for Eb1/2.

    So the obvious reason is:
    when we have brand new lot of 85K H1s most of them apply for Eb3, and big chuck is Indian (no 7% cap here), but regardless of category, if 85k applies for GC, with one dependent it counts 130k.
    And for GC allocation we have country cap which is ONLY 7% when we have 70% applicants. Do the math, 85000*.7*2= 119000 applicants for GC from India each year and they are entitled for 140000*.07=9800 and now lets say with all favors from ROW and EB1 we got double say about 20,000 still there is a back log of about 100K each year.

    Thats assuming everybody applies for GC out of 85K H1 stock.
    Based on this I don't see EB3 to become FIFO or backlogless because the system is not balanced,

    # of ppl coming on H1 each year * xfactor = #of GC given to EB each year

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  • mallu
    11-05 10:18 PM
    No LUD since Jan 2007 on I-485 application.
    No LUD since Aug.2006 on I-485 . Who can beat me on this.


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  • karmika
    12-12 11:05 PM
    my application on , ask questions on immigrationportal.

    I still wonder why there are so many guests and members on this website. There must be something good in IV. I need to look for that.

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  • sledge_hammer
    01-31 10:32 AM
    The cut-off date is determined by #485, not LC.

    Hi waitingGC,

    Could you please elaborate? I am not talking about I-485 at this point, and I do not know what cut-off date you are talking about!


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  • nefrateedi
    07-20 09:50 AM
    i did the same, because i thought that what my lawyer wanted.
    The only way to track tme money order is after 60 day from bying it. You can go to the post office and they will invistigated. it cost 5 dollars. They wont do it before 60 days. i went and asked.

    That is true. It's a lot easier to track Western Union money orders as opposed to those that are issued by USPS.

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  • joydiptac
    05-12 11:08 PM

    US archaic GC rules just lost a potential great immigrant to Canada.

    And I agree that everyone should have a life. I suppose they have one too. They have the right to have their own opinion. Guess what? It might be that they like to hang around other Desis in the same boat that may be the reason why they come here. :D

    BTW, Congratulations for your Candian PR.



    P.S> This immigration thing is like betting on a stock. Question is do you buy "puts" to insure your long position or not? For all you know Canda might turn out to be top dog in another decade. They have the resources, the land and a bunchof good people.


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  • hebbar77
    10-10 01:43 PM
    People who want to put FD(fixed deposit), try FDs related to NRE accounts. It gives higher return+ you can get the money back to $$.

    Always good to stick to nationalised banks! Private banks offer better interest rate, but one fine day you might end up searching for a branch to get your money back.

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  • leo2606
    10-03 08:30 PM
    I second this post.

    My post is going to make few MS/Phd people angry over here. Correct me if I am wrong, but when you came here to do MS/Phd, you came on a student visa...Right? Student visa comes under Non Permanent Non Resident alien category. All of you had a burden to prove to the US consulate that after you complete your degree, you would go back to your home country. All of you prepared for that and you knew the moment you said, I might not come back, F1 would be gone! You said this...every time you went back for F1 visa revalidation. Mind you..that H1/H4 never had that burden. They could have easily said that yes, if I like USA, I might not come back.
    Now fast forward....MS/Phd is done. Suddenly...."I will go home after MS/Phd" statement is gone..and hunt for H1-B is on! Once they get H1-B, hunt for Green Card starts. Once this heavy head Phd guy, who spent last 5 years on 1500 bucks a month is in GC line....he also realizes that hey, H1-Bs should not be allowed to interfile. After all, they all work for desi consulting companies. Yeah..right! Look who is talking! All H1s should come in EB-3, after all they did not go through 1500 bucks a month for 5 years.
    Here comes a Phd guy who always lied to the system saying "I love my home country, my research would do wonders to the society at home" is not leaving any stone unturned to get his GC (faster than anyone else).....tell me, who is inferior? A Phd student who lied to the system for 4/5 years and suddenly changed his intent or an H1-B candidate who never had the burden to prove that he would go back.

    All of us are part of this very painful journey! I have spent 8 years on H1-B and I am still waiting for my GC. I work for a desi consulting company, my GC is in EB-3, I have a B.Tech. degree from IIT and I am sick and tired of this GC mess.


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  • chetanjumani
    03-14 01:16 AM
    Ok. I agree with everything you say but you still haven't explained why EB-2 China hasn't moved. They never were Unavailable, which means they haven't used their quota but are still retrogressed. Why absolutely no relief for them? Not even a month forward movement?

    To be honest, I have no way to know why absolutely no change for China. There have been times earlier where India and China had similar cut out dates, then they changed dramatically, then India became unavailable, and now they are same again. With so much happening, I would say its very difficuilt to have a logical reason with no real data.

    All I can come up is that perhaps China might had a little higher demand than India in the last few months, or just that in case of spill overs, most visas might be consumed by countries most retrogressed, or perhaps DHS believes that the number of visas spill over would be only enough to cover EB2 Inida + EB2 china up to a certain date and China was already at that date, so if the demand is less than expected, then we will see movement in both India and China.

    Wish best for all Employment based filers. Hopefully some law change comes and justice is done to every one.

    I would hate to see different immigrant groups worrying about which group is getting ahead.

    Keep contributing to IV effort and hope no one need to go through extended wait times..........

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  • sathishav
    04-19 09:28 AM
    Congrats OP. That is real good news. encouragement to all other eb3 folks out there.


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  • h1techSlave
    07-11 01:00 PM
    Just wondering why USCIS is neither accepting nor rejecting the July 2nd application? How long can thy hold applications like this? Can they leverage this in their favour in the class action lawsuit? Is this procrastination deliberate , considering its legal implications?

    Both the AILA and USCIS are playing hide and seek. Who ever shows up first, basically looses. So both are still hiding and we are loosing our sleep. :)


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  • karthiknv143
    07-12 12:39 AM
    "The Department's unprecedented decision to reject adjustment of status applications has caused needless hardship and disruption to countless immigrants," noted Rep. Zoe Lofgren. "It has also come to my attention that USCIS began returning visa numbers to the State Department as early as Thursday, July 5, 2007, due to their inability to review applications effectively. The Department of Homeland Security has once again demonstrated its inability to complete even its core missions. This debacle demonstrates the need for more transparency and oversight of the department's operations and procedures."

    Aug bulleting AGAIN ???


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  • sc3
    08-11 05:41 PM
    IV tracker shows 3000+ EB3-I applicants, however, it is not a good tool to make analysis off of. The sorting function does not consider month-year combo. Anybody knows how to download the data to run your own post processing??

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  • bluekayal
    05-20 12:55 PM
    Could anyone recommend medical insurance for parents over 80?


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  • kumar1
    06-12 05:16 PM
    Check Home page of USCIS.

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  • msyedy
    02-14 11:12 AM
    Anand's post
    Ok, if advertising is too far-fetched, then hold some cultural events and make money on those. Brainstorm with members to find other ways to make money. People are not going to contribute. That is the writing on the wall. There is lack of trust and lack of faith in IV. IV will have to figure out ways to generate cash from other things than member contributions. If I remember correctly, people contributed nearly $200K and have got nothing to show for that.

    Attack my ideas and not me. Then we can have a debate conducive to achieving our goals.

    Good man, true... people who have contributed and have not seen any results. I was searching for Logiclifes post where he mentioned
    "It is time that IV shows some results", I will search and put it on my another post.

    Anai mentions about Gandhi giri. He/she claims fighting for GC is the same as Independence.
    "Waik up". You can't go on the streets and say this is our right (get GC) and fight for it. India was and is our country that is why we did it.

    People will curse me now, would say why I am still hear if I am against.
    I am against the policy, the strategy being used. IV said asking for 90000 unused visa numbers will add more controversy and It will be difficult to pass in the approp bill.
    Lot of members did not agree, we went for I-485 because IV mentioned
    this is the only thing that can be pushed easily.

    Now when they see a chance to push for Schedule A worker visa increase, we start pushhing for visa numbers.(1-485 gone now)

    Think for a while that there might be so many organizations supporting illegal immigrants that has plenty of money and are unable to pass anything.
    They protested on the streets..president pushed for a reform and what happened. Most lawmakers do not have any Idea about legal issues,
    so these law makers can and will only attach our reforms to the comprehensive bill.

    Why can't people think in a broader prespective.

    So why we bother now and say we are pushing for this ... that ... and when we could not get any results we hear from IV that the text of the bill is decided way in advanced.

    Anand's post -- True
    These suggestions are because you think money is the issue. I don't think it is. It's the lack of good leadership.

    When leaders change their stand often then it is a problem

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  • trueguy
    12-17 02:31 AM
    Guys, Plz vote

    02-18 04:06 PM
    Niether many has tried this option (entering on AP and filing H1B transfer to different employer other than GC sponsers) nor USCIS has strong history of approving/dealing with these type of cases. After entering in AP, though one can very well contine the H1B with the same employer to whom any one work on H1B before leaving US. There is a memo for this type of situation. However, there is no specific memo to address this situation (Transfer). It is all depends on the individual adjucidator's logic. If they see your latest I-94 with parolee stamp, then they may deny (or issue a RFE )the H1B transfer, by the applying the the logic of one must be in the smae status to seek extension. If the deny/issue RFE, you can not counter act as there is no secific memo or policy by USCIS in this case.


    if the transfer/extension of H1B gets rejected after travelled on AP, is it possible to move on EAD and continue working legally? I am talking worst case scenario here.

    Although my lawyer confirmed that one can still have a valid H1B status after travelling using AP. My co-worder is still in doubt. Our corporate attorney seems to be clueless for this tricky situation.

    06-16 12:00 PM
    i dont know why we are debating this...... just do it if you want, and if you dont want to then dont. simple as that.

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